Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Brits Have a Golden Opportunity Which They Are Squandering Away

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The British have a glorious opportunity to create a new industrious society. Germany is being weakened by the influx of foreign invaders. The EU is teetering on the verge collapse.

The jews will seize upon this chaos to try to reshape Great Britain into an even more enslaved servant of their international empire. The British had better set forth some plans and put in power some leaders who will take advantage of this amorphous period to create a strong and productive society.

The jews rely upon the Greek myths of Zeus and Kronos to formulate their myths of the Ein Sof and their cabalistic doctrine that chaos is good because it enables the jews to form the world in chaos into whatever shape benefits them. They will do this to Britain if the British are not wise and industrious enough to capture the opportunity for their own benefit.

I could help them create new monetary and economic formulas to grow the nation's economy. I could also help them to establish public policies that serve the best interests of indigenous British. But they must act soon, for the jews are eager to mislead them into the abyss and make an example of them to the world not to separate from the global jewish empire, or else.

The British need to define that else for themselves, or the jews will do it for them and it will not be good.