Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Calls an America First Question, "Nasty!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a question and answer session at his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump was confronted with the issue of our squandering our military resources for zionist Israel in the Middle East. Trump responded that he would defend Israel 100% and used the psychological tactic of calling on the crowd to cheer in support of Israel. The crowd was luke warm in response.

Trump then called the question, "Nasty!" That is a response he gave to no other issue. A member of the audience challenged Trump's assertion that we should back Israel 100% by stating that we should back America 100%. Trump somewhat grudgingly agreed that we should be behind America 100% without acknowledging his conflict of interest in supporting war mongering Israel against and over American interests.

The old man who first raised the issue and stood up for our American interests is a real American hero. Bless him! He has real guts. He exposed Trump and his agenda, which would otherwise be so positive for our country. I do not even care if he was a jew himself.

Trump's speech on trade was very good and will win him the election. We have to ensure that as he attempts Autarky, he does not allow the Jews to rape us and our land, air and water, the way they raped Russia after the jewish "Russian" revolution, when the jews Lenin and Trotsky shipped out train cars of Russian gold to the jewish bankers who created the revolution and murdered the Czar and his family.

Trump is a real suck up to the jews. It is disgusting! It is the jews who are destroying America, and Trump calls upon us to praise them as if they are beyond reproach on any issue. He is their surrogate Shabbos goy. We had better be very careful with Trump.