Friday, July 01, 2016

What Trump Does Not Say Is Quite Telling

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is very focused in his message. He states many important truths and it is greatly beneficial to our country that he does so. I commend him for it.

But what Trump does not say tells us a lot about who is behind him, and what his hidden agenda is. For example, Trump could and should discuss Putin's theft of the Crimea and Putin's threats of nuclear attack against the USA, but he does not. He could and should further discuss how Putin and Russia have been granted a license by the Obama administration and Clinton to steal vital strategic territory from the USA. He could and should also point out that Putin is not the strongman working for his people that the media portrays, but rather is selling Russia out to communism and the communist Chinese who are invading Russia and stealing its precious natural resources. It would be in Trump's interest to point out these facts which portray Clinton and the democrats in a very bad light, but Trump remains largely silent on these most important issues, and instead calls NATO obsolete and declares that the communist threat is gone. What conflicts of interest drive Trump's silence and his outright lies?

Trump could and should discuss the jews' disproportionate and grossly destructive influence on America. If Trump wants to make America great again he must identify and confront our worst enemy, the jews. Instead of scapegoating Bush for the jewish crimes of the Middle Eastern wars, he could and should reveal how the jews drove us to war through their control of media and the warmongering of the jewish neocons and crypto-jews Kerry and Albright. Trump could and should point out the horribly disproportionate over representation of jews on the Supreme Court, and profession of law in general and its disastrous consequences for America. This is a timely and pressing matter as the next President of the USA will appoint justices to the Supreme Court. Does Trump plan give White America more representation, or will he continue the trend of appointing disloyal and subversive jews to the Supreme Court? Trump is silent on these very important, relevant and timely issues, why? What conflicts of interest prevent Trump from telling the obvious truth and exposing it to forward his stated agenda of making America great again?

Trump could and should analyze how jewish banking firms put Obama in power and he immediately rewarded them with the banker bailout and utterly failed to properly prosecute them for their crimes. What conflict of interest precludes Trump's elucidation of these facts for the American voter?

Trump takes on the Mexicans and the Muslims, but never tells the truth about how the jews created these problems for us. He ought to start addressing the disease if he wants to propose a cure. Instead, he pretends to treat the symptoms in ways which will only ultimately benefit the jews and drag us further into wars and away from our critical alliances against communism.

I suspect the jews have some surprises in store for Trump, which he does not expect. I suspect the day may soon come when jews turn on him. He has lain in bed with snakes and it is their nature to bite, as Trump knows, though Trump fails to address or protect us from the jewish snake within our nation:

It will be ironic when the jewish snake turns and bites him.