Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pozner Poseurs, KGB Putin's Fifth Column of Internet Defectors and the Red Tidal Wave of Treason

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The life story of the communist jew Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner teaches us many valuable lessons which are helpful to understand KGB Putin's propaganda attacks on the United States of America. The "Ron Paul is god!" communist subversives who want a communist revolution to destroy America, are now constantly bashing America and attempting to create a homoerotic cult of personality around Vladimir Putin.

The international press, long controlled by communists, apologizes for Putin and attempts to make America appear weak and defenseless. They publish favorable photos of Putin making him appear strong and in control, and images of Obama which make him appear defeated and feckless.

The international peace organizations, which have their roots in the subversion of American efforts to combat communism, are silent on KGB Putin's crimes of aggression. Why is that?

The libertarians and objectivists practiced Trotskyite entryism to infiltrate White Nationalism, and are now outspoken anti-American propagandists and apologists for KGB Putin. The libertarians are calling for the balkanization of America and a gold standard, which would plant masses of communists on our shores and destroy our monetary system and economy for the benefit of Russia. These traitors are defecting to Russia on the internet in the hopes that they can bring communist Russia and communist China to America in the millions by balkanizing the US and giving California to the Chinese and Mexicans and New York to the jews and Russians. They are calling for monetary reform at the exact time Russia is threatening to wage war on the dollar, so to help Russians destroy confidence in the dollar.

The traitors are many, but they are not hard to spot. They always attack America and side with our enemies.

Obama and Merkel are subverting NATO, America and Europe in favor of the communists. The libertarians are standing in the way of our efforts to organize a political campaign to unseat the jews and communists from power.

These are very dangerous times. We must organize and fund a Presidential campaign for 2016. The communists are rotting out America and Europe from within and without. They are attacking our morale and inviting us to travel a thousand paths to hell. At the same time, they are glorifying our mortal enemies and calling on you to offer suggestions on how to destroy America and rebuild the Soviet Union. The treason is everywhere, it is a red tidal wave of blood sweeping away our national cohesiveness. We must build a rampart of American loyalty and patriotism to defeat the communists and preserve our lives and our nations.

Where Is Viktor Yanukovych?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For those too young to remember, the Soviet Union was notorious for lying about the status of its ill or dead leaders. For months, they would report that dead men were instead merely ill. Communists inherited an abundant willingness to lie and deceive from the jews.

Back on 25 Febraury 2014, I speculated that Viktor Yanukovych would be killed because he knew too much about Putin's involvement in the coup that resulted in Putin's attack on the Ukraine:

Will Viktor Yanukovych Live to Stand Trial? February 25, 2014

The press has variously reported that Yanukovych is now dead, or is gravely ill after suffering a heart attack, but his status is by no means clear. So we are left to wonder if Yanukovych was Sharoned by Putin, or merely quarantined, just like in the old days.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Putin's Communist Gay Bashing and Its Antifascist Roots

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin's communist propaganda machine in America is attempting to prove that Putin is somehow antijewish and anticommunist due to the fact that Putin is a gay basher, sponsors the Russian Orthodox Church and wants to increase the birthrate of Russians. Even Putin's phoney fascist brigade is attempting to glorify Putin on this factually incorrect basis.

The facts are that Stalin criminalized the perversion of homosexuality in 1933 with Article 121, and the promotion of homosexuality in the West is part of a well known communist plot by the Frankfurt School of cultural marxists to undermine Western Civilization. The communists attack homosexuality in Russia, while promoting it in the West. Therefore, KGB Putin's gay bashing is only a facet of his dictatorial communist agenda. His use of propaganda and lies to glorify himself is also typical of his communist KGB tactics and strategies, as is his paid army of American traitors servings as his propaganda troops. Everything about Putin is commie to the core, and he follows the KGB play book to the letter.

Regarding Stalin's antifascist gay bashing, Andrew Hewitt summarized the relevant passages from Hans-Georg Stümke, Homosexuelle in Deutschland : Eine politische Geschichte, Verlag C.H. Beck, München, (1989), pp. 98-99; as follows:

"As Stümke notes in his Homosexuelle in Deutschland in reference to this article: 'In segments of the communist press homosexuality had already been designated an 'unproletarian' phenomenon before 1933; and during the first Roehm affair it was even held to be the basis of the 'Hitler racket.' After the Reichstag fire the line holding that homosexuality was the characteristic sexual form of National Socialism consistently prevailed' (98-99). Stümke further cites anecdotal evidence from Gorky of the parallel drawn in the Soviet Union between fascism and homosexuality, as well as concrete historical evidence of the recriminalization of homosexuality under Stalin. In the Soviet Union homosexuality was routinely evoked as evidence of 'the degeneration of the fascist bourgeoisie.'"--A. Hewitt, Political Inversions: Homosexuality, Fascism, and the Modernist Imaginary, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, (1996), p. 291-292.

It is ironic and telling that Putin's phony fascist apologists contend that his gay bashing is anticommunist, when it is in fact antifascist and wholly communist. Along with citing KGB Putin's gay bashing as if it were anticommunist and antijew, these paid apologists also attempt to apologize for Putin's love of Israel and jews on the basis that Putin sponsors the Russian Orthodox Church. Long before Putin, Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church in response to Hitler, and tried to increase the Russian birthrate. Putin is one upping Stalin, by creating a Christian Communism to serve as the dialectical alternative to Christian Zionism, and enlarge the Soviet Union to include Greece, as I have previously explained.

Putin's propagandists are lying to you. They relentlessly try to turn you against America, Europe and the West, as communists always have. They want you to despise and overthrow the American Government, and with it the US Constitution, so that they can balkanize our great and vast nation, plant enemies on our shores and enslave us.

Note that the bulk of the communist apologists hail from the libertarian and objectivist controlled opposition to communism. As I have explained elsewhere, this movement was sponsored by Soviet agent Ayn Rand, who was a member of the Trust sent to America to infiltrate and subvert anticommunist movements. Putin is carrying on this Soviet manipulation of American resistence to communism. His television propaganda network and the transition of the libertarians, antizionists and White Nationalists from Ron Paul hero worship to Putinism is contrived to destroy us from within, as is obvious, and it is very dangerous.

The Balkanization of the Ukraine and the Potential for an American Chinese Alliance Against Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia has never paid a price for the genocide the Russians committed across Eastern Europe. Their claim to the Crimea is bogus and has no historic basis. Russians need no more land. Many empires lost territory upon their dissolution in the 20th Century. The Soviet Union is no exception. Instead of paying reparations to the nations they invaded and destroyed, as they should, the Russians are trying to reconstitute and expand their Soviet Empire.

KGB Putin is stealing the Crimea at gunpoint. This drives the rest of the Ukraine into the EU. Putin will not stop at the Crimea, but will instead build up troops at its border to bite off more of the Ukraine.

The EU will steal the remainder of the Ukraine as Putin grabs the Crimea. This will provide Putin with the pretext for stealing more of the Ukraine, as the pendulum ratchets back and forth between the jewish controlled socialist empire of the EU and the Soviet Union, each providing the pretext for the aggression of the other and the loss of sovereignty into the Jew World Order.

If Russia launches a war on NATO, their delusions of destroying the dollar and partnering up with communist Chinese will soon fail. The Chinese would be better off taking Eastern Russia for themselves, than losing their airforce and navy to the Japanese, Taiwanese, South Koreans and Americans. The Chinese may well become a NATO ally. All NATO would have to do is agree to let the Chinese keep the Russian territory they take and use Russia's land grab of the Crimea as a precedent.

In addition, the tradition of trade and cooperation between China and Russia, and the infrastructure for it, does not exist and cannot evolve under the conditions of WW III. Instead, both China and Russia will plunge quickly into an unrecoverable depression, and China will be forced to turn towards a Russian invasion. Wars make for strange bed fellows. Do not be surprised if the USA allies with China, should Russia attack NATO, just as the USA allied with the Soviet Union in WW II. The bonds of US and Chinese trade are much stronger and the ties already exist.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Trotsky: "And there will be, in the whole world, a United Soviet Republic of All Peoples!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin is the reincarnation of Leon Trostky. Trotsky stated,

"The Soviet armies liberated Kharkov and Kiev. And what, the Ukranian people, do they want to live a separate life from the rest of Russia? No, they want a friendly, brotherly union and an indissoluble bond."

That brotherly union cost the Ukrainians tens of millions of lives. Not only did Trotsky the bolshevik jew bring them famine, the bolshevik jew Lazar Kaganovich mass murdered 11 million Ukrainians. Kaganovich was close friends with Joe Stalin, who was sleeping with and perhaps married to Kaganovich's sister, Rosa Kaganovich. Trotsky's speech is chilling both in terms of today's events in the Ukraine and Putin's words which mirror Trotsky's, but also in terms of the known history of the Russian jew led genocide of the Ukrainians. No doubt Putin plans to be as good a brother to the Ukrainians as Trotsky and Stalin were.

Trotsky: "There will be, in the whole world, a United Soviet Republic of All Peoples!"

Putin's Mad Game of Russian Roulette: A Poem for the Not Yet Dead to Rouse Them from Their Casket

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When war breaks out, human instincts will emerge like awakened demons rising from the caverns of hell, the furious Beserkers clutching in their knotted fists the eyes torn from the enemy's skulls, held high over the fields of the dead, so that they may witness their defeat.

Bodies, so many millions draped over the landscape like bloodied green napkins on the devil's dinner table, some in rows like strings of gutted fish drying in the sun, others stomped into a billion bits by unseen giants trampling mankind.

The traitors, the communists, the professional America bashers, will be hunted down, and their Kremlin cash will not buy them a reprieve.

"Was the jews did this!" all will cry, but the tears bring no solace as they mingle with blood in drunken talk about the end.

Russia will become the most reviled nation in history for starting WW III, and for betraying the forgiveness of Europeans after the Cold War.

All the Putin whitewashing will be splattered with blood, the lies hit in the side of the head with a single gunshot fired from a roulette revolver in Putin's putrid hand.

The liars' tongues split with razors stropped on the backs of a billion dead.

Europe will again call upon America to save it in a stuttering panic.

The pile of corpses will mount and mount, and each gaping mouth in the mountain of corpses will cry out for revenge.

How could we have ever let down our guard before the communists? How could we ever have let the communists become the voice of public opinion and call for war and revolution without end?

Regrets won't buy a single bullet, the currency now is power.

Power holds the sword and the sword is power.

Raise the bloodied arm of the hero, sings the politician, and the gods spill his wine onto his white shirt as an omen for tomorrow.

The blood is everywhere, the oceans envy the blood, so much is it, that the mice paint themselves red to hide from the rats in the blood that is everywhere.

The babes wailing, their mothers mourning their dead fathers fallen.

Still more corpses, more blood.

The communists bathe in the blood, flipping the through the pages of their newspapers over their cups of blood, each mourning, dipping their doughnuts in the blood, red curtains of blood hanging from their flagpoles, each mourning.

It never ends, the end, the pain, the suffering as the flesh peels from the bone slow cooked in an instant in the radiation oven blasted from the sky whose anger recalls the flashes of light when the first eyes opened, the universe gazing at itself with human sight, those bedazzled eyes now closing.

The pain, where does it come from, from the same young soul that woke at Christmas morning to unwrap the joy, that same soul now mourning? The pain, when will it end?

"Was the jews did this!" all will cry.

The Hope that Waits on the Other Side of Jew Puppet Putin and Jew Puppet Obama

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin is again selling Russia out to the jews. He is setting up Russia for a Chinese invasion. He is creating an international hatred of the Russian People. He is again going to imprison Russians behind an iron curtain, where no civilized nation will entertain the thought of allowing Russians to darken their shores. Already, visa restrictions are beginning.

Russians, get rid of jew puppet Putin and all that he represents, just as we should and must vote out the jew puppets in America in the coming elections. If real Russians and real Americans cooperated to liberate our nations from the jews, zionists and communists, we could protect each other with mutually assured preservation, rather than threatening one another with mutually assured destruction.

The choice is ours and the task is ours. We need only see through the self manufactured cults of personality and look ourselves in the mirror. It is not enough to wake up. We are now keenly alert. Now we have to get out of bed and do something. Now, we have to get to work taking real power from the jews and putting it to use for our own best interests.

Another Angle of Attack Against KGB Putin and the Communist Gangs of Moscow

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russians have thus far gotten off scot-free for genociding Ukrainians and murdering and sending millions of innocent nationals from countless countries to their deaths. We were relieved when the Soviet Union appeared to have fallen apart. The jews were eager to cover their tracks and their crimes. And Russians were poor, drunk and seemingly harmless in the early 1990's. So we let them off the hook.

But now, the Russians are allowing Putin to invade their neighbors yet again. Russians, who have absolutely no need of more territory, are aggressively rolling in their troops for another land grab. They are waving commie flags and threatening the World with another world war.

So why don't those nations whose citizens the Russkis slaughtered in the millions demand reparations from the Russians? Putin glories in how rich he and his jewish backers have become, and how sound the Russian State has become, so rich it needs new territory to secure its overflowing wealth. Why not demand they pay for their murder?

This will shine an international spotlight on the imminent danger Putin and Russia pose to World peace, as well as further eroding Putin's contrived image, which he has spent so much money to artificially create. Wash away all his evil work with a single brush stroke wiping the sands of time off the communists' crimes and throwing Russia in court to answer for the crimes of murdering tens of millions and imprisoning entire nations for decades behind an iron curtain of genocide.

It is high time the communists answer for their crimes. It is time the communist leaders face trials and go to jail for the harm they have done.

Force two faced Putin to defend communism and show his true hideous KGB face to the World, as if it is not in plain sight already.

KGB Putin's Ruined Image, and What It Means to Real Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As an American, I know well how the excesses of jew puppet presidents hurt our nation and how. Bush made us hated, but there was always the excuse that he was a neocon, and did not represent real Americans. Now Obama has shamed us, and KGB Putin has exploited this opportunity to portray Americans in general as if inherently evil. Putin has reinvigorated the communist refrains that America is decadent and imperialistic.

At the same time, KGB Putin and his propaganda media are relentlessly attacking America, primarily with disaffected and disloyal stooges who are traitorous American citizens, at the same time that Putin has provided American traitors with a megaphone, Putin has tried to build a cult of personality around himself as if a man of steel to rival Joe Stalin, despite the fact that the man is little, ugly and flakey. Putin's Trotskyite incursions into the Ukraine have destroyed any illusions that he is a good guy.

So now Russians in general are thrust on the two horns of the dilemma Putin has created through his Trotsky aggression. Now, the propaganda of the West will stigmatize Russians in general based on the criminal actions of Putin.

If Russians tout Putin as the new Premier of the Soviet Union, the West will cast Russians in general as an hopeless and eternal army of communist serfs, in love with a nanny State and unable to break free from the serf's love of master and dictator. We still remember how bloodthirsty the communists are and we will come to hate Russians as unrepentant mass murderers, given a second chance without retaliation, only to betray us again.

If Russians hide the fact that they are out to reconstitute the Soviet Union and combine it with Red China and India and the rest of Asia, to provide billions of Asians with which to flood Europe and infect all of it with communism, then Russians will be viewed as genetically prone to evil with no political or repression excuses. No longer will Russians be able to hide behind the excuse of communism to cover their genocidal crimes. They will no longer be able to mask their crimes behind a political ideology which allegedly held them captive. Instead, the World will view Russians as dangerous defectives who will not leave their neighbors in peace no matter what political party governs their nation of imperialistic and genocidal maniacs.

It is coming soon, Russians. The Christian Zionists are about to label Putin the anti-Christ and Russians and Russia as Gog and Magog. Russians are about to be named congenital communists, or simply evil by nature and incapable of political cure. Those Russians who invaded Eastern Europe under the bolshevik bandwagon, are now being viewed as an existential threat, and the Baltics are waiting for KGB Putin to move in on the pretext that the Russians are suffering. In fact, not long ago the Russians were wailing about their supposed mistreatment in the lands they criminally and murderously invaded.

As Russia betrays the White West, Turkey becomes a vital strategic ally for Europe and America. This is why Putin's communist fifth column in Greece is receiving support, despite its international reputation for being "fascist" and "Nazi". The Greek communists decry the New York jews, just as communists always decry "Wall Street", but they solidly back the communist jews of Russia, just like the Wall Street jews. Greeks are foolishly letting themselves be used as a wedge between Europe and Russia in hopes of financial support that will only bring war upon them, again.

But Putin will never again be taken seriously, despite the masses of monies he pours into self aggrandizement through his army of American traitors. That window of opportunity has now closed. The open question is whether or not he will succeed in dragging the reputation of Russia down with him. All his anti-American propaganda is about to backfire on him, and the Presidential campaign in 2016 will shine a spotlight on the horrors of Vladimir Putin and his betrayal of the West which forgave communist Russia only to be stabbed in the back, again. Americans are going to start thinking that we should have dropped an A-bomb on Moscow at the close of WW II, and that we should now demand reparations from Russia for its atrocities under communism.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

KGB Putin Marrying the Orthodoxy to Communism: Why Putin's Christian Communism Mirrors the Neocons form of Christian Zionism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Even RamzPaul is noticing that KGB Putin is mimicking the neocons:

Vladimir Putin - The Russian Neo-Con

I have been exposing how the jews are trying to use Orthodox Christianity to create the abomination of Christian Communism in a fashion very similar to the way they used Protestant Christianity to manufacture the abomination of Christian Zionism.

KGB Putin's propaganda media are reminiscent of the neocon talking heads and networks. There are many other tells that the same thing which went on here is going on in Russia.

Ramsey Paul, however, misses the point. The neocons are headed by jews. They sprang from Trotskyites. The policies of perpetual war and perpetual revolution predate the neocons by decades and are key elements Trotskyism, and cabalah. Putin is another Trotsky, not another George Bush. Trotskyism entered the conservative movement by way of Leo Strauss and Irving Kristol, both jews. So yes, neoconservatism is bolshevism and is jewish in every sense.

One should also recognize the commonalities of the neocons Christian Zionism and KGB Putin's Christian Communism. Putinists in Russia and Greece are appealing to Orthodox Christianity in a holier than thou way, just like Christian Zionists. All other faiths are deluded, in their view, theirs being the one true. . . worship of KGB Putin and his assets. Recall that the communists are dogmatic, that they are totalitarian, and that they arrogantly assert that theirs is the one true politics. As such, it is an easy ruse to delude the faithful that Orthodoxy supports communism by simply exploiting and appealing to their personality type. Putin is cutting fanatical communists out of fanatical Orthodox cloth.

The communists always preached that the West is decadent and morally impoverished, and that only communists hold the moral high ground, being the justified dictatorship of the proletariat. Now, Putin is bashing gays and trying to show what a man he is to his adoring fans so as to create the illusion that he is moral and the West is decadent and imperialistic, which again are old communist themes. He trots out phony biker poseurs who appear to spend more time in front of mirrors making sure their hair is just right and their look perfected, than out cruising the streets, in an effort to bolster his image. It is all one big circus, and Putin desires to grow his tent over Eastern Europe by making communists of the Orthodox to mask his reconstitution of the Soviet Union as if a religious and pan-Slavic movement.

Putin's Christian Communism and the neocons' Christian Zionism find their common ground in Trotskyism, perpetual war and revolution to produce chaos that enables the jews to reshape the World to fit their messianic prophecies. It is truly cabalah, and RamzPaul needs some schoolin' if he would truly understand what is taking place.

KGB Putin's Propaganda Machine So Disgusting Some Members Speak Out

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vlad gets impaled yet again:

Liz Wahl of RT America Quits on Air

Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014

It is good to see that not everyone is for sale.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Who's Getting Fat on Each Dipsy Doodle and Bounce Back of the Markets?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Think about how rich you could become if you had foreknowledge of each statement and action Putin and Obama would make and take, and I do mean take, on the Ukraine. I wonder what worms would come out from the woodwork if it became known who has profited from the ups and downs of the relevant markets in recent days. It would be a real clue as to who is orchestrating this theft of the Ukraine.

I believe it was Bernard Baruch who said in his autobiography that the close of depressions were the best times to make the most money. Imagine the money being made by the puppet masters who hold the strings of Putin and Obama, just by knowing what they will say and do, and when. Disasters for others are a banquet for the jews.

While the Ukraine Is Being Jewed, Putin and Obama War on Each Other, But No Mention of the Jews From Either One Other Than Concerns for Their Safety and the Safety of Their Investments

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Big jew money is heading towards the Ukraine, and rather than flocking from the Ukraine, the big jews are investing heavily in it. Why would anyone be willing to invest in the Ukraine, unless the game playing out before our eyes is fixed? The economy is a disaster and Putin has set the nation up to become the staging ground for launching WW III. Why would jews stay, and why would they invest in such a nightmare scenario?

Putin and Obama attack and threaten each other, but neither has a word to say about the jew oligarchs descending like vultures on the carcass of the Ukraine. Why is that? Putin is deeply concerned about the "Nazis" and "fascists", allegedly so concerned that he invaded the Ukraine to stop the Nazis. Why is he not equally concerned about the jews taking over the nation? Was that not the plan, a plan in which he is playing the leading role, all along?

Putin is handing the Ukraine over to the jews on a silver platter at gun point. He attacks the West, but his only mention of the jews is his fear that they are in danger from Nationalist Nazis.

Obama is the next biggest actor on the stage, and he is saying next to nothing, and absolutely nothing about the jewing of the Ukraine. The interesting thing is that Obama is not calling on NATO to secure the jews' investment in the deeply troubled Ukraine. Putin has it secured for them, by stalling and cutting off the Nationalists from power. Putin is securing the Ukraine for the jews, not Obama or NATO. The only person who had the power to coordinate each element of the coup, the protests, the inaction of the Berkut and military, and the flight of the President to Russia, was Putin and he followed the bolshevik play book to the letter.

With the well known history of the jewish oligarchs in Russia, Putin should be incensed that the jews are jewing the Ukraine, but speaks not a word about it. Why would he, the jew mafia is all one big happy tribe ripping off the Ukraine and he is their enforcer replete with masked gun men and an international media. Putin is holding the Ukraine at gun point, while the jew bankers pick its pockets. It is all truly disgusting!

KGB Putin Sent in the Jew World Order Army to Apply Coercion and Duress to Force Ukrainian Nationalists into the Waiting Arms of the Jew Bankers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bolshevik Putin is deliberately making it impossible for the Ukrainian Nationalists to maintain good relations with Russia. Putin is deliberately strengthening the hand of the EU and IMF in the Ukraine.

The actual coup was the work of Putin, not the USA. Putin controlled Ukraine's then President, not the USA. Putin controlled the Berkut, not the USA. Therefore, only Putin could have ordered the Berkut to put up only token show resistence to the protesters. Only Putin could have ordered the President to abandon ship by threatening his life. Viktor Yanukovych was guarded by Putin's forces. If he feared for his life, it was because Putin was threatening it.

It is Putin, not the USA, who is applying the pressure and chaos to make it impossible for the Ukrainian Nationalists to form a government and take control of the Ukraine. It is Putin who is keeping them so busy fighting back against him that they cannot defend themselves from the jew bankers taking over the Ukraine. Putin is a jew puppet. Putin manufactured the coup. Putin is the enemy of the White Race, of Europe, of America, and of Russia.

Monday, March 03, 2014

The Reds Want to Foment World War III as a Christian Communist Versus Christian Zionist Battle of the Fanatics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's reds in the "alternative media" have long been apologizing for Putin on the false premise that his support of the Orthodox Church and his gay bashing prove that he is against the jews. They also claim that Putin is anti-Muslim, while contradictorily pointing to his support of Muslim nations in their efforts to miscast him as if he were antijewish.

Communism has been thoroughly discredited. But Putin and his criminal gang of KBG thugs are planning to reconstitute and expand the Soviet Union to include. . . well, to include the globe. The first step is retake the Slavic States and incorporate Greece. Putin cannot do this by advocating communism outside of the Russian ethnicity. Instead, he is promoting Orthodox Christianity to form an empire out of the Slavs and Greeks, that will constitute the resuscitated the Soviet Union. Putin's propaganda machine is stigmatizing the West as Zionist and degenerate, and is offering up Christian Communism as if the antidote to Christian Zionism. It is the same old zionist versus bolshevist false dilemma game that Winston Churchill played, though Putin is playing the other side, both of which options pit Whites against Whites for the benefit of the jews, of zionism and of communism.

If Putin's commie gang of KGB thugs succeed in using Orthodox Christianity by converting it into communism, the same way the jews used Protestant Christianity by converting it into zionism, they will take over all of Eastern Europe, internationalize it under bolshevism and cut off Western Europe from energy reserves. They will steal prime White farmland and use it to feed the Chinese during World War III.

These new Christian Communists' tactics are identical to the jews' subversion of Protestant Christianity to convert it to Christian Zionism. They bash homosexuals and Muslims, just like the jew financed Christian Zionists. They point to biblical prophecies to paint the West as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog, just as Christian Zionists point to biblical prophecies to paint Russia and Islam as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog. They use the clergy to sponsor their politics, and their press pundits to provoke the emotions of the masses.

Putin's support of the Orthodox Church no more supports the absurd notion that he is antijewish, than Hagee's support of Protestant Christianity would support the absurd notion that he could somehow be antijewish. Both Putin and Hagee have vowed to defend the jews and Israel. Both Putin and Hagee are fanatically projewish. Putin is just dressing up the old Soviet Union as if it were an international Orthodox empire. That is his game. Poland won't buy it, but for them he dresses up the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact as if pan-Slavia. The Baltics he will simply take by claiming that they hate Russians and therefore deserve invasion.

Putin's degradation of homosexuals no more indicates an antijewish sentiment, than the Christian Zionists' degradation of homosexuals under Reagan and, I can't resist it, Bush. In both instances, the jews are using Christianity to pit Whites against Whites. They are manufacturing Christian Communism among the Orthodox and pitting it against Christian Zionism and Zionism generally to instigate World War III and secure Eastern Europe for the communists and to turn it into Western Asia. They are selling this crap under the guise of being moralists and patriots, just like the Christian Zionists. They are typical communists, deceptive and dishonest in all things.

KGB Putin's Russia Calling on Communist China to Support Putin's Criminal Invasion of a Sovereign European State

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin is using Trotsky's bolshevik play book. He wants to use the Chinese to attack Whites. Some White savior, that KGB Putin!

The Jews Are Using Orthodox Christianity to Spread Communism the Same Way they Used Protestantism to Spread Zionism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Golden Dawn Putin Alliance against Western Europe and America is issuing rhetoric that mirrors the Christian Zionists. They are claiming the moral high ground and internationalizing Eastern Europe, all for the benefit of the Jew World Order. They bash gays to grow their numbers, to form a shoddy pretext for an alliance and to distract us from more relevant issues. They are the jews' communist Christian left to compliment the jews' zionist Christian right.

KGB Putin's Jew World Order Shock Troops Are Provoking WW III, and the "Alternative Media" and Golden Dawn Are Backing Him!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, we have heard the cries of pain from jews pretending to be Nationalists, that the New World Order is upon us and we must vote for Ron Paul to save us. Golden Dawn has been preaching against internationalist intervention in Greece.

Now that the Jew World Order has sent its communist shock troops into a sovereign European nation, the "Alternative Media" and the Golden Dawn are cheering on the Jew World Order communists and condemning the Nationalists as "fascists" and "Nazis" in chorus with the Jew World Order media of Putin's Russia.

Golden Dawn has gone openly internationalist, both with its desire for an orthodox empire and for its support of Putin's bolshevik imperialism. If successful, they would help the communist empire finally have direct access to the Mediterranean, and I suspect that is why they want to chomp off a bit of Turkey, and Putin is biting off the Ukraine.

Dark days are upon us, and the supposed Jew World Order opposition is tightly controlled.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Putin Has Confirmed My Assertion that His Invasion Was Done in Opposition to Nationalism, not EUism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Telegraph is reporting:

"Vladimir Putin has spoken to Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and said that the 'threat of violence from ultranationalists' forced him to intervene."

That is exactly what I suspected was the case when I wrote the articles:

Putin OK with the Ukraine in the EU, But Violently Opposes a Nationalist Ukraine, in Other Words, Putin Is a Jew Puppet, February 25, 2014

The Nationalist Versus EU Ukrainian Pendulum and the Changing Official Russian Response Is Telling, February 24, 2014

Putin implies that the "threat of violence from ultranationalists" was to ethnic Russians, but the truth is that the only threat posed was to his, the EU's and his handlers bolshevist internationalism. The open question that remains is, were they planning a peaceful transition into the EU before it became apparent that the Ukrainian public are Nationalistic, or did they plan on a Russian invasion from the start. I suspect as the facts unfold, their initial intentions will become more clear, if not obvious to all.

Note that commie Putin and commie Merkel are sweathearts. She is a communist plant in the German Government.

Why Waste a Good Ship?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If most of this crisis in the Ukraine is being stage managed from Moscow, Washington and Tel Aviv, why sink a valuable naval vessel, especially at a time when Putin is positioning to take over the Black Sea? Does this portend a planned shooting war? I hope not.

Putin Orchestrated the Coup in the Ukraine in Textbook USSR Fashion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I explained in my expose of the connection between Yarosh and bloshevik Putin, Putin and Yarosh together overthrew Yanukovych in a staged coup by unarmed men who met only very minor token resistence, when they could easily have been crushed had the coup not been staged by Putin. The bolsheviks did the exact same thing in Poland in 1956, as Robert H. Williams explained in his classic text, The Ultimate World Order -- As Pictured in "The Jewish Utopia", page 58,

"The strange revolutions which broke out in Poland and Hungary in the summer and fall of 1956, it now appears, were at first incited by the Communists themselves (quite possibly in collusion with the Zionists) for two or more purposes: (1) The Communists all over the world were off on a new Party line designed to appear to divorce the satellite governments and the Communist Party in America and other Western countries, from Moscow domination. In a little sham battle, which actually lasted only a few hours in Poland, the virtually unarmed Polish mobs 'whipped' the mighty Red army, unseating the Moscow Communist dictator and replacing him with a Polish Communist (who oddly enough had just been released from prison by the Moscow government and allowed to go to Poland in time for the uprising)."

I do believe that the communists were surprised by the overwhelmingly Nationalistic aspirations of the Ukrainian People, and in that there is much hope not only for them but for us. Williams wrote on pages 59-60 that the communists' bogus revolution produced an authentic one,

"In view of their favorable situation and their sense of protection by the Communist apparatus, and in view of later reports from numerous sources, we know that it was not the Communists that they were supposed to escape from. It was the revolting Hungarian and Russian soldiers and Hungarian citizens, who had risen above the original whitewash revolution of October, quickly converting it into a genuine anti-Communist revolution and all anti-Communist revolutions behind the Iron Curtain are in some measure anti-Semitic because the enslaved people have to overthrow a secret-police rule which still is highly Jewish in complexion. Hungary had been under the Jewish Communist regime of Bela Kun (or Cohen) during the short-lived Red dictatorship right after the first world war; and Rakosi, the strong man of Hungarian Communism after the second world war was a Jewish monster of the crudest character."

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Those Who Know the Danger Should Speak Out

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the close of WW II, America, England and France abandoned Eastern Europe to the communists of the Soviet Union, strongly headed by Russia. This was done despite the fact that America had atomic bombs and could have prevented the communist imperialism that threw Eastern Europe into the dark ages. Jews then betrayed America and the Eastern Europeans and provided the communist Russians with our atomic bomb secrets.

During WW I, the jews overthrew the Czar and installed the communists, who brought the nation into famine. America aided the communists. Russian gold and other wealth filled the vaults of the jewish bankers who put the communists in power. Over the course of their reign, the communists of the Soviet Union and its satellites mass murdered over 50 million human beings. The jews spread communism to China, which divided the nation. The communists mass murdered another 60-70 million Chinese and took over Tibet, North Korea and Vietnam, with brutal mass murder and cruel repression.

In 1956, Hungary asked the West for help to defeat the communists. They were betrayed. In 1968, Prague was betrayed. Even as the Soviet Union appeared to close its doors in 1989, Gorbichov committed atrocities in Lithuania. In the 1970's the Vietnam War led to the rise of Pol Pot, the communist who mass murdered millions.

Trotskyite jews calling themselves neo-cons brought the USA into war after war mass murdering millions. Their communist stooge Obama is only now beginning to close these wars, after years of slaughter, and as part of the jews' strategy to weaken the West and leave it ripe for communist plunder. The wars we waged for the jews on Islam, were in reality wars on us to sap our strength and turn the World against us.

I fought against it, as it was happening, but now it is done.

Communism is the venom that seethes out from the fangs of the jews. The Ukraine is caught between three chief communist leaders, Putin, Obama and Merkel.

It is the duty of the Eastern European nations to stand up for the Ukraine against Putin. There should be protests at Russian Embassies in America and Europe against the criminal Russian attack on the Ukraine. I have heard the sincere concern of Eastern Europeans asking me, where were you, America, when we asked you for help to fight the communists? And so I now ask you, what are you doing for the Ukraine?

Eastern Europeans in America should be lobbying the Congress and the President to take a stronger stance against Putin's aggression, and to enable the Ukraine to form its own government on its own terms without this jewish mafia coercion. Putin, Obama and Merkel are squeezing the Ukraine on behalf of the jews. But they only have this power if we tolerate their communist collusion.

If we protest at Russian Embassies, the press will have to cover it. We should work hard at informing people through the internet to ensure a fair hearing for the Ukraine, as the jews spam against the Ukrainians, whom the jews set up to suffer in this meat grinder of communist forces striking them from all angles.

The reason America did not come to the aid of Eastern Europe and fight against the Russian communists who attacked you, is that America itself had been taken over by the same jews. That situation remains. Are we going to do something about it?

Why are we not organizing a political presidential campaign to unseat the communists from our government? They are destroying our military power as the Red Chinese and communist Russians are expanding their empires. Who will come to our aid in Western Europe and America, when the communists come ramming down our doors in masks and badgeless uniforms?


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We must start calling the Congress and pressuring the White House to provide real world support for the Ukraine! We need to supply them with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. We should also supply them with sniper's rifles, especially .50 cal. and .338 Lapua long range weapons for a long range war. If our government would support it, I would even look into donating scoped sporting rifles that can be used for sniping to help the communist fighting cause.

NATO has to start with military advisors in the Ukraine immediately, as well as mobilizing to defend Europe from Putin. Pull your damn heads out of the sand and prepare for the fight! Airlift supplies to the Ukrainians that they can store and use. This could turn into a decades long battle for freedom from the communists.

The Lack of Insignia on the Russian's Uniforms Is Telling

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin has created a one way mirror to replace the iron curtain. He has established a powerful propaganda media in the West, which is unmatched by any Western media in Russia. This is very dangerous for us, and you can see how the jewish "alternative media" has been united against American and Europe in favor of communist aggression by Putin, North Korea and the Red Chinese.

Putin's fifth column in the Ukraine are flying red Soviet flags, and Russian flags emblazoned with the communist hammer and sickle, the grim reaper is again on full display in the Ukraine. Putin is recreating the communist internationalist army. He has removed insignia from the uniforms of his invasion force, because his army is the communist army of the New World Order. It bears no national loyalty. It is meant to enslave all humanity.

Soon, the Soviet symbols will appear on the uniforms. If you want to see the New World Order on display, look at how Putin has placed unmarked foreign soldiers on Ukrainian soil and has begun to drench Ukrainian soil with Ukrainian blood.

All of you who wonder what the New World Order will look like, like at what Putin has done to the Ukraine. The communists planned this when they pretended to disband. Now they are back in plain sight and have pulled off their national symbols to soon replace them with their communist symbols.

Rest assured the KGB is all over the Ukraine, spying in civilian clothes and uniforms with no insignia. Putin is a sneaky, dirty little mass murderer, and his unmarked troops reflect that fact. Putin is more like Trotsky, than Stalin.

I Have Long Suspected the Communists in Germany Would Make Their Move, and Now It Is Happening

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I knew it was very dangerous when communist Angela Merkel from East Germany became Chancellor. I have known many East and West Germans. They are very different people. I always had the sense that the East Germans remained communists and were biding their time to turn all of Germany over to the Russians.

All of Germany is now filled with a fifth column of East German Russophile communists. Not all East Germans are like this, but many are. They are clannish, childish, dogmatic and in love with State power and subversion. Merkel and Putin are working together to expand the Soviet Union in Europe, and the communists will soon flood Germany with propaganda to stab the Ukrainian Nationalists in the back. These communists have deliberately wormed their way into the press, educational system and government of Germany.

The New York papers, who backed Stalin, are now telling Americans there is nothing we can do stop KGB Putin. They post favorable pictures of a triumphant looking Putin and a distraught and despairing Obama. Make no mistake, the communists are making their move.

We have to organize for the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. We have several strong issues which will galvanize the American public to vote for us. Immigration, health care and now the traitorous gutting of our military at a time when the communists in Russia and China are expanding and threatening us are issues we can easily win on.

Please help me in warning the Germans that the communists are again attacking them. The communists of the Bavarian Soviet Republic of Germany, reincarnated as the communists of the DDR are in the process of subverting Germany and all of Europe. The American press is also thoroughly infiltrated with communists.

It is vital that we defeat Obama and Merkel politically. We could start an impeach Obama campaign, which would morph into a presidential campaign, by design. In this way, we could ingratiate ourselves to the voters and begin to educate them our issues.