Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jewfest 2016: Jewish Privilege on Full Display at the Democratic National Convention

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Sarah Silverman, Paul Simon, etc. Jews, blacks and latinos dominated the first day of the Democratic National Convention, so it is no surprise that it was filled with communist rhetoric demanding that we sink to the lowest common denominator and subvert America's best interests in favor of strengthening the weak by dragging down the strong. But their cultural marxist rhetoric, their recital of the planks of the communist manifesto, rang very hollow and no one wanted to hear it, because all know that their policies only affect greater misery on most Americans. I would hazard a guess that jews, 2% of our population, took up the greatest share of time at the convention of any group, and they used it to slam Whites, the majority population of our Nation from its founding.

In so doing, they openly declared themselves to be our enemy. They further declared that it is the function of government to serve only the interests of the unfit at the expense of the fittest. They have turned natural selection on its head and are leading us down the path to extinction. Nature quickly weeds out the weakest. Democrats pluck out the strongest and cast them roots and all into the fire.

First Negress Michelle Obama shamed the Founding Fathers by rubbing their noses in the fact that her black children play on the White House lawn. Most of the speakers misrepresented the Founders and the phrase "all men are created equal." The Constitution specified that they are not, and so do the democrats and their convention, where they rallied against normal Whites and granted the lion's share of the time to the jews and jewish propaganda against us.

But no one is buying the shoddy jewish goods. We all know that cultural marxism does not benefit society, that heterogeneity makes us weaker and breeds violence and discord. Whites are beginning to awaken to the fact that they do not want grandchildren who do not resemble them. We know that the democrats are lying to us to serve our enemies' interests, not ours. And who do they cheer as if their savior from the lies? A communist jew openly calling for a marxist revolution, Bernie Sanders!

It was a very sad day for our nation, very sad. At least we can take some concilation in the fact that everyone knows that the democrats offer no viable solutions for our problems.

And the republicans, too, are reverting back to failed Reaganomics. Neither side will solve our problems, because both sides are misled by jews who want us to fail. The only solutions that will work must address the jewish problem and solve it, which solutions the jews and the jews' puppets will never propose.

We need to sink the Chinese by repudiating our debts by fining them for their war against us. We must sink the jews by excluding them from public life and taking over control of our currency, by charging the debt to them and paying it through confiscating their wealth, including their Federal Reserve Notes and the bonds used to back them.

We ought to have a White People's Convention and speak for ourselves, instead of listening to the political parties demean us and attack our nation with programs that work against us. We ought to have a racial convention to reign over the political conventions and drown out their anti-White voice.