Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump Will Bury Clinton with This

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump today gave the speech which foreshadows his eventual victory over Hillary Clinton:

Trump calls for establishing American Autarky. He is using the Japanese model of favoring the nation's products, which built Japan into an industrial power house after leaving the ruins of World War II. Trump need only add that the industrial manufacturing capital for these new factories will also be American, but this is implied in all he said.

Trump is exposing the Clintons as the treasonous snakes they are, revealing how they sold us out to China and Mexico. Al Gore was another member of the nest. Trump should also disclose how the Clintons encouraged and empowered the Chinese nuclear industry which the Chinese are using to build nuclear bombs with which to threaten us and slaughter our children.

This was Trump's best speech to date. It was cerebral and inspiring. It ran completely counter to the false image the media is attempting to create that Clinton is the more intellectual and effective leader. Trump can and will win with this approach, mixing it up with his other successful stylish campaign strategies.

He needs the right audience for this talk, and he needs the for Dummies version of the speech as well. This backs Clinton into a corner from which she cannot escape. It shows that Trump can lead and has a vision we can and should follow. Clinton cannot match it on any level. Trump has just crushed the head of the snake and the body will soon follow.