Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Communist Media Performs a Volte-face on the Threats We Face from Putin, Russia and China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Putin staged a coup in the Ukraine, the Western crypto-communist media, both mainstream and alternative, tried to convince us that the communist armies of Russia and China were invincible and that Putin could and would outwit anyone in the West, the communists having artificially separated Russia from the West against all of its previous traditions. Therefore, so claimed the brainwashing mantra of the communist media, we guardians of Western Civilization had better not do anything to meet our obligations to defend the Ukraine and Crimea from communist Russia. We had better instead lay down and die, given that, according to the communists, we have no right to exist anyway.

Now that Putin's puppets are gaining traction and Great Britain has elected to leave the EU, the communists want to dismantle NATO. The jews are now trying to make us believe the non sequitur that because the EU is bad, NATO is worse. To sell this lie, the jews must do an about face and claim that America is the only super power, that Russia and China are weak, and that we have nothing to fear from Putin because he is inept. Otherwise, the obvious need for a strong NATO will remain apparent.

The jews and their mouthpieces Trump, Farage and Le Pen, who have called for the death of NATO at Putin's behest, now show their undiluted jewish colors and call for NATO to change its mission and become the slave army of Israel, relentlessly attacking Muslim countries in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism. They want NATO to fulfill Netanyahu's long term desire for America and Europe to lay to waste all of Islam.

NATO was formed to defend Western Civilization and the White Race from communism, and the jews would change that mission of self preservation to our laying down before communist aggression, while consuming ourselves fighting wars for the jews. Trump, Farage and Le Pen are their pitchmen and woman, misleading us to accept the patently absurd notion that it is in our nationalistic best interests to subvert our national defense and the international alliances of Western Civilization, for the benefit of KGB Putin, Communist Russia and Red China, and, more importantly for them, Israel.

If anything, NATO ought to be destroying the blacks who are genociding Whites in Southern Africa, not further destroying our nations with more senseless and unprovoked wars against Islam. It is Putin's ISIS that is providing the pretext for more self consuming wars for the jews. The jews create the problem and then propose the supposed solution that only makes things worse for us, by design.

Expect, too, that Trump, Farage and Le Pen will also change the mission of our nuclear defenses to defending Israel, rather than protecting the West from communist aggression. Recall that it was the jews who betrayed us and armed the communists with nuclear weapons, thereby preventing White hegemony and guaranteed survival. The jews and their spokesmen like Chuck Hagel, have long been calling for the West to surrender its nuclear arsenal, some even going so far as to claim that only Israel has a right to nuclear weapons and is the only nation we should trust with them.

Our traitorous presidents from Clinton to the present have been providing the Chinese with the technology and other means to develop their nuclear arsenal. They have also been subverting our military might in countless ways including the erosion of our nuclear capabilities and the transfer of strategically important territories from America and our allies to communist Russia and Red China.

The long term effects of these subversive and destructive policies, if left unchecked, will lead to our inevitable demise.

Trump is rapidly losing his support due to his brown nosing war mongering for Israel and his subversion of American interests in favor of the jews and Russia. He has lost much credibility even with the Christian zionists, by sucking up to the homosexuals and calling for war for the jews ad nauseam. We Americans want no more war!

Trump had better stop being relentlessly negative. Trump is making us bitter and bitter towards him. He can make the same and better arguments by being positive. For example, rather than only demonstrating how immigrants are literally murdering our citizens, he can demonstrate how our lives will improve when they are sent back to where they came from. He can demonstrate that traffic will be much lighter, hospitals, schools, places of recreation, housing, etc. will be less crowded and the cost of living will go down as the standard of living goes up. He can prove how wages will improve for us and how our children will become better educated and have increased chances of being accepted into the best colleges and universities.

Trump better increase his likeability, because he is going to go hard negative against Clinton and without good things to say about America and our future, he will increasingly turn off the voters.

It is important to emphasize the Clintons' ties to our communist enemies. Bill Clinton opened up our markets to them and gave them the green light to take over not only our industries but helped them develop their nuclear capabilities. Bill and Hillary have strong ties to jewish globalism going way back. They gave our country away and absolutely cannot be depended upon to do anything for our benefit.