Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Terror Attack on Attaturk Airport and Putin's ISIS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trukey's leaders have long thrived on terrorism. The PKK was created by Mossad and run by the Doenmeh of Turkey in order to keep the military, which is also run by the Doenmeh, the power behind the throne.

Whenever there is a political crises, or simply when the ruler party needs support, or is waning in popularity, a terrorist attack miraculously occurs which fuels the people of Turkey to support their leadership. The timing of the Airport attack is telling. It came on the heels of Erdogan's supposed apology to Putin.

Putin runs ISIS, it is his Bolshevik terror organ through which he contrives pretexts for invasions, inspires the West to consume itself in more Middle Eastern wars, and rewards his political friends in NATO who call for its demise. It is interesting to note that Putin's allies in the West, Le Pen, Farage, Trump and now Erdogan have each and all profited immensely from Putin's ISIS terrorist attacks. Le Pen almost won her elections on the back of the Paris terrorist attack. Farage and the EU split came shortly after the Orlando terror attack. Trump profited politically after the San Bernardino attack. And now, when his popularity is faltering, but just after he extends an olive branch to Putin, Erdogan receives the gift of a terror attack, however it ultimately plays out for him. Interesting coincidences, are they not?