Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bedros Hajian Interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My friend Bedros Hajian was interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN on 7 June 2015. I called into the show but did not have an opportunity to speak, so I will post my comments here on my blog. I mention first that Rev. Dankof conducted a superb interview with me on the subject of the Armenian Genocide many years back and immediately grasped the full significance of the jewish genocidal stigmatization of the Armenians as if Amalekites.

This night however I am in strong disagreement with some of his views. Mark Dankof attempted to make the case that KGB Putin is combating the NWO and Marxism by combating atrocities in Eastern Ukraine and with BRICS. Let's begin with the Ukraine.

The worst atrocity ever committed in the Ukraine was the Holodomor, during which Stalin (Putin's hero) and Kaganovich systematically and deliberately mass murdered the Ukrainian intelligentsia and starved 11 million Ukrainians to death. This is the legacy which Putin has reinvigorated with his Soviet invasion and faked revolution in the Ukraine. Putin has invaded the Ukraine, the Ukraine did not invade Russia. Putin is complaining of imagined threats to Russian territory from the West while encouraging the very real Communist Chinese invasion of Russia and the theft of its wealth.

Putin sponsored the revolution in the Ukraine, just as the Soviets faked revolutions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia to provide pretexts for invasion. It is Putin who is threatening the West with nuclear war and who is aggressively flying military aircraft in a threatening and provocative attack on the West, not the reverse. Putin and his stooges in the Ukraine are the communists/Marxists in the region, not the Ukrainians. All of this runs counter to Rev. Dankof's false assertions that Putin is fighting against communism. Putin's attacks on gays are a continuation of many decades old KGB policies of the Soviet Union and are a Marxist strategy used to create a straw man and rally the people behind communism, and it serves to make it easy for the communist state to denounce any individuals it seeks to silence.

The cultural marxists use homosexuality as a weapon against the West to help the communist KGB, including Putin, to defeat us and turn us over to the communists in Russia and China, whom Dankof glorifies. The cultural marxists determined that a communist revolution such as ultimately led to Putin's Soviet regime, could not take place in the West because we are not the "White Negroes" Trotsky and Stalin created in Russia. But they are the same communists as is Putin and is communist China, as is BRICS, which Dankof hails as if a salvation for the World.

Brazil is headed by the communist Rousseff. Russia is headed by the communist KGB Putin. China is a communist super power, India is a socialist nightmare of a nation, and South Africa was taken over by Black communists including the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. The communists' work is already done in BRICS and Dankof would side with them against us. Communism is the NWO at its worst. Cultural marxism is the communist subversion of the more sophisticated and superior West that seeks to lower us to the level of the BRICS nations, and the Soviet Union which created Putin pushed the cultural marxist agenda on us relentlessly and still does. Dankof is playing into their hands by accepting an artificial distinction between the cultural marxist subversion of the West and the KGB subversion of Russia and Ukraine presently headed by KGB Putin. It is all part of the international communist agenda to enslave us to the jews.

The Russian Orthodox Church has as much been subverted by the communist KGB as the evangelical churches have been subverted by the zionists. Both serve the jews to destroy the Middle East. Russia provides the weapons used as does the USA under communist and zionist jewish subversion. To have a fight, there must be opposing sides and the USSR and USA provided those sides with weapons not in opposition to the jews, but rather in their service. Putin in no way opposes Israel but rather serves Israel by opposing on occasion the jewish subversion of the USA. The jews ultimately want to turn Iran and the rest of the Islamic World into Soviet Republics where jewry can do to the Muslims what it did to the Ukraine in the Holodomor. Jews are very welcoming of the spread of communism to the Muslim World that Putin promises. The communists hate the concept of human rights, as do the Israelis. The Israelis have a large Russian jew population. They are in bed together and there has been no worse manifestation of the NWO than the USSR which Putin is resurrecting with the help of and at the insistence of the jews. How is it that Dankof fails to see that Red China is the NWO made flesh? Dankof's demoralizing attacks on the West and specifically on America only serve the cultural marxist and the KGB marxist agenda to have us abandon our defenses, including NATO and whimper our way into the iron grasp of the communist Russians and communist Chinese.

Russia is helping the jews destroy Iran and would like nothing better than to see the USA attack Iran and drag itself down in the process, while raising the value of Russia oil and natural gas. Russia is loathe to see the USA and Iran arrive at a peaceful settlement, as is Israel.

If Putin were battling the jews, he would use his state media to expose communist atrocities including the Holodomor and the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, as well as the jewish control of Red China and Red China's aggressive invasion of Russian territory. Instead, Putin is aggressively attacking White Europe and scapegoating America for his communist crime. Putin is handing over Russia's sovereignty to Red China with a broad communist smile, while pretending that the West is a threat to Russia.

I hope Dankof does not wish for the day America is handed over to the communist Russians and Chinese so the jews can pound the final nail into the coffin of Western Civilization.

I would welcome the opportunity to publicly discuss these matters with Mark Dankof, who is without question extremely intelligent and well informed, as well as gracious and dignified. Perhaps Bedros could host us both on his show at some point.