Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Merit System" for Illegal Aliens? What Is Trump Talking About?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is making vague declarations indicating that he does not regard the sovereignty of the nation and the force of our laws as absolute. He evidently wants to rule by whim, not law, not the Constitution. That level of arrogance is dangerous.

Trump has stated that he will kick out the "bad" illegals, but make allowances for the "outstanding" illegals. How would he handle these arbitrary decisions, other than by overburdening the courts or creating a giant bureaucracy with due process for 30 million invaders to cater to their lies? How is he going to validate their claims of being "outstanding" and does he propose we process 30 million such sob stories? His proposal is asinine! It would bankrupt us and make a mockery of our law and national sovereignty. Illegals must be deported upon detection with a minimum of expense and an emphasis on speed. And the governments involved in the invasion should bear the expense and expedite the process, plus pay a penalty.

This is very disappointing news from a man who presents himself as if a straight shooter who holds our nation's best interests at heart. He will not make America great by subverting the rule of law, the principles of logic or the logistics of reality. Fantasizing about kindness and extraordinary process to illegal aliens in the face of an invasion numbering at least 30 million souls is a recipe for certain failure. Whose side is Trump on, theirs or ours? Is he simply out to profit from building a fence and creating a massive bureaucracy to legitimize the crime of invading our nation? Surely, Trump has better business sense than to believe such a monstrosity can succeed. It is already too much of a burden to process legal immigrants. It appears Trump wants to give the illegals a pass, in the form of a citizenship passport.

Don't Take the Bait, Trump!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At first, the media covered everything Donald Trump did and said, hoping that he would trip up, or at least say or do something the media could misconstrue in a negative way. Now, that having failed, the media are deliberately ignoring Trump. They are doing so in part to bait Trump into doing or saying something unforgivable and so damaging that it will destroy his campaign and public image.

The media know that Trump depends upon coverage to increase his lead in the primary. They also know that the Republican Party is trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

The Republican Party should have seized upon the Border Patrol Union's having interfered with the local and Trump's plans in Laredo to expose the illegal alien problem, to savage the Democratic Party and Obama, but instead they are attacking their own leading candidate; and not only not supporting him, but joining in the chorus of the Democrats to savage Trump. The Republican Party leadership is effectively disenfranchising their own membership and sabotaging their own party in favor of the Democrats and the Democrats' communist agenda.

The media are praying that Trump feel increasingly compelled to do and say increasingly provocative things and stray from his core message, which causes so much consternation to the communists. They are trying to force Trump to step in it merely to remain relevant and in the public eye. He must not tread upon their trap.