Monday, July 25, 2016

Kaine's NOT Able

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Tim Kaine is close to the Jesuits and has been for a long time. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits have a long and troubled past beginning with their founder, crypto-jew Ignatius Loyola. The Church itself once suppressed them. It is interesting that the same child who sang for Jesuit Pope Francis was chosen to sing the national anthem at the Democratic National Convention. Here he is singing for the Pope:

Bobby Hill performs for Pope Francis

The Pope is a marxist internationalist. The Jesuits have always been globalists. The Jesuits infiltrated the Ching dynasty in China with painters and others, including China's greatest painter the Jesuit Giuseppe Castiglione who was one a very few allowed to live in the palace. The Jesuits corrupted the Chinese with superior European culture, painting and architecture. Today, the Jesuits are corrupting the United States of America with inferior third world cultures.

So why did Hillary Clinton choose this Jesuit who is not able to challenge Trump or Pence? What possible motivation could there be, other than to supplement her globalist agenda and win the full support of the Jesuits to import foreign invaders into America? The large purse of the Pope will be put towards sending third worlders from Latin America, Mexico, Asia and Africa into the USA. That, and Clinton is pandering to Hispanics, rather than trying to appeal to Americans.