Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Fox News Assault on Donald Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I just watched Fox News make a mockery of our political process by being grossly unfair to the leading Republican candidate for the Presidency, and by placing greater emphasis on Israel's self interests than those of Americans. Fox preempted the so-called debate, which was instead a series of questions by Fox promoting its jewish agenda, with an attack on Trump meant to alienate and isolate him. Fox asked Trump to raise his hand to indicate that he was the only candidate of the ten who would not relinquish his right to run as an independent candidate in the general election. Dirty deed indeed, Fox News. What had this to do with the debate?

Fox continued to attack Trump throughout the debate, in an obvious attempt to portray him as if a Democrat saboteur sent to elect Hillary Clinton. The only time they asked Trump about policy was to do so for the benefit of Israel, knowing he would respond as the jews would want with regard to Iran. I seem to remember some Fox anchor in days past asking Trump if it would not be better for him to skip debates.

Kasich benefited from the Ohio crowd and there was a clear conflict of interest in that he and Huckabee both have worked for Fox News. Goldman Sachs man Cruz was allowed to coast. Walker seemed a bit strange and phony.

Trump was witty, but not dominating on the issues. He did not seem to have a deep interest in or profound understanding of foreign affairs. Instead, he appeared to rely on his life experience to respond in general ways to specific situations without a full grasp of the forces involved. He is kind of faking it which is his appeal to the public. He gives them the simple rhetoric they crave, but his failure to understand the intricacies of the situations and the governing motivations behind the appearance of things prevents him from prescribing the proper remedies. He comes across as more of a political dilettante than a great leader. But he is a good salesman and if he were informed of good ideas, he would be exceptionally good at winning the support of the American People. Therein lies the danger, given that he is surrounded by jewish advisers and always has been. He sees the World through jew colored glasses.

The jews used Obama's initial appeal to ram through a banker give away. They will play Trump, even if the man is sincere. It did not appear that Trump had been tipped off as to any of the questions he was asked. If he had done any rehearsing, he must of mistakenly thought he was going to be asked proper questions.

The Israel first attitude of Fox News is disgusting, but is one thing Trump was sure not going to challenge them on. The body language of the Fox anchors is so strong, that if it is not taught to them, it might as well have been.

It seems the current tactic in the media is to portray Trump as a Democrat, and make it appear that real Republicans reject him and his views. I doubt it will stick.

If Trump really wants to be President, he should concern himself less with celebrities, gossip and personalities, and more with the reality of the international jews' relentless attacks on America. There is something telling about the way Trump avoids addressing Putin's anti-Americanism, but jumps on any opportunity to slam Iran. That makes me distrust him, though we need some hope if only illusory.