Friday, July 01, 2016

Trump and the Black Vote

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The democrats have a lock on the black vote. They control the political machine in most major cities where blacks live. They control the media blacks generally see and hear. They are organized to draw out the black vote.

Trump is not well enough organized to even bring out the White vote, let alone the black vote. The best Trump can hope for at this point with respect to the black vote, is to keep the democratic party from inspiring a massive turn out of black voters against Trump. I do not think that the democrats will succeed in motiving blacks in large numbers to vote for Hillary, only, perhaps, against Trump.

But Trump must be careful not to pander to blacks, because he does not want to alienate himself from his White base and Latino Americans who will vote. Trump is handling this fairly well to date, by pointing out how the invasion is costing blacks their jobs, but he should also point out, in general terms so as not to be offensive or condescending, that the invaders are squandering government funds, crowding public schools, occupying scarce housing, and lowering the standard of living for city dwellers in countless ways, including increasing pollution, consuming water reserves, causing traffic jams, crowding public places, etc.

Trump should also point out how democratic mayors including Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg have been a disaster for our inner cities. He should question why the poor and downtrodden have been so loyal to the democrats who gave us the banker bailout and who are selling out the American worker and American businesses. Trump has done a great deal of the latter. It will continue to work for him. He should build a political machine, which we can commandeer from him at a later date. He needs more political organization and the republican party is not supply it to him.