Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Two Coup de Grace Candidates for President and What It Says About the Troubled State of Our Union

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a terrible sense of unease and foreboding in America that no matter which of the two trouble makers running for President wins, we are doomed. We have to effectively choose between Vladimir Putin and the Stalinization of Europe and America, and Angela Merkel and the cultural marxist death of Europe and America. But why are we so fearful that either of these monsters can destroy us? It is because we realize that we have allowed the Office of President of the United States of America to take on far too much power domestically and internationally.

Because we are so desperate for change that will benefit us, we allow the President the power to ruin us in hopes that he or she will instead use the throne to save us from our enemies. Is there no power we have to save ourselves, perhaps by taking away the disproportionate power the Presidency has assumed for itself and against our best interests? Can we not attach a voting right for the People to every major decision that will change the course of our nation and the world? Why is it that Trump and Clinton pretend to be our dictators, and we allow them this delusion to the point where it becomes a fait d'accompli? Why are we submitting to this tyranny that we have to succumb to campaign promises and fear that they will or will not be honored, promises which assume powers for the Presidency which the Presidency ought not to have?

Why have we allowed Obama to open our borders and disregard the law? Would it not be better to curb his power, rather than grant even great powers to Trump to potentially remedy the damage, or potentially make things even worse? Why do we succumb to one abuse of power only to grant more power to tyrants, as if the resolution of our failure to maintain our own power?

We are allowing mercenaries to take control of the country and are electing those who pledge to become even more powerful as if that will remedy the problem of the concentration of power in one set of hands. Obama has abused his powers, which he should not have, to subvert our national interests. Trump pledges not to restrict the powers of the Presidency but to expand them so that he can remedy the abuse. Am I the only person to see the danger in this, with each election cycle promising worse and more abusive tyranny under a dictatorship Presidency? Why are we signing off on this bolshevization of American power?

It is because the jews have made us scared. When people are scared, they want to hide behind leaders who appear powerful and on their side. But what we are now most afraid of is the power of the other side to destroy us. So why do we not take a more rational approach to our fears and restrict the power of the State to ruin our lives? Why do we not apply reason and factual information and empower ourselves?

It is because the jews have made our nation so heterogeneous that we feel obliged to tribe up into gangs and pray to gods for our salvation. Though we truly make ourselves weaker, we pretend that the strength of numbers adds up to one, and so we submit the force of our mass to a mercenary who seeks power for the purpose of exploiting us and serving his or her master.

We should not be in a position of such weakness where one person has the power to rescue us or ruin us. That is the position of Germany and Russia, but should never be the position of America.

We have to rethink the powers of the Presidency and restrict them to Constitutional bounds. Why are we gambling the survival of our nation on two lunatics when we should instead make it impossible for either of them to wreak our country?