Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zionism Versus Bolshevism. Paul Versus Paul. Heads, Jews Win. Tails, You Lose.

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For years, I have been warning that Ayn Rand was a Soviet "Trust" agent, and that Ron Paul is a communist controlled opposition agent. See, among many other of my articles:

Ron Paul, "Ayn Rand" and "The Trust", January 10, 2008

If Russia and Red China Are Controlled by the Jews, Then Why Would They Ever Oppose Israel or the USA? July 02, 2012

Ron Paul, who perpetually tries to undermine confidence in the US dollar and destroy American global influence in favor of Russia and Red China, and who calls upon us to revolt against our government and secede from the USA, and who further wants us to open up our borders to various fifth columns of foreign communists and likely potential communists, Ron Paul is more vigorously campaigning for KGB Putin's bolshevik aggression than he did for his own Presidential campaign by means of which he helped shoehorn communist Barack Obama into the White House, twice. See, among seemingly countless other examples:

After intially calling for the USA to succumb to Putin's bolshevik aggression without a fight:

and, at the same time that Ron Paul is cheerleading for bolshevik Putin, Rand Paul defends Putin and parrots my prior insights that Putin is driving the Ukraine into the hands of the EU, though Paul puts a pro-Putin spin on my insight:

See, among my even earlier articles:

KGB Putin Is Rattling His Sabre to Drive the Ukraine into the EU: The Kosher Carrot and the Bitter Bagel, February 26, 2014

Both the bolshevik Paul and the zionist Paul are KGB Putin apologists, as are most libertarians, because the entire movement is a Soviet controlled opposition front for communist expansion meant to undermine US interests, demoralize American youth and generate a bolshevik revolution in America. See, among numerous other previous articles by me:

The Contrived Putin Worship Among Libertarians, White Nationalists and Antizionists and Its Intended Effects in the 2016 Presidential Election, February 17, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ayn Rand Paul for President: The KGB Candidate

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The KGB's man in American politics, Ron Paul is aggressively cheerleading for Vladimir Putin. The KGB is trying to prevent the emergence of an authentic American patriot candidate for President of the United States of America. By making a hero out of Putin among American dissidents, the KGB effectively prevents them from fielding a Presidential candidate and renders them anti-American and politically irrelevant. Ron Paul, and libertarians generally, are assisting the KGB in accomplishing this task of gutting American dissent and turning it against American interests in favor of bolshevik Russia.

At the same time, the communists Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul are campaigning against Putin, again circumventing the rise of a true and politically powerful American opposition to the communists and the jews. Rand Paul is the product of 90 years of communist rot wrought on the USA by the jewess and communist Trust agent Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum). He is the fruit of the fruit who came to America for this very purpose, to put a Soviet agent in the White House and subvert American anticommunists to render them useful to the Soviet Union and grossly destructive of America. Rand Paul is the highly successful fulfilment of this nearly century's old Soviet plan to destroy America with a fifth column of Randites preaching Randism.

Both Pauls, Ron and Rand, are working for the Soviets to undermine our political process and turn it against us. They are tools of the bolsheviks, who want to destroy American global influence, ruin the dollar and bolster Soviet Russia and Red China. Kremlin TV loves Ron Paul, and those who prop up Paul also propagandize for KGB Putin. It is a tightly knit web of communist subversion. The same gold merchants who destroyed South Africa and made it communist, those same golden jews who brought the bolsheviks to power in Russia, those same big jews are behind Putin and the Pauls and declare that all they do is golden.

Eight years of Obama will have severely weakened us by 2016, but we are still infinitely stronger than Soviet Russia. The communists' dictatorship of the dictatorship just doesn't work. But eight subsequent years of Paulsy or Clinton might just drag us down to their level.

The KGB has our dissidents working for them against America. The KGB has subverted both political parties, and has a virtual lock on the media.

Their grip is tightest at the Presidential level. We need to field a Presidential candidate who can shock our dissidents out of their demoralization brainwashing, and who can point the finger at the communist subversion of the USA. We need power to fight the bolshevik zionist jews and we can only achieve it politically if we actually try.

I was the only one warning you about Obama when he rose to the Presidency on the backs of series of deliberate political failures. I was the only one who connected all those dots and explained how Obama was miraculously able to win a Senate seat and then the White House through the exact same model. I called upon you for help then to field a candidate and start a political party.

The situation today is substantially worse than it was then. I warned long before it happened, that Obama would subvert our military and steal trillions for the bankers who put him power, and so he has. I warned that the communists would make their move, and they have. I warned that Europe would be flooded with Africans and Asians, and that the "Arab Spring" would take place, and this has also come to pass. I further revealed that the libertarians are communists and would turn our People against America and cheerlead for our communist enemies, and Ron Paul is doing just that today.

I cannot do this alone. We have to prevent the KGB from further demoralizing our youth. We have to put an American patriot in the White House. Will you help me to convince masses of the American People that Putin is our enemy and that only we can save ourselves by electing our candidate to the Presidency?

Precious time is being lost on Putin worship. This is by KGB design.

Fighting the Russian Bolsheviks on Our Terms, Not Theirs: Drive Out the Russians from All Other Nations

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The bolshevik Russian sheep want to wander back into the pen awaiting slaughter. They love their communist master and long for the return of their evil empire.

The Russians' Dear Leader KGB Putin is waging war on Europe and America. So how should we fight back militarily?

NATO should begin to amass forces in the Baltics, Poland and the Ukraine. Advanced new missile systems should be installed throughout NATO. Turkey should close off all Russian and Russian sympathetic traffic. Greece should be stabilized. We should NOT arm Israel.

Once our forces are entrenched and stable, the disloyal and treacherous Russians should be expelled from the Baltics, Poland and the Ukraine. Those ethnic Balts, Poles and Ukrainians who have emigrated out of these nations, should be encouraged to return to them. Let the iron curtain close around Russia proper and contain the Soviet Union to the Russian bolshevik sheep who call for its return. Prevent Russians and Russian media from entering the West and cut off our technologies from them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov Explained in 1985 What Ron Paul and the "Alternative Media" Are Doing to Destroy America Today

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul is one of several KGB agents who are demoralizing Americans. These communists are trying to confuse you to the point where you believe that suicide is the only solution to the problems they are causing.

Listen to Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explain in 1985 what Ron Paul, the libertarians, antizionists, White Nationalists, objectivists, anarchocapitalists, etc., inother words the Putin cheerleaders and America bashers, are doing to us today (fast forward to the 2 minute mark):

Bear this in mind the next time you watch Kremlin TV.

Ron Paul, the "Alternative Media", Libertarian, Objectivist, Antiwar, White Nationalist and Antizionist Propagandists Are Working for the KGB

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul is working for the KGB. The Soviets want to destroy the dollar and constantly work to undermine confidence in the US dollar around the globe, as does Ron Paul.

The Soviets want to remove American influence from all nations around the World, so that they and the Red Chinese can fill the power vacuum. Ron Paul constantly bashes America for exercising any role in international affairs, while green lighting KGB Putin's international aggression.

The Soviets planted a fifth column in the Ukraine and then used it as a pretext to balkanize the nation following a Soviet instigated revolution. Ron Paul calls upon Americans to revolt and balkanize, while advocating open borders which are implanting several fifth columns on our shores.

Ron Paul and his well paid cast of vocal supporters constantly bash and demoralize Americans, while singing the praises of our enemies, chiefly Vladimir Putin and Red China. Ron Paul wants to destabilize and balkanize America in every conceivable way. Ron Paul wants to destroy all of America's alliances. Ron Paul and his cast of subversives are favorites of KGB Putin's anti-American and anti-European Kremlin TV.

Ron Paul is KGB!

Ron Paul helped put commie Obama in office. Ron Paul's son Rand Paul is being hoisted into the White House by the big jews. Rand Paul may well be our next KGB President if your fail to help me expose these traitors and run a true American patriot for President.

The KGB wants to do to America what it is doing to the Ukraine. Ron Paul sponsors both communist attacks on sovereign nations.

The Gulags Are Back and Free Speech and Nationalism Are Illegal in KGB Putin's Soviet Union

From Jewish Racism

In the News:

Moscow magistrate convicts Russian nationalist, denies basic rights

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Soviet Union Returns to the Ukraine

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin has brought the Soviet Union back onto Ukrainian soil where millions of innocent victims still cry out from the grave for justice. Here is what happened the last time the Soviets occupied the Ukraine and deliberately caused the Holodomor:

From Jewish Racism

Narrow Window of Opportunity for Putin to Steal More of the Ukraine

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As Putin firms up his theft of the Crimea, he faces a narrow window of opportunity to steal more land, because his fifth column in Eastern Ukraine will see a worsening situation in the Crimea and may choose to opt out of the Soviet Union. The crazed Russian masses whipped to a frenzied state by Putin's KGB propaganda machine, may also to start to suffer doubts in the near future.

Expect KGB Putin's next moves to come quickly.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Putin's KGB Crew Exposed

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin's apologists in the West attempt to portray him as if he were antijew and opposed to the Jew World Order, based on the false assumption that Putin's ostentatious gay bashing and sponsorship of the Orthodox Church prove that he is deliberately working against the interests of international jewry. I have already exposed the fact that KGB Putin's gay bashing is in keeping with long standing Soviet policy, as proof that Putin perpetuates the Jew World Order Soviet Union, and that the Soviet Union only appeared to dissolve so as to fool the West into lowering its guard and giving up its secrets and monies to the Soviets:

Putin's Communist Gay Bashing and Its Antifascist Roots, March 07, 2014

In the following article, I exposed the fact that Putin is using the Orthodox Church to foment a Christian Communist church to provide the dialectical alternative to Christian Zionism and provide the basis for the growth of the Soviet Union to include Greece:

The Reds Want to Foment World War III as a Christian Communist Versus Christian Zionist Battle of the Fanatics, March 03, 2014

An article by Scott Greer in The Daily Caller provides a first hand account of the KGB's infiltration of the Orthodox Church and an assessment that Putin is using this KGB influence to expand his empire:

"'About five years ago, Pacepa was warning me about Putin. He's saying Putin is former KGB, Putin has surrounded himself with KGB people everywhere, it is now in essence an ‘intelligence agency dictatorship',' Rychlak, a professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law, told TheDC. [***] In Rychlak's opinion, Russian agencies have subverted the institutions that Eastern Ukrainians rely on for information and has caused some of them to support Putin's interests by demanding Russian annexation.

'All of their news has been filtered through Russian sources and even their church has been infiltrated. Their sources of information for at least a decade and maybe much longer than that, have been controlled,' the law professor explained. 'They have been cultivated and shaped and controlled through Moscow.'

One of the most damning accusations that Rychlak levels at Putin's security apparatus is that it has infiltrated and influenced the Russian Orthodox Church to promote the interests of the Kremlin.

'Dating back to the 1960s, the Kremlin began sending agents into the Russian Orthodox Church, and a lot of those people have filtered up to higher levels. The Russians put people into these churches, knowing they were agents, hoping they would develop into influential positions, and many of them have,' Rychlak continued. 'The church has been tainted, as other churches have been under Soviet domination.' [***] The book 'Disinformation' points out that Soviet intelligence agencies frequently worked with left-wing Westerners, such as the anti-war movement against Vietnam, to further the cause of the USSR. According to Rychlak, the current Russian government still uses the Left for that purpose, as he claims that their ideology isn't too far removed from that of the old Soviet regime.

'You still have folks around the globe, some of whom actively collaborate with the Soviet-Marxist ideology that we still see from Putin. Others who are maybe not intentionally collaborate, what you would call willing dupes, who go along with it,' the 'Disinformation' co-author said."--Scott Greer, "Former Soviet spy chief claims Putin regime is an ‘intelligence agency dictatorship'", The Daily Caller, (7 March 2014).

The above quotation makes note of the fact that numerous dissidents support KGB Putin. I have for many years been informing my readers that Ayn Rand was a Trust controlled opposition agent of the Soviet Union and that libertarians and objectivists are closet communists subverting America and promoting Putin. This book written in 1984 by a KGB insider details how the Soviets previously tried to appear weak so that they could infiltrate the West, cause the West to lower its guard, and deceive the West into believing the Soviet Union had collapsed from within when it had not:

Anatole Golitsyn, The New Lies for Old Ones

Beginning at page 291 and continuing through to page 294, Golitsyn recounts how the KGB subverted and used the Orthodox Church to turn it against the West, though it had always previously been pro-Western, and make it a tool of the communists against the West:

"A special word needs to be said on the exploitation of religion and leading churchmen in the communist world for strategic political purposes.

In November-December 1960 the Patriarch of All Russia, Aleksiy, an old KGB agent, accompanied by Metropolitan Nikodim, head of the Russian Orthodox Church's International Department, and Professor Uspenskiy of the Leningrad Faculty of Theology and an active member of the Soviet Peace Committee, toured the Middle East in an aircraft provided by the Soviet government.12 In the course of the tour Patriarch Aleksiy and the Syrian patriarch issued an official communique that stated: 'Our standpoint of Christian love compels us to condemn everything which incites hatred among peoples and impels mankind toward a new world war and to bless any attempts aimed at creating peace between peoples and nations. . . . We resolutely condemn any manifestation of colonialism as foreign to the spirit and the letter of the law of God.'13 [***] The Great Soviet Encyclopaedia recorded that by 1972 the World Council of Churches had been converted from a 'pro-Western' to a 'progressive' orientation in its policies on peace, disarmament, and related matters. Assiduous advocacy by the Christian Peace Conference and others of the view that Christianity and communism were natural allies in support of the national liberation movement induced the World Council of Churches to provide funds for African guerrilla movements, including the Rhodesian Patriotic Front, believed to be responsible for a massacre of British missionaries in 1978."

Golitsyn reveals the machinations of the "Trust" and the NEP in pages 10- 17. I will quote these passages at length, because they reveal also what Putin and his apologists are doing today, i.e. denying that the Soviet Union exists, infiltrating anticommunist movements, stealing all the West has to offer while subverting the West, only to strengthen the Soviet Union for an unprecedented comeback and rise to World dominating power:

"The pattern of disinformation used during the implementation of a long-range policy may be called the 'weakness and evolution' pattern, or the pattern of 'calculated ideological moderation.' Its aim is to calm the fears of the adversaries of international communism by understating real communist strength and to confound the policies of those adversaries by masking the realities of communist policy. When following this pattern, therefore, disinformation reflects real or imaginary weaknesses, splits, and crises in the communist world and projects an image of evolution away from an ideological toward a conventional, national system. The intention is that the nations of the noncommunist world, accepting the alleged disunity and evolution of the communist world as genuine, will fail to respond effectively to communist offensive strategy and, in their confusion, will be induced to make practical miscalculations and mistakes in their dealings with the communist world. The major role of disinformation in the weakness and evolution pattern is to conceal and misrepresent the real nature, objectives, tactics, and techniques of communist policy. [***] The weakness and evolution pattern was used successfully by Lenin in the 1920s. In 1921 Soviet Russia faced imminent collapse. Industry lay ruined by the war; agriculture was in crisis. The Russian people, disillusioned by the rigid policy of 'war communism,' were on the brink of revolt; the policy of terror was proving ineffective; there were peasant uprisings in Siberia and along the Volga; nationalist movements in the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Central Asia were openly proclaiming separatism and posed a serious threat to national unity; the sailors at the Kronstadt Naval Base revolted. Abroad, the hopes of world revolution had faded after communist defeats in Germany, Poland, and Hungary. The major European powers, although not united, were individually hostile to communism and to the new Soviet state; a huge Russian emigre movement, spread across Europe, was plotting the overthrow of the regime. Soviet Russia was in complete political and economic isolation.

It was in this situation, facing a highly unfavorable balance of power vis-a-vis the West, that Lenin conceived and launched a longrange policy that, over the following eight years, was to show spectacular success. It was given the deliberately misleading title of the New Economic Policy, or NEP. In fact, it ranged far beyond the economy, defining also the principal political and ideological objectives and tactics for the regime internally and externally and the strategy for the international communist movement. Within the terms of the NEP, the Soviet leaders were to eliminate separatism by creating a federation of national republics, the USSR. They were to introduce national long-term economic planning. They were to plan and build an electric power system to cover and bind together the whole country. They were to start to change the world balance of power in communist favor.

To the world at large, the NEP meant that foreign industrialists were offered concessions in Soviet industry and invited to open businesses in Soviet Russia; that Soviet industrial enterprises were to be reorganized as trusts and operated on a profit basis; that smaller enterprises and properties could be owned by cooperatives or private individuals; that money was back in use and private trade permitted; that restrictions on travel were relaxed; that emigres were encouraged to return under amnesty, while some Soviet citizens were allowed to emigrate; and that Soviet diplomacy was seeking peaceful coexistence with the West.

The Soviet leaders saw it differently. They intended that the NEP would not only bring about economic recovery, but would also serve to prevent internal revolt, expand foreign trade, attract foreign capital and expertise, gain diplomatic recognition from non-communist countries, prevent major conflict with the Western powers, help to exploit the contradictions in and between the capitalist countries, neutralize the emigre movement, and help to promote world revolution through the communist movement.

Lenin believed that this fundamentally aggressive and ideological policy could prove effective if it was accompanied by the systematic use of misrepresentation and deception, or, to use the current word, disinformation. The characteristics of this disinformation were an apparent moderation in communist ideology, the avoidance of references to violence in communist methods, the exaggeration of the degree of the restoration of capitalism in Soviet Russia, the use of a sober and businesslike style in diplomatic and commercial negotiations with the West, and emphasis on disarmament and peaceful coexistence. All of this was intended to induce the belief in the outside world that the communist system was weak and losing its revolutionary ardor. Left to itself, it would either disintegrate or come to terms with the capitalist system.

The Soviet security service was reorganized, renamed the OGPU, and given new political tasks. It was directed to mount disinformation and political operations. False opposition movements were set up and controlled secretly by the OGPU. They were designed to attract to their ranks genuine opponents of the regime inside and outside the country. These innocent persons could then be used by the regime in various ways. They could act as channels for disinformation; they could be blackmailed and recruited as agents; they could be arrested and given public trials. A characteristic, but not unique, example of this technique is provided by the so-called 'Trust' operation. In 1921, as the NEP was being launched, the OGPU created inside Soviet Russia a false anti-Soviet organization, the Monarchist Alliance of Central Russia. It had once been a genuine organization, founded by Czarist generals in Moscow and Leningrad but liquidated by the Soviet security service in 1919-20. Former members of this organization, among them Czarist generals and members of the old aristocracy who had come over to the Soviet side, nominally led the movement. Their new loyalty to the Soviet regime was not in doubt, for they had betrayed their former friends in the anticommunist underground. They were the Czarist generals Brusilov and Zaynchkovskiy; the Czarist military attache in Yugoslavia, General Potapov; and the Czarist transport official Yakushev. The most active agent in the Trust was a former intelligence officer of the General Staff in Czarist Russia whose many names included Opperput. Agents of the Trust traveled abroad and established confidential contact with genuine anticommunist emigre leaders in order (ostensibly) to coordinate activity against the Soviet regime. Among the important emigres they met were Boris Savinkov and Generals Wrangel and Kutepov.

These agents confided in their contacts that the anti-Soviet monarchist movement that they represented was now well established in Soviet Russia, had penetrated into the higher levels of the army, the security service, and even the government, and would in time take power and restore the monarchy. They convinced the emigre leaders that the regime had undergone a radical change. Communism had completely failed; ideology was dead; the present leaders had nothing in common with the fanatical revolutionaries of the past. They were nationalists at heart, and their regime was evolving into a moderate, national regime and might soon collapse. The NEP should be seen as the first important concession on the road to restoring capitalism in Russia. Soon political concessions would follow. Because of this, said the Trust agents, any intervention or gesture of hostility from the European powers or the emigre movements would be ill-advised, if not tragic, since it would only unite the Russian people around their government and so extend its survival. The European governments and the emigre leaders should put a stop to anti-Soviet terrorist activities and change their attitude from hostility toward the Soviet regime to one of passive acceptance. They should grant diplomatic recognition and increase trade. In this way they would have a better opportunity to contribute to the evolutionary process. The emigre leaders should return to Russia to make their contribution. Naturally there were doubters among the emigres, but the prestige of the leaders of the organization (particularly, of General Brusilov) convinced the majority. They accepted at face value the Trust's disinformation and passed it on to their influential friends in the European intelligence services. By the time it had been circulated to governments as 'secret' intelligence it sounded most impressive, and when as time went on the same story was confirmed by source after source, it became 'secret and reliable.' The intelligence services of Europe were committed and it was unthinkable that they could all be wrong.

While the Trust was thriving the OGPU took control, wholly or partially, of two other movements calculated to influence the political climate in support of the NEP. They were the 'Change of Signposts' movement and the 'Eurasian' movement. The first was used by the Soviet security service to mislead emigres and intellectuals in Europe into believing that the strength of communist ideology was on the wane and that the Soviet regime was evolving into a more moderate, national state. The movement published, with unofficial government assistance, a weekly magazine in Prague and Paris, The Change of Signposts, and in Berlin a paper, On the Eve. In 1922, at some risk, the Soviet government allowed two magazines to be published in Leningrad and Moscow, New Russia and Russia. They were intended to exert a similar influence on intellectuals inside the country.

By 1926 all publications of the Change of Signposts movement had been wound up, the movement disbanded, and some of its leaders in the Soviet Union arrested. An official Soviet publication partially confirms the exploitation of the movement and describes its end. Shortly afterward, operation Trust was terminated with the arrest of those opponents of the regime who had been unwise enough to reveal themselves as such by associating with the Trust. The NEP was officially ended by Stalin in 1929 with what was called 'a socialist offensive on all fronts.' The concessions to foreign industrialists were canceled; private enterprise in the Soviet Union was prohibited; private property was confiscated; agriculture was collectivized; repression of political opposition was intensified. The NEP might never have been.

The Results of the NEP

Agriculture, industry, and trade all improved dramatically under the NEP. Although the NEP failed to attract large credits from the West, it brought technology and efficient new equipment. Thousands of Western technicians helped to industrialize the Soviet Union, and Western firms built essential factories there. It is fair to say that the foundations of Soviet heavy and military industry were laid in the 1920s with American, British, Czechoslovak, and, after the Treaty of Rapallo (1922), German help. Germany played an especially significant role in the Soviet militarization. According to the secret clauses of the treaty, Germans helped to build modern aviation and tank factories in the USSR. Communists spoke cynically of foreign concessionaires and businessmen as 'assistants of socialism.' Longrange planning and industrialization were launched. De jure recognition of the Soviet Union by the West helped the regime to neutralize internal opposition and so to stabilize itself politically. The remnants of other political parties (Socialist Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, Zionists) were suppressed, liquidated, or exiled. The peasants were pacified. The independence of the churches was broken and new, controlled 'living churches' accepted the regime. The nationalist and separatist movements in Georgia, the Ukraine, Armenia, and the Asian republics were crushed and their nations fully incorporated into the federal union. No new organized political opposition to the regime emerged during the NEP. Regular purges of communist party membership kept ideological purity intact; a minority of members succumbed to the temptations of capitalism and were expelled. The party and security service gained experience in activist methods and in controlling contacts with the West. The security service began to exercise effective control over Soviet society.

The European bloc that it was anticipated would be formed against the Soviet Union did not materialize. De jure recognition was granted by all major countries except the USA. The Russian emigre movement was successfully penetrated, discredited, and left to disintegrate. The Treaty of Rapallo, signed with Germany in 1922 (the crowning achievement of Lenin's activist diplomacy), raised Soviet prestige, helped to increase Soviet military strength, precluded a united anticommunist front in Europe, and weakened the Weimar Republic.

Between 1921 and 1929 twelve new communist parties joined the Comintern, bringing the total to forty-six. By the use of legal tactics, communist parties increased their influence in trade unions and parliaments. Though the bid to form a united front with the Socialist Internationals failed, some socialist parties—the German, French, Spanish, and Czechoslovak—split under the influence of the communist approach; the left-wing groups joined communist parties or formed new ones. Valuable experience was gained by the Comintern in the simultaneous use of revolutionary as well as legal tactics, in its readiness to switch from the one to the other, and in its ability to coordinate with Soviet diplomacy. United front tactics were successfully used by the communists in Nationalist China. Mongolia became the first Soviet satellite.

The Lesson of the NEP

The disinformation of the NEP period had been successful. Seen through Western eyes, the threat of communism under the NEP seemed to have become diffused. Fear of Bolshevism waned. The position of anticommunists was undermined. Expectations of rapprochement were aroused. The Western public, reluctant to make sacrifices, urged their governments toward further accommodation with the Soviet regime. In reality, of course, the challenge of communism had been reinforced: Western expectations were later to be rudely shattered. But the communist strategists had learned the lesson that Western leaders could be deceived and induced to make mistakes in their assessments of, and policy toward, the Soviet Union. Disinformation had in fact created favorable conditions for the success of Soviet internal policy, activist diplomacy, and Comintern activity."

We have a right to ask, is Ron Paul KGB? Is Obama? Is Merkel?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Still Think KGB Putin Is Your Savior?

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I told you Putin is another Kim Jong Un! Here's some proof:

State TV says Russia could turn US to 'radioactive ash'

Still in love with the libertarian jew media which props up Putin in America, that same Putin who is threatening to turn your family and your nation into "radioactive ash"? Not yet convinced they are cryptocommies? Stay tuned, things are about to get far worse.

Obama Is a Traitor!

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama should have been waging war back on Putin. Instead, Obama has deliberately bought Putin time to invade and entrench in the Crimea and along the Ukrainian Russian border. Obama is a communist traitor.

Had Obama led NATO to supply the Ukrainian Nationalists with food, weapons and military advisors; the Ukrainians would today be in a position to wage asymmetrical warfare on the invading Russians. The Ukrainians could withdraw most of their armor and aircraft into Poland and prepare with NATO for a major fight. But, no, instead Obama has telegraphed his economic punches to Moscow so his Russian jew buddies can empty their Western bank accounts ahead of any sanctions. Russia has stolen Ukrainian gas fields, so that the Ukraine cannot supply itself with energy. Russia has closed off Ukrainian Nationalists from the Crimea and flooded the region with soldiers and over the top propaganda.

Obama is deliberately defeating the Ukrainian Nationalists, Europe and America, all for the sake of the communist invasion of Europe. We should impeach Obama.

Will no one help me organize the POWER PARTY for a 2016 bid?

Putin Jong Un: KGB Putin's Hysterical Propaganda Goes North Korean

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Reports are that KGB Putin's war propaganda is beginning to surpass that of his Eastern communist master Kim Jong Un. The Dear Leader of Russia has gone berserk! We have to stop this communist lunatic before he invades any more countries. We have to respond to his campaign to glorify himself and vilify us, America and Europe. He has gone full blown commie.

The following website contains much valuable information regarding the historic dangers of Soviet KGB propaganda in America and the rest of the West:

The "Peace" Movement By Al Benson Jr. (December 17, 2012)

See also:

Anatole Golitsyn, The New Lies for Old Ones