Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Did "Progress" Come to Be Defined By That Which Is Unnatural?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews trot out transsexuals at the Democratic National Convention and claim that they represent "progress". The jews present speakers speaking in Spanish, and call that "progress". They claim that "diversity" is "progress" and impose a Mullato on us to be our President, as if that is an emblem of "progress".

The jews have confused technological progress with social progress. We develop and change machines to accomplish new tasks, and to accomplish old tasks more efficiently. That is technical progress.

The jews are bringing about our destruction by misleading us to accept the irrational proposition that this same process of technological progress applies to social progress. Changing males into females is not progress, it is the perversion of the fundamental nature of human beings and all mammals. Mixing the races is not progress, it is ruination and genetic corruption. Our fundamental natures and longest standing traditions oppose the mixing of the races and the invasion of our territory by other races. It is not progress to set aside our natures and destroy ourselves. That is death, not progress.

Progress would be to improve our race and apply methods of assuring our survival and improving our status over other races. Perverting our natures is not progress, it is defeat.

Giving over our country to foreigners and their cultures and languages does not advance our struggle to survive and thrive. We are not progressing by allowing others to replace, corrupt and destroy us.

Real progress will accomplish a better life for our people. We do not need to disappear to accomplish this end, and cannot attain an improvement by defeating ourselves or cutting our own throats for the benefit of others.