Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good for Trump. . . And the California Real Estate Market?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump has added substance to his statements regarding his policy for immigration, both legal and illegal. You can read his policy statement here on his campaign website:

This is serious stuff! Good for Trump!

I wonder what will happen to the real estate market if these measures are implemented, especially in California. If he is as serious about curbing the Asian exploitation of American as he now appears to be about the illegals flooding in from Mexico, that too will stimulate the economy for Americans, especially professional and middle class Whites.

Now that the Republican Party is falling into line, we need to gain control over the Democratic Party and render it pro-American. Just as the jews tried to use the success of the subverted Democratic Party to swing the Republicans towards communism, we should use Trump's success to swing the Democratic Party towards Americanism.

If abortions are dramatically reduced, our numbers will grow. We need incentives to increase the birth rate of Americans. What about free homes confiscated from illegals and those who house them? What about subsidized or free housing for families that become and stay married and produce children? There will be some prime land opening up if we rid ourselves of the invaders and get them out of our schools, neighborhoods and hospitals. The traffic in our cities will be less congested and safer. The prisons will be less crowded.

Why wouldn't right minded Democrats favor a better life for themselves and their fellow Americans? War has always brought the parties together. We are being invaded. War is being waged on us. Is there no Democrat who will fight back for America against invaders and exploitative nations like Red China?

We will progress far faster if we can carry Trump's momentum over to the Democratic Party, and if he follows through, it will make it easier for him to succeed, as well.