Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Many Iron Curtains Communist Donald Trump Plans to Drape Over the Coffin of Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump not only wants to shutter up our southern border with an Israeli style wall, he does not merely want to turn Islam into a collection of Soviet Republics locked up behind iron curtains; traitorous Trump wants to push the old Berlin Wall west to engulf not only all of Germany but France as well. Trump has announced that his ban on Muslims includes French and Germans.

Trump has warmly embraced communist Ronald Reagan's economic and tax plans. He rubber stamps these policies handed to him by Reagan's old handlers. Trump is paving the way for the jewish oligarchs he will empower to destroy the last vestiges of the middle class, increase the wealth gap and keep the maximum percentage of their ill gotten gains from raping America's land, air, water and populace by means of deregulation and destruction of the EPA. Remember what happened with the banks under deregulation? That forest fire is coming to our entire nation under dangerous Donald.

At the same time Trump is isolating us from Europe and our energy sources, and them from us, placing them all behind Putin's iron curtain and destroying NATO, Trump is arranging for the "legal" immigration of hundreds of millions of Asians into America with a fast track to citizenship. And by the way, Trump will pull a Reagan on amnesty and the middle class, believe me! He is inviting in all the Reaganistas to fill the planning void left by his bolshevik training by the Russians.

Dangerous Donald, traitorous Trump is poison for America and Europe. But hey, he thumps the Bible he has never read and bashes Muslims for the sake of the jews, so he must be on our side, right? Funny, he is making all Whites Muslims by association. That is neat new trick in his bolshevik playbook.

It was inevitable that his deception would take this turn. He surrounds himself with the worst kind of jews and glorifies their corruption. He pledges our nation, our military, our national secrets and all of NATO to Israel, as well as his children and grandchildren to the jews. Our White Nationalists should stop cheerleading for Trump and restrict themselves to advocating pro-American policies, but they won't because most of them are on the Putin jew pay role, and the remainder are blinded by KGB brainwashing to subvert their own interests for the interests of Russia and Israel, and no amount of facts or logic can dissuade them from their brainwashed beliefs.

We still need a candidate. Even though he or she cannot win, they can point out that Trump and Clinton are subverting America and that we cannot win with either one of them. Jesuit Pope Francis and Jesuit tool Tim Kaine are playing on White guilt and altruism to undermine White interests. The Jesuits, crypto-jews from their founding under Ignatius Loyola, are dedicated to a world government run from Israel, but it won't be the Pope of Rome who heads it, rather the anti-christ jewish messiah.

The jews are completing the work of their 2,500 year long struggle to genocide us. What are you doing other than cheering for their puppet communist Donald Trump?