Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fighting for Their Lives and the Race in Sacramento

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Groups of Whites planned to peacefully gather in Sacramento and speak up on behalf of the White Race in public. They pulled their permits and abided by all laws.

An organized mob of antifa set about to murder them. The intent was clear. The antifa want to intimidate anyone of like mind so that they never dare to express their views. The antifa committed numerous Federal and State felonies and the FBI should investigate them and arrange a sting operation to wrap a net tightly around them from which they cannot hide or escape.

The antifa used interstate communications to organize their terroristic attack on White Americans, an attack carefully designed to murder, intimidate and suppress the civil rights of Americans. It is very likely that some of them crossed State lines to pursue these crimes.

It is the clear intent of the antifa to intimidate citizens across the country and deny them their civil liberties, their constitutionally protected rights to freely assemble and to speak freely, without fear of any violence directed against them. Where do we find law enforcement investigating, apprehending and prosecuting these murderous terrorists? This a violent interstate terrorist gang. They wear masks while committing felonies, and if that is not an aggravating offense, then it ought to be. It is certainly cowardly, as is the fact that the antifa openly solicit increased numbers so that they can easily overwhelm any effort at self defense.

The American People ought to be collectively outraged not only at these cowardly and murderous terrorist attacks, but also at the failure of law enforcement to bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent these attacks on our citizens and our most valued fundamental constitutional rights. They were worse than the Islamic terrorists if only in their cowardice. Like all communists they use the mass force of outnumbering their victims to both intimidate and attempt murder. These terrorists are cold blooded and calculating killers who are out to strip us of our rights and our lives.

The FBI ought to stage a gathering and set up a drag net to lure in and capture these mask wearing murderers. This will have a necessary chilling effect on these attacks and restore law and order, so that those who choose to speak freely in public can do so without fear of a murderous mob descending upon them with clubs and butcher knives. What these criminals fear most is going to jail, and that is why these criminals don masks. Law enforcement must protect the citizenry and guarantee our rights, or they will prove themselves to be accessories to these unconstitutional crimes.

These murderous thugs are worse than the strike busters of old. As then, it is probable that there is a dark deeply monied force hiding behind them. Antifa came out of the jews of the Soviet Union, and it would not be surprising to discover that Russians, especially Russian jews, are involved in their attacks.

Whites are fighting for their lives and for the White Race in the streets of Sacramento. We ought to be calling the governor of the State of California and demanding justice for the victims and police and prosecutorial protection for our fundamental rights. The police and the politicians have a lot to answer for after this outrage.

The antifa terrorists are placing all of our lives, and our fundamental constitutional rights, in danger. It is clear that the anti-Whites want to take away our rights so that they can take away our lives and our race.