Friday, July 29, 2016

The Curb Your Enthusiasm Conventions and Political Race: We Must Make America American Again!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Willfully withholding any plausible and thoughtful solutions to the problems which plague us, and facing the dislike of the American People for both clowns running for the Presidency, both parties are instead trying to curb the enthusiasm of the voters of the opposing party, so that they do not turn out to vote. It is truly pathetic watching this civil war to shoot each other down rather than build up America. And this is the next civil war, where a campaign to make America American again is being pitted against a campaign to destroy our national sovereignty and give away everything we have to our enemies.

Both parties held conventions which mock the Founding Fathers and their beliefs. The democrats pretend to celebrate America, but instead celebrate the destruction of America and the replacement of the decedents of the Founding Fathers by our enemies. Instead of promoting our strength, the democrats held a parade of the disabled and jewish hippies. They miscast the Constitution as if the Founding Fathers would have wanted us to welcome in an invasion of Muslims, when nothing could be further from the truth. They call it progress that the descendants of the Founding Fathers are being replaced by the enemies of the Founding Fathers.

We should indeed demand progress. We should demand a functioning economy that allows women to care for our children. We should demand an economy where every family can afford to pay for private schools for their children which teach a program that conforms to their beliefs and aspirations. We should demand that our society promote and foster a dramatic increase in the birth rate of the American People, those the Founders defined as Americans. That would be progress. What the democrats and republicans propose is not progress, it is death and defeat! And these stooges celebrate our destruction and throw it in our faces calling upon us to clamor for more and worse!

I know real solutions to our problems, and I name the source of our problems, the jews. If we want to make America American again, it will be easy to do, and Trump's half measures, if he follows through on them, will get us half way there, but there is much more that must be done to reform the economy and monetary policies of the USA, and Reaganomics and deregulation won't do it. We should steal Trump's thunder and instead of selling out to bolshevik Putin, work with Western Europe to free the White Race. We should steal Bernie Sanders' thunder and instead of promoting the disabled and brown skinned peoples, celebrate ourselves. Contrast the conventions we just witnessed which eulogize the White Race with scorn and contempt, with the promotion of White power and strength expressed here:

We must demand real progress from government, increased birth rates, healthier children, better jobs for Americans, more opportunities for Americans, cleaner water, air and land for Americans, less traffic, less crowded and more beautiful cities, a better economy for Americans, better income distribution for Americans, etc. Real progress for us, not the advancement of enemy armies on our soil and into our homes, which the democrats propose as if progress.

Force Whites to ask and answer these pressing questions, "What is real progress for us? Is our Race better off than it was in 1776? In what sense is extinction progress?"