Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trump Is Slipping Up

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Given his circumstances, Trump is doing amazingly well and terribly poorly. The media and the republican party are universally against him in a way I have never seen before with a candidate in the general presidential election, and Trump ought to be buried by now, but is still within range of victory. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is a crippled candidate with two Achilles heels, and should be far behind Trump in the polls, but she has staggered ahead of him because Trump is starting to defeat himself.

Trump has been rolling along on his moment and it has ground to a halt. He had better put his nose to the grindstone and smell the smoke, the grain is burning and the millstones are blunt.

Trump was the shock jock of candidates in the primaries and it played well with the 30% of the Rush Limbaugh fan club types, but it is not working in the general election. Bush died early because "Bush" means neocon and we do not want to return to the era of the trotskyite neocon warmongers. Rubio and Cruz, both hispanics, made easy prey for an anti-hispanic campaign at the right time.

Trump has invested too heavily in the prospects that Clinton might be indicted and would lose all on her own. Trump has focused too narrowly on pushing his warmongering agenda, and not enough on core issues of pressing importance to Americans. He has relied too heavily on style, and not substance, and his appeal is wearing thin among a war weary public.

Trump needs to paint the entrenched rino republican party members attacking him as Hillary and banker backers. We know where neoconservatism has gotten us and we want no more of it, so Trump should stop lauding neocons like John Bolton and start serve American interests not Israeli interests.

Whites resent being blamed for every problem in America. The slogan make America great again lacks the substance Trump needs to keep his base energized. The media cover up anti-White crimes and hide the devastation blacks, Mexicans and increasingly Asians have wreaked upon America. Trump should show it and demand that we place the blame where it belongs so that we are just to ourselves and can solve the problems that confront us. Trump should demand justice for Whites and for America. Justice should become his new buzzword. It is unjust that politicians are giving our nation away to our enemies and do not represent but instead oppose us. It is unjust that our jobs are disappearing to immigrants. It is unjust to blame us for the disproportionate crime that blacks and Mexicans commit. It is unjust to drag us down to make things equally, equally bad. We should be free to excel in our own nation, and Trump should point out when called un-American, that America stands for the opportunity to fulfil our potential and Whites are unjustly being held back internationally.

It is unjust that politicians are flooding us with third worlders against our will. It is unjust and un-American that politicians are eviscerating the US Constitution to subvert it and us, and weaken us so that we join the third world and lose our genetic heritage and our territory.

I suggest Trump become the justice candidate and turn the tables on the media and republican party. Trump needs to pick just the right VP running mate. He needs to fight to win instead of resting on his business and primary laurels. Trump must show us and tell us what we have lost, what we stand yet to lose and how we can instead build a better future for ourselves and our generations to come.

Hillary has already damaged herself and Trump cannot win on that alone. He must become a person we are enthusiastic about voting for, and thus far he has yet to achieve that. Instead, he has pushed Putin and Israel’s agenda under a false veil of pseudo-Americanism.

He should just come out and say that he is tired of normal Americans taking the blame for the problems others are causing. Then he should identify the problems, their source and reasonable measures which can be taken to rectify them.

If Trump loses to the terribly weak Hillary Clinton, he will go down as one of the worst losers in history. But to be fair, he is also running against the entire media and the republican party establishment itself.

If Trump starts to try to please everyone, he will satisfy no one.