Friday, July 29, 2016

The Pack Attack Mentality of Women

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to compensate for their comparative physical weakness, females of many types of animals including human beings have evolved to form packs when attacking males. They support one another and bond with humor, insult and a compulsion to agree to identify a common enemy. The democrats and liberals in general have exploited this facet of human nature to manipulate the opinions of women. They contravene normalcy and nature and go one step further in their aggression employing homosexuals of both sexes to emphasize the feminine nature of their attack, so that women will instinctively and reflexively flock to the group to mob the victim of the group assault.

The democrats and their media often pool women together to psychologically control their audience and the emotions of their audience, so that liberal men feel a drive of white knighthood to come to their defense, and females respond by unquestioningly siding with their sex against the male target. It has been very effective, and the republicans offer no counter force.