Saturday, July 02, 2016

We Can Rally Around the Flag. . . and Nature, Peace and Normalcy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is rallying us around the flag, but he is doing so to cause us to rally around the robber barons, warmongers and perverts.

I suspect that Trump is promoting the Constitution selectively to favor the jews who want to pillage our country. I fear he will call for a gold standard and hand over our gold to the jews as payment on the National debt they deliberately created. He may give away our national forests and other lands to the Chinese, Japanese and jews to further pay down the debt by giving away our national heritage to the jews and their preferred replacements for the White Race.

Trump is calling for Constitutional freedom so that he can free up the jews to practice laissez faire capitalism and rob us of all our treasure, and repeal any regulations which would prevent the jews from raping the land, water and air, as well as the American worker. Instead, Trump should be relying on the Constitution to call for the prosecution of the jews who have subverted our nation, to impeach the jews and their puppets in government as traitors, and to repudiate our debts to the jewish usurers.

Trump is rallying us around the flag, and the Bible, to impose the jewish corrupted Christian zionist world view on America, rendering us debt slaves and slave soldiers for the jews. In the guise of Nationalism, he is turning us against our nation and our best interests, in favor of the jews and Israel. And Trump is calling for our international alliances to also become servants of jewry, not America. All to drive us into more self consuming wars in the Middle East for the benefit of the jews who want to weaken us, destroy Muslim nations and flood White countries with the refugees they deliberately create for the purpose of diluting our blood and removing our rights of self determination and sovereignty.

Trump is confusing Americanism with sexual perversion and rallying us around the flag so that the jews can turn the stars and stripes into the LGBT flag. He is confusing flags just as the jews confuse the sexes.

It is the jews who inspire politicians to conflate rallying around the flag with warmongering, the destruction of nature and sexual perversion. We need not oblige them.

We should love America by putting our national interests first, not Israel's. We should love America by embracing peace, not waging more war for the jews. We should love America by safeguarding our treasure, our gold, our land, our water, our air, from jewish capitalists who will take them all from us as fast as Trump will allow. And we should rally around the flag as the normalcy it has signified from the founding of the country, and the beliefs of our Founding Fathers, which in no wise mirror Trump's ofttimes perverse vision for our country as if the guardian of Israel, land of perversions and cornucopia for the exploitation of jewish usurers and thieves.