Friday, July 10, 2015

The FAA Has Violated Donald Trump's First Amendment Rights to Free Speech

The news is reporting that the FAA has taken punitive action against Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his having voiced opinions favorable to the best interests of Americans. The US Constitution bars the government from punishing free speech.

The government has sought to shame Trump during a political campaign and deprive him of the public benefits he had been receiving prior to his announcement to run for President, in expressed retaliation for Trump's public expression of views the government seeks to suppress. The FAA is also illegally discriminating against Trump for his support of the sovereignty of the United States and the integrity of the White Race. The FAA further breaches the unfettered rights of the American People to representative government; in that Trump is a political candidate and the government has punished him during a campaign without due process and in an arbitrary and discriminatory fashion. The FAA has further violated Trump's rights to due process having afforded him no opportunity to defend his rights.

The businesses which are discriminating against Trump and punishing him for his support of the sovereignty of the USA and the demographic interests of the White Race, are likewise in violation of the First Amendment and Federal statutes which bar discrimination.