Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reagan's Economic Gurus Lawrence Kulow and Arthur Laffer Are Subverting Trump's Most Important Positions

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Larry Kudlow and Art Laffer were boasting on the radio today how they are undermining Donald Trump's most important policy positions in favor of their open trade and open immigration agenda. They claim that they are coaching him to drop his policy of imposing tariffs on China and other nations as sanctions for their unfair trading practices. They want the trade to continue as is it and praise the Walmart model for providing us with the best goods at the lowest prices.

They do not address the importance of economic independence for the USA to increase our ability to produce for ourselves all that we need, so as to be able to weather wars or other causes which would leave us vulnerable to foreign nations for our goods should we remain dependent on them. They do not speak to the fact that producing goods for ourselves sponsors American research and development to build our industry and educational systems, as opposed to our competitors. Producing for ourselves increases our capital base and the real wealth, as opposed to paper wealth, or our nation. No, all they seemed to care about was profits to be had from trade. And they claimed that Trump is turning their way against our best interests and soon would be fully on board with their internationalist agenda.

These two Reagan men also said that they are working on Trump with regards to immigration telling him that it is best to allow in foreigners, but rather to make it easier for them to come in legally so that they will have no reason to try to come in illegally, in other words to capitulate to the invasion rather than end it. They claimed that San Diego County is the best place to live because nothing is done to stop illegal immigration and the labor is of good quality and cheap. They claim that Trump is moving in their direction and has abandoned his call for house to house expulsions of illegals. They are trying to convince him that it will be good for our incomes to have more immigrants because they spend the money they earn. They do not address the costs to our hospitals and prison system. They do not address the disease and foreign cultures these immigrants bring in with them. They do not touch upon the fact that they increase the labor pool and drive down wages.

One has to wonder if these men and their fellows were the ones to convince Reagan to grant amnesty to illegals. Why is Trump turning to them for advice, knowing what Reagan did and its negative consequences for our country? Is Trump so stupid as to be baffled by their BS? Surely, he is not!

I suspect their boasts do not accurately reflect what has occurred, but their claims that Trump no longer talks about 40% tariffs and rounding up illegals appears to be true.

Trump has stated repeatedly that he is bothered by currency manipulation and the trade imbalance. He further states that he knows the best negotiators in the world. He can solve both problems very quickly by making trade actual trade, whereby goods must be exchanged for goods, and he can use his court jews to negotiate the best deals and fire them if they betray him and the nation. I fear, though, that Trump pretends to be lost in the woods and is taking tax, trade and immigration advice from Reagan dinosaurs and will abandon the only redeeming policies that would cause me to vote for him.

Trump states that his is our voice, so why are monied jews like Larry Kudlow blowing in his ears telling him what to say?