Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Will Trump Bring Back the Robber Barons and Plunder Our Land in the Name of Freedom?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The National Socialists employed the concept of Autarky, whereby a nation guarantees its national independence by producing for itself all that it needs. Trump is beginning to talk in like terms, and I am all for American Autarky. We have the need and the means to achieve it and in short order.

But I do not trust Trump, the business man, and his associations are really bad people who are chomping at the bit to exploit our land, air, water and work force. These really bad people are jews who care not about any nation other than Israel, and who have no historic, religious or cultural ties to our land or our people.

To the jews, Americans are Goyim slaves to be worked to death and slaughtered by any and all means possible. The land of America is unholy and may be destroyed as an act of religious devotion, for the jews seek a new Earth after they destroy our Earth.

Trump thinks like Milton Friedman and Leo Strauss, and Trump may be setting us up for a new wave of jewish robber barons, just the way Obama set us up for the banker bailout. I predicted Obama would do that before Obama was even elected, long before. Now I am afraid I am obliged to predict that Trump plans to rape the land, air, water and Americans for all he and his jewish business partners can steal from us, in the name of their freedom and the need to improve the economy so we can pay our debts, our pound of flesh to the jewish usurers. Never does he call for debt repudiation, or the criminal prosecution of those who have led us into debt.

We have to hedge our bets with Trump and ensure that he does not give away our wealth and labor to the jews, the way that Obama, FDR and several other presidents have done. Climate change is already catastrophic. The National Socialists had a great love of the land, as Germans have for centuries always apportioning a certain percentage of the land to forests and parks.

Trump is talking like a strip miner type, who cares only about profits for the share holders who do no labor of their own. I suspect this is the type of freedom he has in mind, freedom for the jews to buy up land and rape it so that it is destroyed, freedom for the jews to pollute the air and water without paying any taxes to clean up the damage they will do, freedom for the jews to run monopolies and create currencies which will enslave us, those type of freedoms which we cannot allow an enemy within our land.

My predictions for Obama were 100% accurate. I hope I am wrong about Trump, because our race has failed in its duty to produce a political candidate for President who will serve us, and Hillary Clinton is a trained communist subversive who will give all we have away to Red China and genocide our race with invaders from non-White countries.