Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Real Reasons Behind the Muslim Support for Brexit and the Terrorist Attack in Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The truth has come out as to why some Muslims, including Islamic politicians in Great Britain, supported Brexit. It is because they want to allow in more Muslims on the pretext of "passport equality". The EU favored Whites in immigration into Great Britain, and the Muslims want to make it equal for all the world to enter Great Britain without a passport, not just EU nations.

Once again, the heterogeneous population is undermining the best interests of the White indigenous population and has engineered a political demographic strategy which will make non-Whites the majority in Great Britain, at which point they will either slaughter or expel the Whites. Here we again see the danger of politicians like Barack Obama and the Muslim politicians in Great Britain, that their loyalties are anti-White and pro-immigration to produce a fundamental change in demographics which results in the conquest of the indigenous White population without the usual necessity of a war.

Farage wants to use Brexit as a pretext to destroy NATO, claiming that the EU is forming its own military and that the USA and Great Britain would be better served to work out their own independent alliances. We see now that the communist and zionist jewish agenda is advancing even in Brexit, as the Muslims push for increased and unrestricted immigration into Great Britain, and Putin's puppet pushes for the destruction of NATO and the cleavage of American and British alliances from White Europe, for the benefit of none but the communists.

The terrorist attack at Attaturk Airport, and Erdogan's overtures to Putin, further this same jewish agenda, in that they will be used to show that Russia is not a threat to NATO member Turkey, and that the mission of NATO ought to become to fight Middle Eastern wars against Muslim nations. Putin is pulling NATO away from its intended mission as a defense against Russian and Chinese communism, and directing it to favor the jews' war on Islam, which also consumes Western Civilization as it uses up its resources chasing Muslims into its own territory, so that they can become politicians and take action against the indigenous White population.

Be careful what you wish for when you are led, rather, misled by jewish puppets and anti-Whites.