Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Horrific Police Shooting of Charles Kinsey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The shooting of unarmed hero Charles Kinsey raises many questions. First let me commend Charles Kinsey for his bravery and cool headed response to the police. The man risked his life to protect a patient with autism, who himself was jeopardizing Kinsey.

The police were behind barricades and aiming rifles, but who was the shooter aiming at? There are reports that three rounds were fired, which, if true, would discount an accidental discharge unless the weapon was fully automatic or the unlikely event of a failed sear occurred. No finger should have been on a trigger to begin with, at least not in the available video.

What pound trigger was the rifle involved? Were three shots fired? Was the cop shooting at the man with his hands up, or the man with autism? If three shots were fired from a rifle at a stationary target at close range with no fear of return fire, how could two miss, and one strike only the leg of the targeted man?

This set of circumstances compels explanation and it should come quickly for the sake of justice and our nation. Thank goodness the man lived!