Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trump Should Challenge Jeb Bush to a Debate, MANO A MANO

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest Donald Trump challenge Jeb Bush to a debate, one on one. Scott Walker has entered the race riding on Trump's thunder. Trump would benefit by giving us something to look forward to, something he can hype like a championship fight.

I suggest he challenge Bush and frame it as an opportunity for democracy to function as it should with a free exchange of ideas. Let the voters have the chance to choose the candidate who best represents them. Let Bush stand up to, or back down from, the fight.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump Is Wisely Putting Faces on the Damage Done by Illegal Immigrants

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix was brilliant. He had the press, which has been viciously unfair to him, groveling before him on their knees for another chance to take a swipe at him. And he had a Black man discuss how a Mexican invader murdered his son in cold blood.

It is very important to put a face on the victims of the Mexican invasion. The man's presentation was perfect. He asked that others consider what it would be like to be in his situation. There is no better way to generate sympathy and understanding for our common plight.

Perhaps Trump could also spotlight Blacks and Black contractors who have lost jobs to illegals. There is also the sorry state of our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and prisons brought about by illegals. Has anyone contracted HIV/AIDS or other disease from an illegal? In California, the gangs designate beaches and neighborhoods as off limits to non-Mexicans, which showcases the loss of territory to these invaders who wish us harm.

Blacks are thus far the hardest hit by the Mexican invasion, and I am certain Trump knows this and knows how to win them over to his cause. The speed with which Trump has taken first place in the race is incredible, this with the media and both parties solidly against him. It vindicates my message over the past decade that a Presidential candidate who speaks the truth and celebrates America will be well received by the American People.

I hope that Trump continues to demonstrate real human examples of the harm the Mexicans are doing to our country so that the voter can sympathize and feel a need to take action to protect his own best interests. If we fail to force the invaders back to Mexico and the other nations which have breached our shores, and if we continue to give America away to Asians and others, we are destined for third world status in a very short time.

Trump has already proven that telling the truth and tackling the entire media can succeed. He did it singlehandedly, with style and finesse, and in record time. He has tapped into nature's most powerful force, the will to survive. No other candidate can compete with that.