Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Benedict Donald, Traitor Trump Again Commits Treason

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dangerous Donald Trump has again betrayed our nation and put Russia first. He called upon the Russians--whom he assumes have already hacked Hillary Clinton's server, which Trump knows contained classified information, perhaps information, which if made public could put lives in danger--called upon the Russians to make public the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted.

Trump is soliciting federal felonies from a foreign enemy of the United States of America. Trump is calling for the public violation of privacy and potential disclosure of classified information. His crimes are even worse than Clinton's, because he is deliberately demanding the public disclosure of classified and private information, not merely placing it at risk of disclosure through gross and criminal negligence.

How would Trump happen to know what the Russians have hacked? Is he so eager to become president that he would jeopardize our national secrets to gain election? Why is it then that he wants to become president and open up our intelligence agencies to foreign countries, if not to further betray us to them? Trump is a running a treason campaign to sell us out to Russia and Israel!

We have another Benedict Arnold, the Donald.

If this does not prompt the FBI and CIA to investigate Trump's ties to Israel and Russia, then there is no hope for us.