Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump Should Give a Speech on Taking California Back

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

California is one of America’s greatest treasures. We are losing it to Mexicans and Asians simply because our politicians, against our will and all rational principles, are giving it away to them.

Traveling around the nation I have frequently witnessed White women schooling and tutoring large groups of Mexican and Asian children. I have seen many libraries providing ESL classes to illegals free of charge to them, but at the expense of the American tax payer. The race is dying and we are using our declining resources to the benefit of increasing the populations of our enemies and competitors on our own soil.

Trump should chart some statistics and show how the politicians are giving away California, Texas, Arizona, etc. to foreign invaders, and the precious and irreplaceable value to us of these extraordinary lands which make them so attractive to our enemies.

He would reach a large body of the electorate with this message. Driving the illegals out of these States would greatly improve their economies and end the flight of Americans fleeing the crime and degradation of living with these third world scum. Should we take back California, not only will the valuable citizens return, but they will feel the hope needed for the White Race to breed properly and develop strong families.

Whites are not breeding normally under the stress of these invasions of our lands. The politicians propose that the solution is to increase the pace of invasion so as to replace us, rather than serve the interests of the citizens and promote fertility and family.

I hope that Trump talks about making California American again, and the prosperity it will promote. I also hope he talks about granting families the freedom and economic means to expand and prosper and educate their children through graduate school in the schools now overcrowded with foreign invaders.

This message will resonate with a lot of people who are now despairing and refraining having more children, or any children at all.

We need to change the crypto communist secession talk of the libertarians, to a productive discussion of empowering Americans and growing our strength and expanding, rather than retreating and inviting more of enemies to our shores.