Friday, July 31, 2015

Creating Incentives for Self Deportation of Illegals

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's revolving door immigration policy is an obvious scam to waste our resources, while making his friends billions of dollars at the taxpayer's expense. Trump is creating incentives for illegals to stay and incentives for businesses to hire Mexicans at slave labor wages, and so put Americans out of work. He will do nothing to unburden our schools or protect us from the demographic nightmare of the Latino migration into America.

Instead of stating that he will deport then allow back in Latinos, Trump should state that the only hope a Latino would ever have for coming to America following deportation is to self deport then apply for legal immigration. Any illegal caught and deported will have no chance at reentry into the USA. Instead of building a wall, the military should patrol our borders and gun down invaders. Mexico should pay a fine for every illegal deported, and a tenfold fine for any illegal who attempts to reenter or succeeds in reentering the USA. Create an incentive for Mexico to secure the border.

Allow illegals to leave on their own with some cash and perhaps a personal car. Strip deported illegals of all property and assets. Heavily fine and or jail any persons employing illegals.

These are but a few of the ways to curtail illegal immigration. Trump is only encouraging it. Trump wants to LOWER the standards for legal immigration, when they ought to be raised. He wants to build a legal basis for modern slavery of foreign workers, which in the past has destroyed many great White nations through the demographic destruction of the indigenous White populations.

We ought to raise the bar for legal immigration in ways that will essentially guarantee that Asians, Africans and Latinos cannot invade our nation and take us over.

The only amnesty that should be afforded illegals is the amnesty to leave our country and take something with them beyond the clothes on their backs. As far as rounding them up, with can offer rewards for those who turn them in to receive any assets recovered from the illegals deported. The IRS does it, why not the INS?