Friday, December 18, 2015

Trump's Jewish To Do List?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is building up quite a to do list. He has just received a tip of the hat from KGB communist Vladimir Putin and Israel supporter Sheldon Adelson. David Duke is becoming a fan, and why, because Trump likes Putin, and Putin likes Trump; this from the author of a book exposing communism as a jewish plot, who fails to condemn Putin as anti-Western KGB!

We find that Trump plans to visit Israel if and when elected. He can not wait to bump and grind in a yarmulke before the wall of humanity's tears. Trump is also planning to attack Iran.

Putin is helping Israel to force regime change in Syria, and Trump loves him. Putin is attacking the Ukraine and NATO ally Turkey, and Trump loves him and admires his leadership.

Trump also wants to throttle certain access to the internet and speaks of his desire for internment camps. Who is it that Putin, Trump's idol, interns and silences? Nationalists and Antisemites, just like Stalin before him. Will Trump intern White Nationalists in America, the very same people putting him in power? Will Trump track down Antisemites on the internet and execute them to protect his jewish daughters and Israeli allies? It is an old communist and Free Mason trick to first murder those who put them power. Trump seems headed in that direction.

Trump's attacks on Muslims, Iran and Turkey greatly benefit communist Putin. As Iran is attacked, Russian oil and natural gas will become essential to the West and the price will skyrocket, just as Putin wants. A bolshevik puppet regime in Syria will provide another front against NATO, if Turkey remains in NATO, but it appears that Trump will see to it that Turkey and Greece will leave NATO. Perhaps he will completely dismantle NATO and press for the internment of all Antisemites and Nationalists throughout the World.

That is the direction Trump is headed. There is always an added price to pay when you buy from the jews. The price is your soul, and we are selling ours to Trump for promises of freedom from the immigration invasion the jews have caused us.

So are we to vote for the communist Clinton or Sanders? Why can not we field a candidate who names the jew as our enemy, instead of resting in bed with it?

The Communists Are Destroying NATO and Isolating Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The communist jews are ruining NATO. They have deliberately driven wedges between Germany and Greece, the UK and the Continent, Greece and Turkey, etc.

NATO is currently headed by communist KGB agent Jens Stoltenberg. KGB Putin, who is flooding Russia with Muslims and Chinese, is sponsoring anti-NATO politicians in France, Greece and other NATO nations, including Marine Le Pen. The left wing, libertarian and White Nationalist press (crypto communists, all) are praising Putin and attacking NATO, and are now openly calling for the ejection of Turkey from NATO.

If Turkey and Greece leave NATO, or are expelled from NATO, the other NATO countries will be cut off from Middle Eastern trade routes and energy, leaving Putin and China in control of their fate. The communists are taking over Africa, encroaching on India and South East Asia, threatening Japan and South Korea, and allowing the Chinese to invade Siberia. They are creating massive supplies of cheap natural resources and slave labor, with which to destroy the White Race and overtake our territories.

The Soviets faked their fall in order to subvert the West and NATO. Now, the communists are bringing us down, for real.

Trump is beginning to fit the Le Pen mold. He should state his views on NATO. He and KGB communist Putin are snuggling up together. Does Trump want to ruin NATO, like Le Pen? Does he want our best ally in the region, Turkey, with its massive military, expelled from NATO, leaving us vulnerable to a Russian and Chinese takeover of the Mediterranean? Will he work to expel Greece and exacerbate conflicts within NATO?

We can restrict immigration, or even halt it, without destroying our vital alliances. We do not need to submit to the communists in order to defeat the invasion of our lands. Putin and Dugin have been calling for the destruction of NATO for years. It is no coincidence that those whom Putin funds and praises are doing the communists' biding.

Those who call for us to tear down what we have built in the name of preserving it are bound to be crypto communists. The press, including the libertarians and White Nationalists, are thoroughly controlled by communists, as they always have been.

This Presidential cycle sees the communists Clinton and Sanders coming up against Trump. Is Trump also working for the communist cause? Will he use Muslim bashing to destroy our NATO alliance, in particular our treaties with the military giant Turkey, who has traditionally fought Russia, and would have the historic, if not political, allegiance to defend us from the Soviet incursions taking place in the Middle East at the behest of Israel and the jews, who want to surround themselves with Muslim bolsheviks?

Let the armchair warriors rallying to communist KGB Putin's cause remember that it is Russia, not Turkey, openly threatening us with nuclear annihilation. It is communist Russia, not Turkey, that is arming up to slaughter our families and lay our lands to waste. Turkey stands between us and our open enemies. Remember what the Soviets did to Germany. They celebrate and glory in it and want to do it to all of Europe and to America.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Will We Do When the Communists Take Over the World's Natural Resources and Employ Slave Labor Against Us?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews' puppet Presidential candidates decry Obama for not using the term "radical Islamic extremist," but I do not hear them attacking communism. They condemned North Korea and called upon Red China to rein in the North Koreans, but not once addressed the international communist plan to enslave humanity. Are they unaware that Russia has always had more influence over North Korea than Red China, and that Russia installed the ruling communist family? Are they unaware that Russia is governed by the communist KGB agent Vlad Putin?

Are our saviors ignorant of the fact that the communists are taking over the World, and seek to control the energy of the Middle East and the natural resources of Africa and Siberia for the exclusive control of the communist Chinese?

It appears that they are deliberately diverting our attention away from the jewish communist threat, by pitting us against Islam, weakening both sides as they bolshevize the West and Islam, and draw our attention away from the communist threat. But what are we going to do to compete industrially and militarily against the communists when they have all the natural resources at near no cost, and add the value of labor at virtually no cost? Think of the military they are going to construct under this new order!

Consider also the territorial gains they are making at our expense. We have lost control of Africa and all White nations are being invaded by Asians, Latinos and Africans.

Do not let the jews deceive you into looking away from them. They are the source of our extermination. We must fight them politically if we are to survive.

Republican Presidential Debate Contrived to Bash Muslims, Scapegoat America and Cover Up Jewish Crimes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the American Presidential debate, we witnessed the classical spectacle of a jewish moderator hosting American politicians in order to pit America against a jewish based religion, Islam, while the jews concurrently agitate the Muslims to attack another jewish based religion, Christianity. Nearly the entire long theatrical performance was devoted to jingoisms ginning up more wars against the people the jews have provoked us against in the past, the Muslims.

Little was said about the attacks on our nation from the communists. No words were spoken to condemn immigration as a means to bring about a demographic shift in White countries. It was all about provoking Muslims and Christians against one another for the benefit of the jews.

These jew puppets blamed American Presidents for the wars the jews provoked and hailed Israel as if an innocent victim of its own war on the human race. They scapegoated us for jewish crimes and chided us to repeat the same mistakes in the name of remedying those same mistakes.

The jews have led us to slaughter MILLIONS of innocent Muslims, and we cry foul and condemn a billion people when brainwashed maniacs kill a few dozen? This is the Protocols made flesh and blood. It will be our blood and it will spill to fill the lows of our lost souls.

This call to more war is beyond shameful, it is suicidal, and it echoes to our ears from the halls of jewish power. We must stop immigration from lands which are destructive of our interests, our culture and our blood, because it is exterminating us; not to provoke wars against the jews' enemies for the benefit of jewish communism, and to our ultimate destruction.

Shame on us for not fielding a Presidential candidate who would speak these truths and expose the jewish puppet masters bringing the World to ruin.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Russia and Turkey Are Allies in Starting WW III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Russia invaded the Ukraine, NATO should have responded by having Turkey close off the Bosophorus and Dardanelles. Instead, NATO enabled Russia and installed KGB agent Jens Stoltenberg at its head. Turkey and Russia made several large deals to fund Russia's military expansion. Russia and Turkey, together with Israel, sponsored ISIS and used it as an excuse to further depopulate Syria and to introduce Russian forces into an Arab Islamic nation.

Recently, however, Turkey and Russia are staging events leading up to war. All of the recent provocations show the tell tale signs of having been contrived by both Russia and Turkey working together, just as Israel and Turkey staged the attack on the Mavi Mamara.

I believe that this is happening as a response to Donald Trump's enormously successful bid for the Presidency of the United States. He is pledging to make America even greater than it has ever before been. The jews have been destroying America with a demographic shift through immigration, miscegenation and low White birthrates; as well as jewish instigated self consuming wars and economic disasters. The jews do not want America to be great again. They want us to hate ourselves and invite our enemies into our home.

The jewish response to the likelihood of a Trump presidency is to provoke a war between NATO and Russia that will consume us both and leave Red China as the jews' red hammer and sickle with which to enslave and exterminate humanity. China is slated to become the next Esau to soldier and slave for jews, enslaving the rest of the Goyim in a global concentration and extermination camp. That is if the jews fail in their campaign to trigger a nuclear war. Already their agents in the alternative media are calling upon Russia to destroy Turkey with nuclear weapons, and this from the same voices that decry the Fukushima disaster. I suspect this contradiction can be explained by the fact that these Russian apologists want to ruin Japan in Russia and Red China's interests by stigmatizing Japanese products and Japan itself. They are also participating in the jews' communist plan to instigate a war between Russia and NATO.

The jews are planning to exploit a Trump presidency to their advantage, whatever it foretells for the future of America and the White Race. One of the ways the jews will accomplish this end is to weaken NATO by creating a Muslim Turkish versus White Christian America and Europe divide. They will then infect both American liberals and conservatives with anti-American and anti-European self hatred accompanied by philo-Russism.