Sunday, June 26, 2016

On Birthrights, Duty and Privilege: When Heroes Are Dubbed "Haters" the Race Is in Danger of Extinction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America has endured an ongoing historical struggle to define itself in classical terms. The jews have exploited these growing pains as a means to destroy European peoples. American soil is entirely composed of recently conquered territory, whether those lands were taken directly by our American ancestors, or purchased from other European conquerors.

Once a source of pride, the jews have turned our history on its head and made these facts a supposed source of shame, the sore of shame meant to deceive us into self hatred and suicide. Our forefathers defined being an American as the rights and duties of citizenship and established the requirement of White blood for citizenship in this new sanctuary for the White Race and White freedom.

Soon, we developed unique cultures and sets of accents and dialects. But being French, English or German long meant more than this. These nations bore their own languages which incorporated their unique thoughts and histories. One can accurately describe typical English, French and German facial features and other genetic traits. Each of these nations has preserved its national identity despite having changed governments many times. These nationalities are more than systems of governments and borders, they are blood and its ancestral soil. A German in France is just that.

Being American meant for a very long time being White, free and willing to defend liberty, distrustful of government and pride in one's European heritage. It was illegal for the races to mix and entirely legal to discriminate as the right of a free person to choice and association.

The jews exerted their pernicious influence on America as they have on every unfortunate nation they have infested. The jews brought in boatload after boatload of primitive African savages, whom they auctioned off as slaves, jews bearing the largest percentage of slave owners in the country. Having created a fault line for conflict, the jews led us to fight a brothers' war against ourselves and our national existence. The jews financed both sides of the conflict they created so that the war would be long and horribly destructive, our bloodiest to date.

Having divided the Whites against themselves, the jews made the blacks citizens. The nation immediately went into decline, and the jews manufactured depression upon depression to oppress the White Race in America and rob it of its wealth and rights of sovereignty. The jews stripped American Whites of right after right leaving us politically naked before our enemies, a process which continues in full force to this day, where the jews have crimilized classes of thought and speech, and discriminate against Whites who express speech which the jewish censors wish to suppress.

And, the jews have robbed us of our legal sanctions and protections which safeguarded us against racial and national traitors and treason. The State once defended our race from race mixers, this defense having always been the rational and traditional policy and practice of every sensible people on Earth and before nations, of tribes.

Since the jews have deliberately and incessantly turned the State against the natural rights of Whites, it is increasingly becoming the duty of individuals to defend their national and racial birthrights, as humans and other animals have always done. Knowing this and fearing it, the jews seek to crucify and render a pariah any person or group who stand up in defense of the nation, Whites' sovereign rights, Whites' right to government which represents their best self interest above all else, and the other rights the founders of our nation secured for White citizens, especially when these courageous Americans act on their own behalf rather than merely talking and complaining without taking action.

Having long ostracized those who engage in them, the jews are now criminalizing normal, natural, traditional and entirely logical conduct and speech which promote and ensure the continued survival and freedom of the White Race. The jews are shattering laws which defend and preserve normalcy and tradition, the safeguards of national and racial survival.

The jews have deliberately misled us into granting our enemies and competitors privileges in our nation which no foreigner should ever enjoy, privileges which are enabling them to eradicate us and overtake our territory. I predict that individuals will increasingly act on behalf of the race and nation to do what the subverted State fails to do and even proscribes. These heroes will not be acting out of hate, but rather the existential and entirely just need for survival and freedom.

Self preservation is not an act of hate, but of reason and justice. It is the jews who hate us and seek to eliminate our rights so that they can eliminate us.

The jews are desperately trying to preclude any possibility of organized opposition to their genocidal bolshevization of America, their deliberate destruction of the White Race, our nations and our rights and freedoms. Towards this dark and eternal end, the jews have fabricated the unprecedented myth of White privilege in our own ancestral lands. In so doing they degrade our race and deny our right to exist.

The jews have duped Whites, exploiting their genetic predisposition to altruism, into painting smears against the White Race on their own white faces. The jews also regularly dupe Whites into denigrating the White founders of our nation and into denigrating, defacing, vandalizing and removing any image which honors, celebrates or even simply recognizes White achievements or persons. The jews have a religious maxim which states, "Never praise a Goy!" The jews are trying to make it universal policy to never praise a White, the White Race or any White nation or its history.

It is indeed a privilege to be White, but one that can only be taken away by race mixing. It is an honor bestowed by Nature on the White Race.

But it is our birthright and our duty, not our privilege, to be sovereign in our own nations and to preserve and admire ourselves and our own kind. Again, it is not the exercise of any privilege when we entirely rationally and in accord with the most ancient and logical traditions and habits of innate human behavior choose to favor our own kind and preserve ourselves against the encroachments of others not of our kind. Such is our right and our duty. Such is our human nature and it is genocidal murder against us to deny us these rights and obstruct us from honoring our duties to ourselves and our kin and kind.

The immutable laws of Nature compel us to ostracize, punish and expel national and race traitors if we are to survive and perpetuate our kind. Logic and fact compel reasonable human beings to act in their own defense and in the defense of race and nation when a subverted government seeks to exterminate them, strip them of their national sovereignty and effectively mandates national and race treason through policies calculated to ensure the inevitable genocide of the White Race.

Our political process, while terribly corrupted by the jews, is still open to heroic defenders of country and race. The jews are rapidly closing the window of democratic process to Whites in their own territories through the deliberate genocidal demographic destruction of White majorities anywhere and everywhere. If we are to survive, we must act now.