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From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin is a midget attempting to compensate for his small size with big deeds... the deed to the universe.

It Is Incumbent Upon Every Generation of Americans to Expose and Weed Out Communist Infiltration and Subversion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President of the United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy exposed the communist conspiracy to destroy the West:

Before Kennedy, Elizabeth Dilling published several exposés revealing the depth and exact nature of the communist subversion of America in her books The Red Network—A Who's Who of Radicalism for Patriots (1934), The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background (1936) and The Octopus (1940). While communist Claude Pepper was peppering the Congressional Record with communist propaganda, Jacob Thorkelson was exposing the jewish and communist conspiracy to destroy America. George Van Horn Moseley, likewise, exposed the jews and communists and called upon America to preserve its genetic as well as political heritage.

We have no such exposure of the communist conspiracy in our present world. We do not have a book like Dilling's works, which names the names of the communists Obama, Merkel, Putin, Hagel, Kerry-Kohn, the Trotskyite neocons, etc. etc. etc. who are subverting our nation and the West.

I would write such a book myself, if I could afford the time, but I cannot. So I am limited by my present circumstances to offering up the idea but not fulfilling its mandate myself.

Chuck Hagel Is KGB

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Chuck Hagel has an interesting background. His CV includes his professional involvement with a cellular phone service, investment banking and electronic voting machines. He was also one of the strongest voices behind Global Zero, a movement to disarm America's nuclear arsenal.

Hagel was the lone US Senator to refuse to sign a letter to the Russian President warning that US aid might be cut if Yeltsin did not do something to curb "antisemitism" in Russia, though Hagel concurrently wrote to Clinton that, "Anti-Semitism or any form of religious persecution should never be tolerated." It is obvious that Hagel's loyalties were to Russia and the jews, not the USA. Hagel, like KGB Putin, and pursuant to longstanding Soviet and KGB official policy, was a political gay basher.

It is interesting to note that Gordon Duff, who has stated that his father was a communist, was a vocal supporter of Hagel's nomination as US Secretary of Defense. Duff has also in the past strongly advocated for John Kerry Kohn and Barack Obama.

Hagel has overseen a strong push for the destruction of American military strength and the ruin of our nuclear arms deterrent capabilities. Chuck Hagel is KGB. I have been warning my readers about Hagel ever since he was first nominated for US Secretary of Defense, this at a time when the entire libertarian, White Nationalist, antizionist KGB coalition were telling us that Hagel would save us from the jews. See, among many other of my articles exposing Hagel:

Israel First Traitor Chuck Hagel Brown Noses the Israelis, Promises Unabated Military Aid to Israel Amid Economic Collapse in the USA, March 07, 2013

Chuck Hagel's Campaign to Eliminate Whites' Strategic Nuclear Advantage, January 31, 2013

Gordon Duff's Tribal Ally John Kerry (Kohn) Rattles His Circumcised Saber at Iran, January 24, 2013

Chuck Hagel 100% Certified Kosher Worm, January 17, 2013

Why Did the Genocidal Jews Create the Global MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION System? January 16, 2013

Why Is Fukushima Jeff Rense Publicizing Cobalt-60 Doomsday Bombs? March 28, 2013

Friday, March 28, 2014

. . .jeder solcher Schritt öffnet ein Tor, hinter dem sich nur Geheimnisse verbergen, und erst die Nachwelt weiß genau, wie es kam und was geschah.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Those fans of Adolf Hitler who are not knowingly working for the KGB to promote Putin worship, but nevertheless do, ought to watch what Hitler himself said were his reasons for going to war against the Russian bolsheviks:

Note that NATO has elected a communist to lead it, indicating that it is at present infested with communists to such a controlling degree that the communists already present are in control and were able to elect one of their own to its highest post. Note that communist Obama has fired many among the core of our nuclear strike national defense team.

We are being subverted by communists in preparation for a nuclear war against us, and the phoney neo-Nazis are cheering on KGB Putin, because they are themselves working for the KGB, just like NATO's contolling leadership and the Mulatto House.

Der Marxismus muß sterben damit die Nation wieder auferstehen kann.

NATO to be Headed by a Communist. How Opportune. . . for KGB Putin and the Rise of the Neo-Soviet Union!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The international communist subversion grows worse by the hour. NATO has now appointed Jens Stoltenberg Secretary General of NATO and Chairman of the North Atlantic Council effective 1 October 2014:

Nato appoints anti-war protester as next secretary general

Most modern antiwar organizations have historically been KGB fronts, see:

The "Peace" Movement By Al Benson Jr. (December 17, 2012)

Anatole Golitsyn, The New Lies for Old Ones

Stoltenberg's sister was a member of the Marxist-Leninist "Red Youth". Stoltenberg himself was an antiwar protester joining in communist protests against the Vietnam War. Strange beginnings for the Secretary General of NATO to be, at a time when KGB Putin is expanding the neo-Soviet Empire! In addition, Stoltenberg was an outspoken opponent of NATO and the EU, just what Putin ordered to head NATO.

As Prime Minister, Stoltenberg ran a far left red government and brought Norway massive non-White immigration. We now have communist Obama heading the USA, communist Merkel leading Germany, and communist Stoltenberg taking over NATO. What a nightmare!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Now We Know Why NATO Has NOT Been Arming the Ukrainians, They Don't Want Them to Defend Themselves from the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The arithmetic of the Ukrainian situation was fairly simple. NATO was obliged by their own interests to provide food, weapons and military advisors to the Ukraine, so that if need arose, the Ukrainians could conduct asymmetrical warfare against the invading bolshevik Russians.

Now we know why NATO did not take this basic step to defend NATO's interests, they were more interested in defending the murderous jews in the Ukraine than the Europeans and Turks they are commissioned to protect. NATO could have ensured Russia's aggression turned into a suicidal occupation that would eventually bring down the nation. NATO could have provided the Ukrainians with the means to hurt Russia militarily and economically taking out expensive planes, tanks and infrastructure, should the need arise. Great Britain paid a heavy price for its Falkland's fiasco, and Russia could have been made to pay a far worse price for invading the Ukraine. But instead NATO saw as its mission the security of the IMF jews and the jews who are murdering Ukrainian nationalists on orders from Moscow.

Recall that the Ukrainian Parliament is the same pro-Russian Parliament it was before the phony Russian orchestrated coup. This same Russian subverted Parliament is selling out the Ukraine to both Russia and the EU/IMF as part of the original plan. Just as Putin drove the revolution into the hands of the EU, Putin's maiden, Tymoshenko and his Emanual Goldstein of many years, Yarosh, are driving the Russians, and Ukrainians of Russian descent, into Putin's bolshevik grasp, all according to plan.

The Ukrainian nationalists are being oppressed and driven out by both forces, which is why NATO insisted they not be armed to defend themselves or the nation of the Ukraine, from the Russian jews and from the EU jews, all controlled from above by the banking jews.

As a result, not only is the nation of the Ukraine is jeopardy, all of Europe is losing ground against bolshevist Russian expansionism into Europe.

And why has not NATO closed off all of Turkey to the Russians and to Russian sympathetic traffic? The KGB is busy working with Ergenekon and Golden Dawn to ruin Turkey and weaken NATO in this way. Why is NATO doing nothing to strengthen Turkey, the most crucial nation in the region to the NATO alliance at the present moment? Why is Turkey's ability to stop Putin NEVER mentioned in the press or in NATO?

If we are to succeed in our struggle against jewry and communism, we must take political control over the USA. No other nation can succeed against the jews, because the jews will sic both the USA and Russia on any nation that challenges jewish hegemony over the World, as the jews have done in the Ukraine. It is up to us in the US to stop the jews and we must realize that Putin is our sworn and proven enemy just as he is the enemy of those whom Putin calls "fascists" and Nazis" in the Ukraine. Putin has publicly pledged himself to defend jews the world over as if the jews were incapable doing anything that would warrant an act of self defense against their aggression. For Putin jews and only jews come first.

Again, we must participate in the coming Presidential election. The tragedy of the Ukraine proves that only we can stop the jews and we can never do this without trying. A revolution would only worsen our situation. We must become politically relevant and we must do so now.

How to Spot an Agent of the KGB

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many of the very same libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists who have for years been telling Americans that it is their right and duty to revolt and secede from the USA and balkanize the nation, are today stating that the Ukrainians had no right to revolt against a Russian subverted President and that it is in Russia's strategic interest and therefore its national right, to grow its territory by annexing the Crimea and the rest of the Ukraine. They have for years been trying to destroy the strategic interests of White Americans by calling upon us to reduce our borders and balkanize our nations, and now they can no longer claim stupidity as an excuse for their subversion of our nation, because they claim that it is in the Russian national interest to grow its territory and violently stamp out nationalistic revolts.

America has a near ideal strategic position with respect to our communist enemies. To the East and West are two vast oceans. To the North and South are weak nations which we dominate. The communists want us to deprive ourselves of these advantages which prevent of foreign communist invasion, by talking Whites into seceding and, believe it or not, moving to the Northwest where there is little industry or agriculture!

How much more obvious could it be that the libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists are a KGB operation meant to subvert America's national interests and favor communist international aggression and expansionism? Why does Ron Paul call upon us to revolt and secede, but in the same breathe states that Ukrainians had no right to revolt and declares that it is Russia's obligation to GROW its territories? Why is it not in our strategic interests to at least secure our national borders, if not enlarge them, and therefore our right to do so; but it is Russia's sound move and right, in Paul's view? Because Ron Paul is a KGB agent.

So be very wary of the libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists pushing us to revolt and balkanize America. They obviously recognize that such a move would destroy our strategic interests and ruin us while improving the strategic interests of the communists and ensuring their global victory. The destruction of America and Europe, and the triumph of communism, are obviously their goals.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Common Themes of KGB Attacks on Western Civilization and Those of Libertarians, White Nationalists and Antizionists in the West

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is becoming increasingly obvious every day that the KGB has been behind the "alternative media" in America from the beginning, and is itself closely allied with, if not directly run by the gold cartel. I am not as familiar with the radical left "alternative media" as I am with that of libertarian, White Nationalist and antizionist "alternative media", but the propaganda of these media overlap on several issues, including their antiwar propaganda and anti-Americanism, as well as their well paid, if unrequited, love of KGB Putin.

A brief rundown of the KGB and Stasi attacks on Western Civilization shows that much of what we hear from the libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists was engineered by the KGB. They try to spin every significant bit of news to make it out that every major event in the World is the result of a CIA, MI6 and/or Mossad plot. They make heroes of Putin and Red China and constantly bash America and Europe. They are anti-Catholic and anti-Pope. They are anti-EU and anti-NATO. So I will enumerate a number of KGB attacks on our civilization and they should sound familiar to anyone familiar with the rhetoric of the "alternative media" which is being funded and driven by the KGB to provide the bolshevist antithesis to the zionist thesis resulting in the jew world order synthesis.

1.) Anti-Americanism.The KGB has always been staunchly and primarily anti-American. They hate us for sponsoring human rights. They hated us for being White. They hated us for defending Europe from them. And they have done all they can do to demoralize and corrupt our society to render it ripe for communist takeover. Likewise, White Nationalists from William Pierce on down are viciously anti-American, but never leave our shores. Instead, they constant try to demoralize our youth, discourage political involvement, embarrass their own alleged cause, and propagandize their followers with a message that favors international communist strength and weakens the USA and Europe. They propagate endless and often baseless conspiracy theories blaming all on the USA. They cry out for revolution and balkanization, which would invite a foreign invasion on our shores and erase our international influence leaving a power vacuum that would be immediately filled by the communists.

The KGB currently has Jobbik and the Golden Dawn in its pocket. It wants to use them to help dismantle the EU and NATO so that Russia can fill the power void in a chaotic new Europe. The KGB has them speaking against immigration not because the KGB opposes non-White immigration, but rather as a pretext for breaking down every alliance against Soviet power. Hence, we see Griffin come lately speaking up against Kalergi on behalf of Putin at a most auspicious and opportune moment for the communist expansion into Europe. The Stasi organized a campaign to paint swastikas on jew graves, and many such incidents are likely KGB designed psyops meant to have an international impact. The KGB wanted Yarosh in power in the Ukraine, and constantly portrays their invasion of the Ukraine, as a strike against Nazis. The KGB covertly carried out the coup and blamed it on the USA, as they typically try to blame the USA for all their covert actions. The "alternative media" ceaselessly drones that the USA put Nazis in power in the Ukraine, just like the KGB master Putin. This is not coincidental nor a matter of common cause. The KGB is organizing, funding and directing the "alternative media" and has been from the beginning.

A less serious example of the blame the USA for everything bad game is the example that the KGB created the propaganda that the USA engineered the HIV/AIDS virus. The KGB, Stasi, and the "alternative media", spread this myth in concert with each other.

2.) Revolution and Balkanization of Western Nations. The KGB and the "alternative media" are constantly calling for Americans and Europeans to revolt against our governments and balkanize our nations. If successful, this would destroy our power and make it easy for Russia and Red China to take over the World.

3.) Destroy Confidence in and Use of the US Dollar. The KGB and the "alternative media" incessantly pound the war drum against the dollar. They try to undermine international confidence in our dollar. They cry out for the destruction of the FED, not to help the US, but rather to destroy us and bolster their currencies and markets.

4.) Antizionism Led by Jews. The KGB has been the leading antizionist force in the World by far, while promoting jews continually within its ranks and around the World. They constantly distinguish jews from zionism and punish antisemitism. The Soviet Encyclopedia was strongly antizionist as was the KGB's own "Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public" spearheaded by Philipp Bobkov. The same "antizionist" message we hear in the "alternative media" was strongly heard in the Soviet Union in the 1980's, and the KGB remains behind it all. It is their way of attacking America and Europe and they never do any harm to Israel. It is one of the KGB's favorite methods of demoralizing dissidents and turning them against their own nations.

5.) Anti-Roman Catholicism and Anti-Pope. The KGB orchestrated the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. They are virulently anti-Roman Catholic. At the same time, the KGB has taken over the Eastern Orthodox Churches and controls absolutely the Russian Orthodox Church. The KGB seeks to weaken the cohesiveness and stability of Catholic societies in the former Soviet nations to leave them ripe for reintegration into the neo-Soviet Union. They also seek to take Greece by way of religious affiliation with their KGB infiltrated Orthodox Church, and use it to steal land from Turkey so that they will control the Black Sea coming and going. The KGB is pitting Catholics against the Orthodox, and turning the Orthodox towards Asia and away from Europe.

6.) Create the Illusion that America Is Militarily and Economically Weak. The KGB and the "alternative media" are attempting to mislead Americans and Europeans into believing that our nations are militarily and economically no match for Russia and Red China. The reverse is the reality, but if they can defeat us by causing us to believe that we are already defeated, they will have won without fighting, and inevitably losing.

7.) Promote the Myth of a Foreign Savior and the Futility of Self Empowerment. The KGB does not want us to take our fate in our own hands. Instead, they want to entrance into sleep with the dream of a foreign messiah who hates us, as the KGB wants us to hate ourselves, a foreign savior who seeks our utter destruction, and at the same time they mystify us with the constant threat of imminent collapse that renders any potential effort to help ourselves seemingly futile. They constantly distract us, then rally us to support their KGB candidates like Ron Paul and whole slew of other faux rightists who are closet communists working directly for the KGB.

This is a brief list off the top of my head. There are many, many more examples which lay bare the connection of the KGB to the "alternative media" and their efforts to demoralize Americans and Europeans and ruin our nations from within with the help of useful idiots and paid KGB agents and assets. The entire conspiracy community might well be a KGB creation run by them. No doubt they are closely tied to the UFO bs, and other such things.

And yes, behind the KGB stands the jew and the banker, as always. They are the communists' directors, financiers, leaders and thinkers. And yes, KGB Putin pays well the faux rightists of Europe for their unrequited love of Putin and his rubles. Scruples and rubles need not mix.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russian Communists Ordered the Assassination of Alexander Muzychko on 11 March 2014, and the Ukrainian Government Shot Him Dead on 24 March 2014

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 11 March 2014, Valery Rashkin, a Communist in the Russian Duma, literally called upon the Russian Government to assassinate Dmitry Yarosh and Alexander Muzychko following the example of the Mossad. See:

On 21 March 2014, a Russian smear campaign against Alexander Muzychko portrayed him as a masochistic freak:

The Ukrainian Government shot Alexander Muzychko to death on 24 March 2014. Coincidence, or are both sides of the conflict in the Ukraine the same persons at the highest levels?

Nudelman and Tymoshenko, both jewesses, were both recorded by the Russians making outrageous statements that served to galvanize the Russian masses against the Ukraine. Coincidence, or are both sides of the conflict in the Ukraine the same persons at the highest levels?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Ukraine is being jewed to death and Obama and Putin say not one word about the jews destroying the Ukraine, because Obama and Putin are working for the same jews.

Worse still, we have Ron Paul calling upon Americans to destroy America and do to us what the jews have done to the Ukraine, revolt and balkanize the nation so that foreign communist powers can take us over.

Yarosh is Putin's man, and Tymoshenko is his gal. He will use them to divide the Western Ukraine to further balkanize it by pitting them against one another, and Obama, Merkel and Nudelman are working with Putin to accomplish all this on orders from the big jews.

Am I the only one who sees the bloody hands of the communists in all of this?

Tymoshenko, Nudelman and Yarosh are deliberately driving Russians into KGB Putin's hands, just the way Putin is deliberately driving the Ukraine into the EU and IMF. Coincidence, or are both sides of the conflict in the Ukraine the same persons at the highest levels?

Monday, March 24, 2014

KGB Putin's Jew Antisemite Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the KGB's Quest for a New Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact for the Ukraine

For years, I have been warning my readers about KGB Putin's jew antisemite Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

KGB Putin, KGB "Antisemites", Vladimir Lukin and Dmitry Yarosh, February 28, 2014

Heads Up Armenians! April 23, 2010

Back on 21 January 2014, I warned that the KGB Putin was working on a new Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact for the Ukraine:

Is a New Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in the Works for the Ukraine? January 21, 2014

Reuters is reporting that Vladimir Zhirinovsky has written to "the governments of Poland, Romania and Hungary" proposing in essence a new Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact for the Ukraine:

Russian politician proposes new divisions of Ukraine

Zhirinovsky, who has since been forced to concede that he is a jew, has long been suspected of being an agent of the KGB. Donald Murray wrote in 1995:

"A birth certificate unearthed by reporters in Alma-Ata indicated that his father was Wolf Eidelshtein, whom his mother had married five months earlier.12 Zhirinovsky denied this, saying it was a fabrication of the Kazakh authorities to descredit him. [***] Oleg Kalugin was a senior officer in the KGB in this period. He eventually rose to the rank of general before leaving the service in 1990 and publicly denouncing its abuses. Kalugin said KGB sources told him that, far from being an outsider and a man alone, Zhirinovsky was recruited while a student to do low-level work for military counter-intelligence, the Third Directorate of the KGB.13 [***] Zhirinovsky's political chance came at a time of gathering political collapse. In April of 1991, with Boris Yeltsin having pushed through the Russian Congress the principle of presidential elections, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviet leadership drew up a strategy to stop him. They would encourage and help as many candidates as possible to try to force Yeltsin into a second, runoff round by depriving him of 50 per cent of the vote. Zhirinovsky was one of the first to benefit from that decision. On 12 April his Liberal Democratic Party was officially registered, despite the fact that it had only 146 official members.15 According to Roy Medvedev, then a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Zhirionovsky was invited to meet one of Gorbachev's most senior advisers, the speaker of the Soviet parliament, Anatoli Lukyanov, and his aides. He also met the head of the KGB, Viktor Krychkov. His posters, leaflets, and program were all printed by the Communist Party publisher on the presses of Pravda.16"--Donald Murray, Democracy of Despots, McGill-Queen's University Press, Quebec, (1995), pp. 201-202.

Michael McFaul stated in 1993:

"After the 1991 putsch, Yeltsin appointed a committee to investigate the activites of the security agencies during the coup; that committee charged Zhirinovsky with conspiring with the KGB and the state Emergency Committee. [***] Zhirinovsky's education and employment record fuel suspicion of his ties to the KGB. He received his first degreee from the Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University, which was notorious as a training center for KGB agents. Likewise, before perestroika, the Soviet Peace Committee was widely regarded by both the West and Soviet Union as a KGB front."--Michael McFaul, The Troubled Birth of Russian Democracy: Parties, Personalities, and Programs, Hoover Institution Press, Publication No. 415, USA, (1993), p. 301.

The obscene number of Putin apologists/America bashers appearing across the internet is a dangerous sign that the communist party is very strong in numbers and powerful in influence. The communists are especially vocal and numerous in the libertarian party, the antizionist crowd and the White Nationalist movement.