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KGB Agent Vladimir Putin's War on NATO: Part III, Putin's Jewish Revenge on Germany

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Agent Vladimir Putin is a modern Ilya Ehrenberg. Putin's agenda is a jewish agenda. He publicly and repeatedly announces that he is waging war on fascists, while he covertly funds them to provide himself with a controlled opposition. Putin has criminalized holocaust denial, antisemitism and nationalism. Putin has begged Western European jews to come to Russia and is destroying Syria to benefit Israel. Putin awards the jewish oligarchs countless billion dollar contracts at the expense of the Russian People. Putin has made Russians the enemies of Europe, antiwestern and welcoming of a Muslim invasion. Putin has attacked, savaged and torn apart the jews' hated Ukraine.

Putin is also rewarding the jews by exterminating the Germans. Putin promotes hatred of the Germans in Russia and in Greece. He hosts enormous Soviet parades celebrating the ruin of Germany. SYRIZA and Golden Dawn rail against Germany. Putin promotes anti-German bloodlust among Russians, who suffered far worse losses in the World Wars than the jews.

Putin has KGB asset and Stasi agent Angela Merkel flooding Germany with an invasion from Islam, including Putin's Chechen Shock Troops. Putin concurrently provides the controlled opposition to Merkel in the form of PEGIDA in hopes of tearing Germany apart and provoking civil war and communist revolution.

This genocidal campaign of revenge on Germany is a jewish, as well as Russian agenda. Prominent jews, including Albert Einstein, have long sought to take revenge on Germans collectively for the First and Second World Wars. Quoting from my book ALBERT EINSTEIN The Incorrigible RACIST, at pages 370-372, and 388-390,

On 8 July 1901, Einstein wrote to Winteler,

"There is no exaggeration in what you said about the German professors. I have got to know another sad specimen of this kind — one of the foremost physicists of Germany."[1]

Einstein wrote to Besso sometime after 1 January 1914,

"A free, unprejudiced look is not at all characteristic of the (adult) Germans (blinders!)."[2]

After the war Einstein and some of his friends alluded to much earlier conversations with Einstein, where he had correctly predicted the eventual outcome of the war. In his diaries, Romain Rolland recorded his conversations with Einstein in Switzerland at their meeting of 16 September 1915,

"What I hear from [Einstein] is not exactly encouraging, for it shows the impossibility of arriving at a lasting peace with Germany without first totally crushing it. Einstein says the situation looks to him far less favorable than a few months back. The victories over Russia have reawakened German arrogance and appetite. The word 'greedy' seems to Einstein best to characterize Germany. [***] Einstein does not expect any renewal of Germany out of itself; it lacks the energy for it, and the boldness for initiative. He hopes for a victory of the Allies, which would smash the power of Prussia and the dynasty. . . . Einstein and Zangger dream of a divided Germany—on the one side Southern Germany and Austria, on the other side Prussia. [***] We speak of the deliberate blindness and the lack of psychology in the Germans."[3]

Jews often sought to Balkanize nations so as to weaken the power of any faction within a nation and to create perpetual agitation between the nations which could be exploited for profit and other Jewish gains. For example, the Rothschilds created the American Civil War and profited from the debts it generated. They hoped to divide America into two nations and to pit these against one another. They were successful. Jews had long been pitting North German Protestants against South German and Austrian Catholics. Jews were the motive force behind the Kulturkampf. After creating these divides and promoting perpetual agitations amongst neighbors, Jewry could then fund one side against the other to destroy it whenever Jewry decided to wreck a given nation.

Einstein's dreams during the First World War remind one of the "Carthaginian Peace" of the Henry Morgenthau, Jr. plan for the destruction of Germany following the Second World War. Morgenthau worked with Lord Cherwell (Frederick Alexander Lindemann), Churchill's friend and advisor, who planned to bomb German civilian populations into submission. Lindemann studied under Einstein's friend, Walther Nernst, who worked with Fritz Haber, a Jewish developer of poisonous gas. James Bacque argues that the Allies, under the direction of General Eisenhower, starved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of German prisoners of war to death. Dwight David Eisenhower was called "the terrible Swedish-Jew" in his yearbook for West Point, The 1915 Howitzer, West Point, New York, (1915), p. 80. He was also called "Ike", as in. . . Eisenhower? The Soviets also abused and murdered countless German POW's after the Second World War.[4]

Einstein often spoke in genocidal and racist terms against Germany, and for the Jews and England, and he betrayed Germany before, during and after the war. Einstein wrote to Paul Ehrenfest on 22 March 1919,

"[The Allied Powers] whose victory during the war I had felt would be by far the lesser evil are now proving to be only slightly the lesser evil. [***] I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"[5]


Einstein advocated genocidal collective punishment,

"The Germans as an entire people are responsible for these mass murders and must be punished as a people if there is justice in the world and if the consciousness of collective responsibility in the nations is not to perish from the earth entirely."[6]


"It is possible either to destroy the German people or keep them suppressed; it is not possible to educate them to think and act along democratic lines in the foreseeable future."[7]

Albrecht Fölsing has assembled a compilation of post-WW II quotations from Einstein, which evince Einstein's lifelong habit of stereotyping people based on their ethnicity. Einstein expressed his hatred in the horrific post-Holocaust context—a temptation Max Born had resisted,

"With the Germans having murdered my Jewish brethren in Europe, I do not wish to have anything more to do with Germans, not even with a relatively harmless Academy. [***] The crimes of the Germans are really the most hideous that the history of the so-called civilized nations has to show. [***] [It was] evident that a proud Jew no longer wishes to be connected with any kind of German official event or institution. [***] After the mass murder committed by the Germans against my Jewish brethren I do not wish any publications of mine to appear in Germany."[8]

Einstein wrote to Born on 15 September 1950 that his views towards Germans predated the Nazi period,

"I have not changed my attitude to the Germans, which, by the way, dates not just from the Nazi period. All human beings are more or less the same from birth. The Germans, however, have a far more dangerous tradition than any of the other so-called civilized nations. The present behavior of these other nations towards the Germans merely proves to me how little human beings learn even from their most painful experiences."[9]

and on learning that Born would return to Germany, Einstein wrote on 12 October 1953,

"If anyone can be held responsible for the fact that you are migrating back to the land of the mass-murderers of our kinsmen, it is certainly your adopted fatherland — universally notorious for its parsimony."[10]

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Jews unsuccessfully attempted revenge against the Germans for the Holocaust after the Second World War by poisoning the water supply of Germany. They sought to kill at least six million Germans. Tom Segev wrote in his book The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust,

"Kovner therefore set six million German citizens as his goal. He thought in apocalyptic terms: revenge was a holy obligation that would redeem and purify the Jewish people. The group divided into cells, each with a commander. Their primary goal, Plan A, was 'to poison as many Germans as possible.' Plan B was to poison several thousand former SS men in the American army's POW camps. Reichman succeeded in infiltrating some members of the group into the Hamburg and Nuremberg water companies. Kovner went to Palestine to bring the poison—and, he hoped, to receive the blessing of the Haganah."

Putin and the jews are exterminating the Germans. Putin follows the communists in a direct line from Ilya Ehrenberg's Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Putin and his agent Merkel are flooding Germany with a Muslim invasion, again causing the rape of German women and death of German men in a continuation of the Soviet jew Ilya Ehrenberg's call for Soviets to rape German women and murder German men and destroy all the national spirit and race pride of the German People. Putin is the modern Ilya Ehrenberg and he is genociding Germany for the benefit of the communists and the jews.

The jews have always known that Germans were the primary force standing between them and the jewish world order of the jewish messianic age. The jews invented communism to subvert Germany and its nationalistic spirit and racial pride. Putin is the jews' sword and he is happily doing their bidding.

The Soviets mass murdered millions of German POWs, as did the jew Eisenhower. The jews firebombed Dresden, starved 3/4 million Germans in the First World War, and destroyed the flower of the German youth in 2 world wars. The jews' campaign of genociding the Germans continues and Putin sits at its head.

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