Saturday, July 23, 2016

Are the Jews Getting Nervous About Chinese Nationalism and Power?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time, the jews have been bolstering the communist Chinese and setting them up to replace the Europeans as the jews' chosen slave race. But recently, there appears to be a shift in jewish policy at the uppermost levels towards the Chinese.

I wonder if the Chinese are beginning to take control of their own affairs, and see an opportunity to dump the jews as the Europeans consume themselves fighting each other and the Muslims? The jews made several false promises to the Chinese and set them up with BRICS to fail. The Chinese now see Trump rising and the resentment Americans have towards them and their exploitation of America. The Chinese have to be concerned about the American debt they hold and if we might repudiate it in some way.

We shut down the Soviet Union by lowering oil prices and cutting off grain. The Chinese are also highly reliant on others for trade and food and we could make their situation very bad, so bad that the nation would collapse within a year.

I suspect the jews want the Chinese to flood European based countries and create a massive diaspora of a billion or more people. This will forward their goal of internationalizing the world, promoting miscegenation, and weakening the racial and national identity of Whites.

It will also knock down the growing might of the Chinese. Perhaps, the jews are beginning to realize that they have built up the Chinese a little too high and risk having created a rival they cannot control 100%. The Chinese are exceptionally racist and ethnocentric, like the jews. But they outnumber the jews greatly and are united by race, language, history and territory. Perhaps, the jews are about to attack their homogeneity and power.

Russia and the USA combined control by far the largest percentage of nuclear weapons in the world. The jews can clamp down the Chinese with the combined might of America and Russia squeezing it like a bursting boil, and at the same time destroy Western Civilization by exploding the Chinese population across the globe in a shower of race mixing and the creation of a vast, unprecedented Chinese diaspora. What a nightmare that would be!

But if my anecdotal experience traveling the country is an example of what is taking place around the globe, the Chinese diaspora is already expanding, exponentially. The colleges and universities are crawling with hordes of invading Chinese, and they are clannish and controlling. From the inner cities to the sticks, the Chinese can be seen everywhere.

Let us hope that friend Trump is not planning to let in a hundred million of them, "leeeeeegally! Believe me!"