Thursday, July 28, 2016

History Has Proven that the Character of a Person Is the Most Important Quality Needed to Be a Great President, and Hillary Clinton Is an Anti-American Subversive

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The democrats are creating a false history of Hillary Clinton to make her seem appealing and normal, when she is in fact a lifetime radical communist chomping at the bit to seize the reins of power, so that she can destroy America. They point out that she has endured unending attacks on her character, but stays in the fight to achieve her goals. This rings true, but it is what we have to fear most about her.

Clinton cannot wait to take power, so that she can exact her revenge on a nation that has disparaged her and everything she represents and that for which she unceasingly strives, a communist revolution. Clinton has made it her life's ambition to gain power and use it to destroy all of the foundational principles of the United States of America and supplant them with marxist internationalism. She also wants to replace White Europeans with other races.

America was founded as a sanctuary for the White Race to safeguard our rights and opportunities. Clinton has made it her highest calling to strip us of our rights, ruin our opportunities and breed us out of existence. She will do all she can to ensure that Whites have no opportunities and that our rights are taken away with the full force of the State.

Last night's convention speeches and propaganda videos at the convention focused heavily on a gun grabbing agenda. The democrats are thrusting disabled people onto the stage. The message is the last will come first, and the first will come last, which is a recipe for extinction that contravenes all the laws of nature for survival.

They are making a hero out of Obama, who broke nearly every promise he made and served the interests of the bankers who put him in power, not the American People and especially not the blacks who elected him. They celebrate the fact that he has abused his office to open our borders and has violated the constitution in countless other ways to effectively grant amnesty and sanctuary to an invasion.

There is no school one can attend to become a great President. Nor is there a career path one can follow which will assure success as President. The democrats are creating a myth of qualifications and certifications, which history itself has disproved. The most important qualification for President is the nature of the person in office, and Hillary is woefully wanting. She has failed over and over again, because deep down inside she is a bad person and a traitor, who hates America and the nature of our country, which she would alter to conform to her sour nature and communist worldview, a worldview which history has discredited.

Obama is the cheerleader in chief pushing this false narrative that Hillary has a diploma on the wall qualifying her to be our greatest President. Her DNA and her cold heart disqualify her, and no pile of credentials or BS can make up for the failure of her nature to make her a great leader. Add to that the fact that her ambition is to undermine the best of what our founding fathers created, and we face an unprecedented disaster if she becomes President.

Much the same is true of Trump. So we have left ourselves with no choice but to try to limit the power of the Presidency itself under either one, unless and until they prove worthy of the office. The first line of defense is the People. We must not encourage their power to harm us. The press is in the enemy's hands. The next line of defense is the Congress. The next real danger are the courts, especially the Supreme Court. One of the first acts it took was to grant itself unconstitutional powers, which has increased the power of the President to the extent that the President nominates Justices. Thankfully, the Congress has some power there, as well. But the Congress has utterly failed to protect us from Obama's abuses of power, so there is little hope that they will pressure Clinton or Trump, unless the People pressure them.