Saturday, July 02, 2016

Slick Willy, Caught with His Pants Down Again, Lynched Hillary and Obama by Accident

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The corruption of the Clinton clan knows no bounds! Bill Clinton, known as the first black President before mullato Obama bounced into office on the backs of Goldman Sachs, Bill Clinton had a little rendezvous with the black Attorney General of the United States under Obama, Loretta Lynch. This, while Hillary Clinton is being investigated.

This fiasco lays bare the naked corruption of the Obama administration, the Clintons, and the anti-White racial insiders occupying Washington. Hopefully, Bill has unwittingly lynched Hillary's chances of victory in her bid to become the first woman president, and maybe she is also planning to come out of the closet and become the first lesbian president, or even better for the jews who want to destroy us, the first transgender president. The possibilities are seemingly as endless as the corruption in the anti-White House.

Compare and contrast the easy access black Bill has to benefit from insider injustice, to the denial of any justice to Whites who were attacked by antifa terrorists in Sacramento, California. Hell, the injustice to the whole State of California and America of the Mexican and Asian invasion which has wrested California from White hands. Is the subverted and occupied Federal government too corrupt and busy covering up its own crimes, to worry itself about the fundamental constitutional rights of Whites? Or are they covertly involved in the terrorism itself? We know they have opened the gates for the invasion.