Sunday, October 09, 2016

Character Versus Objectives

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A political war is taking place. When enemies face off, both believe right is on their side, even if it is only the good of self interest to do bad things to others.

In this election, the lack of character of the candidates has become a moot point, given that no one trusts either of them. We instead are forced to gamble our votes based upon their expressed objectives and our determination of which person will best serve our individual and national interests.

Since Clinton is known to harbor objectives opposed to our individual and national interests, she is obliged to attempt to make an issue out of character, knowing the majority of the media will collude with her to assassinate Trump's character, which is like squashing a bug underfoot. Trump is therefore obliged to neutralize these personal attacks by pointing out the hypocrisy which underlies them with personal attacks of his own, and by addressing substantive issues and exposing Clinton's anti-American and unconstitutional objectives.

Trump should not have allowed the Khanman to take the Constitution away from him. Trump should wrap himself in the Constitution as well as the flag and adopt the intellectual high ground with a panel of Constitutional experts analyzing the danger Clinton poses to our nation. Clinton's traitorous hidden agenda must be exposed to the masses in no less a graphic manner than Trump's vulgarity.

Trump has to control both the intellect of the masses, and their emotions. He has to portray Clinton as the enemy within who will open the gates to an invasion that will exterminate us. Trump has focused too exclusively on terrorism in service to his jewish masters who relish the thought of more war in the Middle East. Fear of contagious disease is a powerful emotional force, as are the worry Americans face over employment and education. These invaders infect our children with disease, crowd their classrooms and consume resources which are our childrens' birthright, and Clinton wants to open our borders as her primary objective.

Hillary Clinton seeks to wage biological warfare on our people by importing hordes of foreign invaders who bring with them disease and dissimilar genetics. If we were told that a pathogen was approaching our shores which would forever alter the genetics of White children turning them dark skinned, dark eyed and dark haired, altering their appearance to the point where they bore no family resemblance to their White parent, lower their IQ and make specific medical treatments difficult and sometimes impossible; the American People would react with horror and demand that the government take steps to protect our people from this genocidal pathogen.

And yet, our government is presently encouraging a foreign invasion which causes exactly these destructive effects to our genetic composition. Government sponsored miscegenation is a form of genocidal biological warfare and it is being waged against us by Hillary Clinton and her ilk. Her ultimate objective is to eliminate us and her vicious character enables her to carry out her mission.