Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Real Reason both Parties Are Talking About Free College for All

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Karl Marx called for free education for all in his Communist Manifesto. He also called for the elimination of all nations.

Both parties are now talking about forgiving student loans and making college free for two reasons. First, if the government pays for education, it has the opportunity to dictate what is taught, by whom and to whom. If you do not toe the line, your institution will be nixed, or your free ride will be over, or your teaching career will end.

Second, it will not be a majority of Americans who are accepted into colleges and universities. Instead, the American taxpayer will pay for Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis to come into our nation and overtake our institutions of higher learning. The American taxpayer will become a slave to government taxes to pay for foreign enemies to come into our country and receive a free education, then overtake our professions and political system.

Beware this new turn. It is not being done for the benefit of our future or our youth, but rather to ensure that we have no future. It is marxism at its worst and part of the plan to rob us of our nation and our future.

Apply tremendous pressure on our politicians to restrict foreign students, to charge them exorbitant fees for education in our country, and use the money to subsidize the education of Americans.