Thursday, June 30, 2016

Almost as Soon as I Predicted It, It Happened

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For quite some time, I have been warning that the jews and communists would sabotage NATO, commandeer it for their own purposes and redirect its mission from defending Whites and Western Civilization from jewish communism, to fighting wars in the Middle East for the benefit of the jews and to the detriment of Whites. These jewish wars, will not only further rob us of our strength, but will again serve as a pretext for the jews to flood our lands with Muslims and feed the cycle of our destruction and ultimately our extinction.

I recently predicted that the jews will do the same to our nuclear defenses. A member of Congress from Illinois is now calling for us to stop spending money on our nuclear defenses and redirect those funds to fighting jewish manufactured terrorism. It is clear whom the jews want to win the upcoming nuclear war they have been planning for 2,500 years, and it ain’t US.

The jews are doing all they can to weaken Western Civilization and Islam, pitting us against each other and integrating us into mutual conflict, as the jews strengthen the communists. Putin is using his terrorist organ ISIS to drive NATO out it is mission, and send the West into self consuming wars in the Middle East. The communist international is its own terrorism to serve as a pretext for stripping us of our rights, our defenses from the communists, and to sap our strength and flood us with internal enemies in its quest to drive us into communist revolution.

And it is working because the communists control the supposed opposition leadership of Trump, Farage and Le Pen. We need authentic leadership and now. Until we organize it, we need to exploit the faux leadership of Trump, Farage and Le Pen to drive them to serve our needs, or admit that they are serving Putin and his ISIS, by fighting it, and not our jewish enemy, and in so doing, consuming us as the jews grow stronger at our expense.