Monday, July 04, 2016

On Independence Day, Let Us Declare Our Economic Independence from Jewish Debt Slavery

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have advocated policies which are now a part of Donald Trump’s political platform. I have stood for Autarky; making the nations which receive military protection from America pay for that protection, which not only saves them funds, safeguards their citizens and territory, but enables their trade; and restricting immigration to our people.

I have also, though Trump has not yet done so, recommended that we fine the Red Chinese and the Japanese for raping our economy, stealing our intellectual property and industries, and violating our trade treaties, as well as conducting espionage on us and rendering us debt slaves by collaborating with the jews to destroy our national sovereignty through our national debt in their allied economic wars against us. We are in a position to fine our eneimies without their having recourse to any international court or arbiter, by simply refusing to pay off on our bonds and instead garnering their value as fines levied against China and Japan for waging economic war on America. We can call these fines reparations.

At the same time, I have proposed that we create an international currency, the grainback, to replace federal reserve notes, and a domestic currency to replace its use domestically. We ought to make it illegal for any foreign nation or national to buy our debt, and we should eliminate it through the issue of debt free currency.

The jews are going to swarm Trump iterating the jewish myths that we ought to go on the gold standard and hand all of our gold reserves over to the jews. They will tell him to pay off our debts by giving over our national territories to Red China. Etc. Etc. Etc.

None of which is necessary or desirable. Trump can eliminate our debt, which is the product of subversion, fraud and economic warfare, with a few simple measures that will empower us and gut our enemies. These steps are just, necessary and in the best interests of the American People. They will indeed make us great again by giving us back our own currency and eliminating our debt slavery.

I should also point out that the French have been spying on us and ripping us off for many, many decades.