Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Jews Are Deliberately Crashing the Markets in Defense of Internationalism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judging by the jews' reaction to Great Britian's withdrawal from the suicidal EU, you would think that nuclear war had started. The media and the jews are doing all they can to crash the markets so as to create the false image that nationalism is to blame for economic crises. Instead, it is the jews who are to blame.

It was the jewish socialists who brought about Great Britian's decline by turning the working class against British industrialism. The jews brought England and Germany into global conflict, twice. The jews brought England into conflict with Islam through Disraeli on down, relentlessly drawing them into the Middle East and making them the champions of the zionist anti-Islamic cause and artificial enemies of Muslim. In recent times, it is the jews who have been flooding Great Britain with a foreign invasion, including the Muslims whom the jews have made enemies of the British.

Now that the British are taking baby steps to regain their independence, it is the jews who are trying to bring down the whole world to stop them. The artificial market crash is only the beginning. The jews will now really turn up the heat on false flag terrorism and create all kinds of civil unrest in Great Britain, turning young against old, foreign against domestic, workers against industry, etc. They will foment Scottish and Irish resentment towards England, and do all they can to make Great Britain a failure. And yet, the Brits will do absolutely nothing to fight back against the jews.

This is the danger of the Trump, Farage and Le Pen trio and their refusal to take on the jews, instead supporting the jews and Israel over the interests of Western Civilization. We need authentic leaders, not puppets of the jews who take money from Russia and jewry.