Friday, July 01, 2016

Putin's Man, Chechen Akhmed Chatayev, Is Thought to Be the Mastermind Behind the Turkish Terrorist Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's KGB created the ISIS terrorist Akhmed Chatayev and may have tasked him with conducting a terrorist attack in Turkey to reward Erdogan for rapprochement with Russia. Putin also wants to lure NATO member Turkey and the rest of NATO away from their mission of defending us from Russia and communism, and redirect our efforts to fighting the Muslim bogeyman of the KGB's ISIS terrorist network around the globe, but primarily in the Middle East, which benefits the jews and ruins us. The bolsheviks were always terrorists, and so they remain. But why are our leaders falling for this ruse, or are they also communists who wittingly oblige the plan and throw the game to favor Putin?

Though the crypto-communist alternative media seek to scapegoat America for ISIS, all indications are that Putin and Israel are behind it. It is a common communist tactic to scapegoat the USA for communist and other jewish crimes.