Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why the Jews Want Turkey Out of NATO

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Against all logic and in violation of basic survival instincts, the Western press is trying to push Turkey out of NATO. This includes the alternative media. Israel has historically considered Turkey to be a great ally, second only to the United States of America. See my blogpost of 9 September 2009 where I quote then ADL director Abraham Foxman:

According to Abraham Foxman, Turkey Is Israel's Second Most Important Ally, 9 September 2007

Israel has since made America so weary of war, that they are fearful that we will no longer destroy all of Islam for them. They have adopted another strategy, that of turning to Russia as guardian. This compels them to weaken any opposition to Russia, including America and NATO.

Seeking to accomplish much at once, the jews are pitting America and NATO against Islam so as to weaken all sides and leave the Muslims ripe for communist takeover, bolshevization and integration into the growing Soviet Union. Turkey led the Muslim world for many centuries. Of the three competing forces of Middle Eastern Islam, the Turks, the Arabs and the Persians, the Turks are by far the most modern, Western leaning and are the only member of NATO.

The jews have weakened much of Eastern Islam with relentless attacks on Afghanistan and by pitting Pakistan and India against each other as nuclear powers, in Russia's backyard. China is taking over control of the territories further east.

If the jews can succeed in removing Turkey from NATO, they open the door to war with Russia, which will absorb Turkey and Azerbaijan into the Soviet Union and begin the process of cutting off Europe and America from the Middle East and its energy resources. One way the jews can accomplish this is to spark a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region the bolsheviks created for the very purpose of creating fault lines for war. Russia has been arming both Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Israel and Turkey have been supplementing the Azeri arsenal. But like the Iran and Iraq wars, any conflict that erupts may stalemate, perhaps by design. That is likely to draw in Turkey on the side of Azerbaijan and Russia on the side of Armenia. Russia is likely to defeat a Turkey which has lost its NATO allies, and Russians do not give up conquered territory. The bolsheviks will take over Armenia, which is essentially again already theirs, as well as Turkey and Azerbaijan. Kurds and Syrians are likely to enter this conflict and so Russia will also take over Syria and hand a large swath of it over to Israel.

The next Russo-Turk war will probably be brief with communist coups in Turkey and Azerbaijan subverting their effort. Russia will convince them of the beauty of monopolizing the trade routes to Europe and dominating the Eastern Mediterranean. If Putin takes the Baltics, Balkans, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania; then all the rest of Europe will soon be theirs.

This scenario could easily occur under a Trump administration. Israel and America would help Russia take over Islam and bolshevize it, then weakening an energyless Western Europe with no support from America, they would soon take them over, as well.

An interesting wild card in all of this is the position of China. It is almost as if a communist coin is being tossed in this election leaving us with a choice between Putin puppet Trump and China's puppet Clinton. Trump's servitude to Putin is becoming increasingly obvious, and the Clinton's have been taking bribes from the Chinese for decades.

Under Clinton, WW III would pit America, NATO and China against Russia, with China taking Russian territory for its own if anything is left of anything. Under Trump, we are heading toward a Soviet Union taking all of Europe and Islam, an isolated and crippled USA; and China, Pakistan and India branching out into the USA, Africa and then Russia, the Middle East and Europe, and they have the population to do it.

Hillary Clinton is heir to Bill Clinton's relationship with China, his having giving them a nuclear green light to build their nuclear arsenal, and his having empowered their access to our markets, our schools and our industrial and military secrets. Donald Trump is heir to Ronald Reagan and his relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev, the KGB and perestroika, which led to the fake break up of the Soviet Union; which Trump will help Putin rebuild while leading us down Reagan's garden path to amnesty for illegals and the rape of our wealth. We really are in the midst of a coin toss between China's puppet and Russia's puppet, with no hope or representation for ourselves. And the jew sits behind it all unmentioned by anyone in our national political life as the ultimate villain, peril and woe of us all. Instead, our politicians lavish nothing but praise on our worst and most destructive enemy, the jew.

All I can do, failing some authentic candidate, is report the truth and hope that people become so disenchanted with these communist puppets that they will lose much of their power. The fact that no one in government is investigating Trump's ties to Russia and Clinton's ties to China reveals the depth of the communist infiltration of our system, including the press and academia.