Tuesday, July 19, 2016

KGB Putin's Selective Amnesia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There was a time when the Soviet Union led the fight against zionism in the great sham zionist Winston Churchill dubbed ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM: A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. This phony struggle was instead a means of winning over Islam to communism and the West to zionism. It was a means for the jews to pit the Gentiles against one another in a battle that would consume them all and leave the jews standing in Greater Israel by means of zionism and ruling the world by means of communism.

In its article "Israel", the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: A Translation of the Third Edition, Volume 10, Macmillan, New York, (1976), pp. 477-484, at 478, wrote,

"Thus, despite the UN resolution of Nov. 29, 1947, Israel expanded its territory to include four-fifths of the area of mandated Palestine. Both before the formation of Israel and the outbreak of the war and during the course of the war itself, Zionist terror led to the mass destruction of Arabs and the expulsion of nearly a million Arabs from the territory of Israel and from the Arab portion of Palestine that it had seized. The problem of Palestinian refugees emerged—a problem that, because of Israel's unaltering refusal to implement the UN resolution of Dec. 11, 1948 (on the right of refugees to return to their homeland or, if they choose, to receive material compensation), became one of the most important issues complicating the Middle East crisis."

This edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia was published in the 1970's at a time when the United Nations General Assembly Resolution Number 3379 declared that zionism is a form of racism. The encyclopedia detailed many of the zionists' abuses and violations of international law. Refer also to its articles: "Anti-Semitism", "Jews", "Judaism", "Middle East Crisis", "Palestine", "Poale Zion", and "Zionism". See also: N. S. Alent'eva, Editor, Tseli i metody voinstvuiushchego sionizma, Izd-vo polit. lit-ry, Moskva, (1971). Н. С. Алентьева, Редактор, Цели и методы
воинствующего сионизма, Издательство Политической Литературы, Москва, (1971).

Putin has left behind the Soviet Union's antizionism and made his bolshevism exclusively anti-Western and anti-White. At the same time, anti-bolshevism in the West has become anti-Islamism. The jews have rendered down the struggle to one between the West and Islam, with Russia opposing the West in consort with Islam; and the West opposing Islam while welcoming it in to genocide Whites; all at the instigation and direction of the jews. Putin has long held that the West violated Malta, but is silent on Israel's violations of UN resolutions. Putin is not antizionist, far from it, he sponsors zionism.

The jewish snake has finally crawled out of the box it first proposed. No longer are jews the targets of antibolshevism or antizionism. Instead, they have pitted the Gentiles solely against one another, and no one better serves this struggle of mutual annihilation than Putin and Obama, who both serve zionism and communism with the jew never mentioned or harmed as the real and only ultimate force behind both.

So I challenge Putin to take off his yarmulke and put back on his Soviet cap, and to mention Israel's violations of international law and UN resolutions when he alleges that the West has violated Malta and other agreements with the Soviet Union and Russia. After all, Putin is making a bid to become the Soviet Union's new messiah for the Muslims, leading them into more and more war with the West. And who benefits from the wars? Certainly not the USA or White Europe, nor Islam, but rather only the bolsheviks and zionists, and Putin and Obama are both.