Monday, February 08, 2016

Our Form Lies Not in Our Stars, But in Ourselves: The New Religion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews and other non-Europeans have looked to the heavens and cosmic principles for the source of our human spirit. They saw larger things as more powerful and therefore more important and creative than us. For them, human creation appeared to originate in cosmic engines like the furnace of the sun and our fate to depend on the course of the stars through the night ether. The jews find their divinity not in their humanity, but in their war to eliminate humanity, their holy cause to kill us off. They call us the shit of the stars, and themselves, the sparks from beyond.

European religion took the opposite course. We find the source of our souls in our ancestors and made them masters of the sky, and of the stars, and beyond. Thor, Zeus and the others made us masters over all and projected the microscopic power of our DNA across the universe.

Our European religions hold the incipient seeds of a greater more modern religion evolved from theirs and revealed by the magnificence of our study of nature and of ourselves. Its mysteries lie tangled in the gematria of our genetic code, its revelations present in each life that unwinds from the umbilical cord of its mother to someday take in its arms, and wrap in its legs, another human life that will give us another, not unlike the replications of our RNA.

The human body is more complex in its mysteries to us, than is the night sky and its dots of dead light which fall upon us from the infinitely distant past.

Our religion must be made of us. Its devotion, the worship of our existence and the perpetuation of our race. We must trust that our consciousness is not our god, and is but a small fragment of us, a tool of our survival, but that beyond it we are far greater within ourselves than all that our consciousness can conjure or comprehend. We are more than our images and more than our images can comprehend.

Our genes give us the treat of the sweetness of an orange on our tongue, the beauty of a kiss, the universe explained to us when we grasp our child in our arms. But our genes are more than a million times more than this and all else we know in our conscious thoughts. The further we reach inside ourselves, the closer we come to our essence. We find the gods that form our flesh not in Hephaestus fumbling fingers forging the clay into female form to unleash evil unto mankind, but in the busy factories of our DNA which molds the rest of us, and what universes are contained in each explosive element of it remain still a mystery to us. Deeper still, smaller still, there lies our journey to ourselves, not through the skies to impossible distances and ghosts of nonexistent consciousnesses.

Our bodies are not temples, not halls of worship, but rather they generate us, perpetuate our race and are sacred. Our minds are not slaves to supernal forces, rather they are the images which come from a far more complex Self within us.

The stars become infinitely more complex and powerful when we contemplate their elements, the particles which are their source. So too it is with us. Consciousness embraces but a tiny fraction of the thoughts and calculations made inside our brains, it is a line drawn round a school of fish as if but one, a flock of birds captured in a humming net which casts the chaos into a single form. For each image our mind’s eye sees, there are a billion more made and witnessed in other ways than consciousness. We never meet the witness but sometimes it lets us sense it. The brain filters to but a minuscule few those pictures which appear before its eyes as our conscious thoughts. The brain allows through these few so that it can contemplate its creations in contradistinction to its sense information and multiplicity of musings. It draws pictures to reflect upon, study, test and examine, just as I might draw you a picture on a sheet of paper to explain better to you this very idea.

Our search for Self is the desire to summon forth that which is greater within us than our consciousness, that which creates, projects and reflects upon our consciousness as its source and superior being. Our search for gods is our natural racial instinct to look to our People for our protection and might, and our eternity, as well as our wisdom and knowledge. The Asiatics have stolen that from us and we must reclaim it if we are to survive.

But we must not fall into the traps of drugs and psychosis inducing meditation in our search for our Self. The filters in our mind which screen out most of the maddening and vertigo inducing images our brains produce each instant are necessary and good. We have to trust that our nature has a goodness to it and we must not break it apart merely in an attempt to observe it, to come to know that god within us that creates our consciousness.

That said, we have to let nature prevail within us and not hypnotize ourselves constantly with language, norms and mores that prevent our nature from expressing itself as our thoughts. The Asiatic practice of Zen meditation fails us, and we are better to quiet our minds so that the inner voice can speak more loudly and naturally, not so that we place even tighter bonds on its wrists, nor tie knots in its subtle tongue. We should let our Self speak to us as it sees fit and trust that it is greater, wiser and more intelligent than the consciousness that it lets slip through its sieve. Our dreams are greater than our waking world because our brains are infinitely greater than our consciousness and our DNA is vastly more complex than our brains in its parts smaller and more complex than we can begin to conceive.

The jews are incessantly pouring poisons down our throats, through our eyes and ears, and into our thoughts. They have literally trained themselves to hypnotize us with specialized patterns of speech, repeated phrases, forced indoctrinations, censorship, and sight and sound patterns and frequencies that induce a dream state in our consciousness that enables them to impart suggestions that form our subconscious world, to both create falsehoods and eliminate truths, to destroy our most fundamental nature. We must recognize that their brainwashing and poisons wash away our gods, destroy the inner mechanisms of our minds and replace them with their jewish filth that is killing us off.

Our new religion pays devotion to our nature. It also rejects the Asiatic domination of our minds, and of our gods.