Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taking Aim at the General Election, Trump Bombs the Bushes and Sprays the Stink Back at the Skunk Cruz

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Tonight's debate was shockingly bizarre, but I suspect that Trump is up to something big. He unleashed on Cruz and may use Cruz' deceit as a pretext to sue him over his inability to serve as President due to the fact that Cruz is not a natural born citizen.

But by feigning indignation at Cruz' dirty tricks and lies, Trump will prevent the Republican Party establishment from legitimately criticizing such a law suit as benefiting the Democrats. The press is completely missing the big story behind the death of Justice Scalia.

If the Supreme Court now hears the case of the ineligibility of Ted Cruz to serve as President, it could produce a 4 to 4 split in the court with no majority ruling. Would the Senate, the full Congress or our current President then step in to render a ruling? How can we have a highest court in the land that stands to render a nonverdict by way of an inability to arrive at a majority on the issue of the legal status of a person to become President? How would the politics of the court manifest itself?

Would a liberal justice jump ship to favor Goldman Sachs and Ted Cruz, or simply recuse himself or herself for whatever reason is convenient to the cause? Would the court deliberately split itself in hopes Cruz would win the primary, then have Obama add another communist to the court, which will then hear the case again when Bernie or Hillary raise it in the general election should it come to that, to then rule against Cruz with a 5 to 4 majority? It is a very intriguing dynamic.

I believe that Trump is going after the Bush clan with a plan in mind. Trump dropped two nuclear bombs on the Bushes. He stated that they knew that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and lied about it, costing us American lives and trillions of dollars. And Trump quite correctly pointed out that the Bushes failed to prevent the 9/11 catastrophe and therefore failed to keep us safe. Trump is aiming his attack beyond the Bushes to the general election, where his attacks on the Bushes will play well with Democrats who hate Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes, and who will not vote for communist Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are going to be far more likely to cross over party lines this election than will Republicans, and Trump is banking on that fact to win the general election. Trump is distancing himself from the Republicans that Democrats hate the most and by doing so is inviting disaffected Democrats to vote for him in the general election.

Trump is also handing Putin enough rope to hang himself with. Trump is hoping that Putin will spend himself poor in the Middle East, the way America has. Trump hopes Putin will do the heavy lifting with ISIS, and then we will face a weakened Russia and a weakened ISIS. He wants our enemies to consume each other, but evidently fails to understand that Putin is using ISIS as a pretext to expand his communist empire at the direction of Israel. But Trump is a smart man, and maybe he will find a way to handle that, if indeed Trump is for real.

Gravitational Waves: Separating Fact from Fiction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I do not have time at the moment to search out all the original sources of Einstein's theory of gravitational waves beyond citing his papers of 1916 and 1918.[1] Einstein did not believe that gravitational waves exist and he rejected Karl Schwarzschild's formalization of and belief in black holes.[2]

The theory of gravitational waves and their supposed recent detection are based upon Paul Gerber's proposal in 1898 that gravitational forces propagate at the speed of light,[3] David Hilbert's generally covariant gravitational field equations of the general theory of relativity of 1915,[4] and Karl Schwarzschild's solution of the Schwarzschild radius of 1916.[2]

I will wait for a broader analysis and independent verification of the recent findings before commenting on the validity of the assumptions which underlie the researchers' interpretations of the reported data. Suffice it to say that much hype is being made of very little evidence. No one has ever isolated "space-time" in a laboratory, and it is a metaphysical and not a scientific concept. A fourth perpendicular line cannot be drawn relative to the three axes of space, and since space-time does not and cannot exist in physical reality, there are no waves in it beyond human abstract images of it. The broader history of space-time theories, which theories Einstein initially rejected, and which theories predate his own by thousands of years, is given in my new book SPACE-THEORIES BEFORE EINSTEIN.

It is Poincare, Marcolongo, Hargreaves and Minkowski who deserve mention for the introduction and mathematical formalisms of the concept of space-time in the theory of relativity, not Einstein who initially rejected them.

Since the press is hyping these reports as if tremendously significant, just as it did the 1919 eclipse observations, why are they not emphasizing the contributions of Riemann, Gerber, Poincare, Marcolongo, Minkowski, Hargreaves, Hilbert and Schwarzschild, rather than Einstein who rejected the notion of space-time, then rejected the notion of gravitational waves in space-time?

All of this hype is not about promoting some wonderful scientific discovery that will change our lives for the better, no such event took place. Rather, it is about promoting Einstein and the jews. The jews have a religious maxim which states, "Never praise a Goy!" They follow it religiously as they hype Einstein shamelessly.


1). A. Einstein, "Über Gravitationswellen", Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, (1918), pp. 154-167; and "Näherungsweise Integration der Feldgleichungen der Gravitation", Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, (1916), pp. 688-696.

2). K. Schwarzschild, "Über das Gravitationsfeld eines Massenpunktes nach der Einsteinschen Theorie", Sitzungsberichte der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Klasse fur Mathematik, Physik, und Technik, (1916), pp. 189-196; and "Über das Gravitationsfeld einer Kugel aus inkompressibler Flussigkeit nach der Einsteinschen Theorie", Sitzungsberichte der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Klasse fur Mathematik, Physik, und Technik, (1916), pp. 424-434.

3). P. Gerber, "Die räumliche und zeitliche Ausbreitung der Gravitation", Zeitschrift für Mathematik und Physik, Leipzig, Volume 43, (1898), pp. 93-104; and Die Fortpflanzungsgeschwindigkeit der Gravitation, Programmabhandlung des städtischen Realgymnasiums zu Stargard in Pommerania, (1902); reprinted "Die Fortpflanzungsgeschwindigkeit der Gravitation", Annalen der Physik, Series 4, Volume 52, (1917), pp. 415-441.

4). D. Hilbert, "Die Grundlagen der Physik, (Erste Mitteilung.) Vorgelegt in der Sitzung vom 20. November 1915.", Nachrichten von der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Mathematisch-physikalische Klasse, (1915), pp. 395-407. Hilbert followed this article with: "Die Grundlagen der Physik, (Zweite Mitteilung.)", Nachrichten von der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Mathematisch-physikalische Klasse, (1917), pp. 53-76; and "Die Grundlagen der Physik", Mathematische Annalen, Volume 92, (1924), pp. 1-32.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ted Nugent's Political Situational Awareness

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ted Nugent has recently exposed the fact that a large cabal of jews are the major players calling for the destruction of our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Nugent posted a picture which features a montage of jews who strongly advocate for gun control, with Israeli flags plastered on each portrait.

It just so happens that Ted Nugent is a big fan of Jeff Cooper's 10 mm cartridge. I suspect Mr. Nugent is very familiar with Jeff Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense. I called for us to adopt Cooper's methods in a nonviolent political sense, and Ted Nugent has done just that.

The two most important principles Cooper stated were that we must be aware of our environment, we must have situational awareness; and we must be willing to fight back against the enemy. Political situational awareness is much like personal defense situational awareness.

Just as we are sitting ducks if we sit on a public bench with our noses buried in a cell phone ignoring everything and everyone around us at midnight in a bad neighborhood, we are easy prey for the jews if we refuse to see and acknowledge what they are doing to harm us and the danger we are in as they destroy our liberties. Cooper proposed his now famous color code of situational awareness to prepare an individual for a self defense situation. The same code applies in a nonviolent way to the political arena, where we must be aware of the facts of our circumstances in order to be able to defend ourselves politically from our political enemies.

Ted Nugent has not only made us aware, he is fighting back in a nonviolent political way! And so is David Duke:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ilya Ehrenburg, Muslim Rape Gangs and the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The bolshevik jew Ilya Ehrenburg incited the Red Army to mass rape German females and slaughter all Germans:

Kill, you brave Red-Army men, kill! There is nothing that the German is not guilty of. Comrade Stalin instructs us to put down this rabid animal. Break, with your force, the arrogant racial-pride of the Germanic Woman. Take her as your rightful prize of war. Kill, you brave Red Army men. Kill.

Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.

I have personally heard several accounts from Germans of the vicious rapes the Soviet Army perpetrated against all German females from small children to very old ladies. These mass rapes are well documented and few German females in the East escaped them.

Ilya Ehrenburg worked with the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, which produced anti-German propaganda in the Soviet Union. The German hating Zionist jew Albert Einstein chaired a reception committee that welcomed these jewish, Zionist, bolshevist propagandists into America, where they lied about the Germans and solicited contributions to the Zionist cause.

According to jewess Barbara Lerner, jews are leading the charge to make Europe multicultural and she fears they will be resented for it:

Will the Muslim rape gangs break the racial pride of European women, or will Europeans at some point take action to protect their women, and their nations? Who is it that has historically sent rapists into Europe? Who is it that was historically and is presently behind the White Slave Trade? Therein we find the subject for another article.

On the Hypocrisy of the Jewish Press

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump has called for regime change in North Korea and the press is attacking him for it. North Korea is an enemy of the United States, Japan and South Korea and Trump wants to make America greater than ever before. The Soviets put the regime in North Korea in place and communist China sustains it.

When crypto-Jews Madeleine Albright and John Kerry called for regime change in Libya, Iraq and Syria, the jewish press sanctified them and amplified their cries for blood. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi both died brutal deaths and Syria is in ruins, because the jews declared them their enemies. America's enemies don't justify an American defense in the eyes of the jewish press, they are the jews' allies.

The Jewish Genocide of Europe: Kaganovich, Yagoda, Ehrenburg and Coudenhove-Kalergi

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish bankers Rothschild and Warburg financed Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's campaign to breed out White Europeans with Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Coudenhove-Kalergi explicitly stated that it was imperative that jews become the master race. According to him, the only way for this to happen is to destroy the White race through the deliberate degeneration of miscegenation with inferior races.

In order to sponsor this miscegenation, Coudenhove-Kalergi proposed a Pan-Europa Union which became the European Union. He argued that the loss of sovereignty this union imposed on Europeans could then be exploited to breed them into non-existence through the mongrelization of the White race which would follow an invasion of immigration into Europe.

Crypto-Jewish Freemasons Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin exterminated millions of the best Russians during and shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution. The jewish bankers Rothschild and Schiff funded the destruction of Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution by cutting off Russia from the money markets, financing Japan against Russia and brainwashing Russian prisoners of war with revolutionary propaganda, and funding the invasion of revolutionary jews from New York into Russia.

Having turned the Russian Empire into a hammer and sickle for jewry, the grim reapers turned their attention to their most hated enemy the Ukrainians. The bolshevik jews Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda mass murdered 11 million of the best, most productive Ukrainians. Stalin imported Russians into the Ukraine and Crimea, and expelled large numbers of the indigenous population. Today, the Bolsheviks are again attacking the Ukraine and are promoting an exodus of the best Ukrainians from the Ukraine and Crimea.

The jewish bolshevik Ilya Ehrenburg called for Soviet troops to commit mass rapes of all German females from small children to old women, and they did raping every female they could lay hands on in the territory they conquered. Ehrenburg also instructed the Soviet troops to mass murder German men and they did. Ehrenburg stated that his aim was to eliminate the German race by attacking its racial and national spirit.

Today, the bolshevik Angela Merkel is genociding the German race by importing millions of Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians into Germany, and encouraging them to rape German woman and replace German men, pursuant to Ilya Ehrenburg's directives and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's plan to genocide the White race in favor of jewish world rule:

Monday, February 08, 2016

Our Form Lies Not in Our Stars, But in Ourselves: The New Religion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews and other non-Europeans have looked to the heavens and cosmic principles for the source of our human spirit. They saw larger things as more powerful and therefore more important and creative than us. For them, human creation appeared to originate in cosmic engines like the furnace of the sun and our fate to depend on the course of the stars through the night ether. The jews find their divinity not in their humanity, but in their war to eliminate humanity, their holy cause to kill us off. They call us the shit of the stars, and themselves, the sparks from beyond.

European religion took the opposite course. We find the source of our souls in our ancestors and made them masters of the sky, and of the stars, and beyond. Thor, Zeus and the others made us masters over all and projected the microscopic power of our DNA across the universe.

Our European religions hold the incipient seeds of a greater more modern religion evolved from theirs and revealed by the magnificence of our study of nature and of ourselves. Its mysteries lie tangled in the gematria of our genetic code, its revelations present in each life that unwinds from the umbilical cord of its mother to someday take in its arms, and wrap in its legs, another human life that will give us another, not unlike the replications of our RNA.

The human body is more complex in its mysteries to us, than is the night sky and its dots of dead light which fall upon us from the infinitely distant past.

Our religion must be made of us. Its devotion, the worship of our existence and the perpetuation of our race. We must trust that our consciousness is not our god, and is but a small fragment of us, a tool of our survival, but that beyond it we are far greater within ourselves than all that our consciousness can conjure or comprehend. We are more than our images and more than our images can comprehend.

Our genes give us the treat of the sweetness of an orange on our tongue, the beauty of a kiss, the universe explained to us when we grasp our child in our arms. But our genes are more than a million times more than this and all else we know in our conscious thoughts. The further we reach inside ourselves, the closer we come to our essence. We find the gods that form our flesh not in Hephaestus fumbling fingers forging the clay into female form to unleash evil unto mankind, but in the busy factories of our DNA which molds the rest of us, and what universes are contained in each explosive element of it remain still a mystery to us. Deeper still, smaller still, there lies our journey to ourselves, not through the skies to impossible distances and ghosts of nonexistent consciousnesses.

Our bodies are not temples, not halls of worship, but rather they generate us, perpetuate our race and are sacred. Our minds are not slaves to supernal forces, rather they are the images which come from a far more complex Self within us.

The stars become infinitely more complex and powerful when we contemplate their elements, the particles which are their source. So too it is with us. Consciousness embraces but a tiny fraction of the thoughts and calculations made inside our brains, it is a line drawn round a school of fish as if but one, a flock of birds captured in a humming net which casts the chaos into a single form. For each image our mind’s eye sees, there are a billion more made and witnessed in other ways than consciousness. We never meet the witness but sometimes it lets us sense it. The brain filters to but a minuscule few those pictures which appear before its eyes as our conscious thoughts. The brain allows through these few so that it can contemplate its creations in contradistinction to its sense information and multiplicity of musings. It draws pictures to reflect upon, study, test and examine, just as I might draw you a picture on a sheet of paper to explain better to you this very idea.

Our search for Self is the desire to summon forth that which is greater within us than our consciousness, that which creates, projects and reflects upon our consciousness as its source and superior being. Our search for gods is our natural racial instinct to look to our People for our protection and might, and our eternity, as well as our wisdom and knowledge. The Asiatics have stolen that from us and we must reclaim it if we are to survive.

But we must not fall into the traps of drugs and psychosis inducing meditation in our search for our Self. The filters in our mind which screen out most of the maddening and vertigo inducing images our brains produce each instant are necessary and good. We have to trust that our nature has a goodness to it and we must not break it apart merely in an attempt to observe it, to come to know that god within us that creates our consciousness.

That said, we have to let nature prevail within us and not hypnotize ourselves constantly with language, norms and mores that prevent our nature from expressing itself as our thoughts. The Asiatic practice of Zen meditation fails us, and we are better to quiet our minds so that the inner voice can speak more loudly and naturally, not so that we place even tighter bonds on its wrists, nor tie knots in its subtle tongue. We should let our Self speak to us as it sees fit and trust that it is greater, wiser and more intelligent than the consciousness that it lets slip through its sieve. Our dreams are greater than our waking world because our brains are infinitely greater than our consciousness and our DNA is vastly more complex than our brains in its parts smaller and more complex than we can begin to conceive.

The jews are incessantly pouring poisons down our throats, through our eyes and ears, and into our thoughts. They have literally trained themselves to hypnotize us with specialized patterns of speech, repeated phrases, forced indoctrinations, censorship, and sight and sound patterns and frequencies that induce a dream state in our consciousness that enables them to impart suggestions that form our subconscious world, to both create falsehoods and eliminate truths, to destroy our most fundamental nature. We must recognize that their brainwashing and poisons wash away our gods, destroy the inner mechanisms of our minds and replace them with their jewish filth that is killing us off.

Our new religion pays devotion to our nature. It also rejects the Asiatic domination of our minds, and of our gods.

Three Things that Struck Me (in the Heart) in the Republican Primary Debate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Three things in the ABC Republican primary debate struck me as especially significant. Christie, Bush and Rubio each voiced their support for a call to force draft age females to register for the Selective Service System. Women will be forced to serve in all our combat forces.

Has anyone considered the fate that will befall many women should they be captured, the brutal gang rapes, the dismemberment, the unspeakable sexual torture? What type of warfare is the government contemplating, that it believes it is necessary to gather a pool of our women to fight? What sort of horrific war are they planning the scale and nature of which would require not only all of our draft age men to fight, but all of our women as well? I thought technological advances were making our fighting forces more efficient and less dependent on numbers, while more reliant on training and capability.

Since it is apparent that they are planning for massive warfare and enormous casualties, would it not be wise to save our women to restock our population? Or, do they want us all dead in this coming war they are planning, even our descendants?

Our nation has never called upon our women with a draft. Though there are women who serve today, they do not represent women in general, as the men who serve today generally represent not only the men of our generation, but the men of countless generations which preceded us. It is not to be expected that a draft will draw out the best and fittest fighters among our women, as volunteer service is apt to do. Nature has obviously made men generally the fitter warriors, and fallen men can be replaced by babies in the bellies of our women. Taking our fittest women to the battlefront in their prime child bearing years will have an even worse dysgenic and existential effect on our birthrates and population than the modern wars have had on France, Russia and Germany by slaughtering their best men and interrupting their lives during their prime child producing years.

Chris Christie obscenely portrayed obliging our women to register for the draft as if it were an act of kindness to them, finally granting them their civil right to do what women have never been forced to do before, flee their families and face rape and sexual slavery and torture on the battlefield. Who will watch the children of these women while they fight, and should the children be orphaned, the State? Is that the bolshevik plan? It is not enough that now both parents must work to earn a living wage for the family, now they both must fight wars for the jews? Christie is so good to us, and so kind to our women, that he wants to see them slaughtered as a sacrifice to jewry as his gift to them and to progress.

Rubio was the only candidate to point out that Obama is destroying our nation on purpose, rather than through incompetence. None of the candidates spoke the full truth, that Obama is controlled by his jews, and the jewish money men behind them. Trump joined the chorus lying to the American People and excusing Obama for treachery, by instead claiming that Obama was simply incompetent, but had our best interests at heart and would do the right thing if he knew what it was.

Trump pointed out the barbarity of ISIS and then implied that he planned to match it on some levels, by stating that he would not only support waterboarding, but far more intense tortures. Trump is also issuing worrisome jingoisms calling for more US war in the Middle East. He never states who is our worst enemy in the region, Israel, which is eager to side with Russia against us, because Russia, like Israel, has no respect for human rights.

Big bad things are coming soon and our government is preparing us to accept these inhuman horrors as if normal. None of the candidates for our highest office had anything to say about how they would strengthen our families, better our children and brighten the future. They were too busy talking up how they would murder and maim our citizens as soon as they took office.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

9mm versus 45 ACP, 308 Win versus 556 NATO, and the Intermediates

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jeff Cooper published two highly influential books Principles of Personal Defense and The Art of the Rifle. Cooper preferred big bore, accurate weapons. Hit them hard and put them down quick.

His preferred handgun was the 1911A1 Colt in .45 ACP. He later designed the Bren Ten in 10mm and the scout rifle in .308 Winchester/7.62x51 NATO. Cooper advocated the Weaver stance with its two handed hold. He stressed the importance of situational awareness, speed and surprise, and most especially the willingness to fight.

With the proper grip and stance, a person can shoot with both eyes open, very quickly and surprisingly accurately. More modern shooters take a much more squared off stance, than the bladed Weaver stance or traditional bladed-off method for firing a rifle.

If you search the internet, you will easily find countless debates over which caliber is better for self defense 9mm versus 45 ACP, 308 versus 556 NATO, or the intermediates 40 S&W, 300 Blackout and 7.62x39mm. I won't repeat those arguments here, nor will I offer an opinion on the issue at this time.

Rather, I think it is more important for those of us taking the lead in defending our People from the enemy to focus on Cooper's principles of personal defense in an entirely nonviolent philosophical and political sense, utilizing firearms and physical force only as a convenient analogy that appeals to our animal instincts to survive the fight, or avoid it. The easiest way to win a fight is to avoid it. Putting distance between yourself and an enemy is often a good practice. Avoiding dangerous situations, withdrawing to cover or fleeing when possible often can assure your safety, your very life. Left no option but to fight, it is often best to be aggressive and win quickly. But in order to utilize these safeguards, you must first be aware of your surroundings and weigh your options before it becomes necessary to employ them. You must see the threat before you can respond to it. You must have situational awareness.

Our politicians and press NEVER provide our People with situational awareness. They NEVER identify our worst enemy. Our politicians and press, therefore, can NEVER provide our People with a means of self defense from our enemy's aggression against us. This is because they are NOT our politicians or our press, but rather serve our enemy.

Untrained individuals often do not and cannot respond to an active threat. They often delude themselves that what is happening is not really happening, and they often deny themselves the right and ability to defend themselves. This can be a fatal flaw. Our enemy capitalizes on it.

Human beings are herd animals. They watch the herd to determine if a threat is present. If the scouts and watchman issue no warnings, the masses believe all is well and graze peacefully with no individual situational awareness. It is our job to be the watchers scanning the environment for threats and sounding the alarm.

The enemy has placed its agents in the official positions of the State and the controlled press. We have to develop credibility to serve in their place. The enemy knows this and places its stooges among our ranks to discredit us with false alarms, deadening the effect of real warnings of danger. The enemy is also engaging in psychological warfare by constantly pretending that every major event is faked by "crisis actors" making it impossible for the gullible to distinguish real facts even when they are carefully and persuasively presented to them. The enemy is not only reducing your individual situational awareness, but also your ability to rely on watchmen to warn you and call you to action.

Keep your eyes open on the internet. Constantly analyze what your would be watchmen are saying and doing, and try to understand why they might be saying and doing it. They may well be trying to deceive you into complacency, crippling fear or sympathy for your enemy.

Be aware that the enemy is controlling your alternative press. They have you hating and mistrusting your own People and instead glorifying and supporting those who are out to harm you. They have you saying to yourselves that none of this is really happening to you, that you have no right nor ability to defend yourself, and that the danger is so great that you are better off not even trying to defend yourself. The bad guys are winning because you do not understand or employ the principles of personal defense in a nonviolent philosophical and political sense.

In a future article, I will address the analogy of the caliber debate, and the endless arguments it inspires and how they are used for and against us.

Bullpups in the Marketplace

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Semi-auto bullpup rifles are becoming increasingly popular in America and Canada. The Steyr AUG, IWI Tavor and recently released Kel-Tec RDB are all successful and popular designs, but each fire 5.56 NATO rounds and are fed by STANAG magazines, or the proprietary AUG mag.

Armenia produces a bullpup Kalashnikov style rifle, which is selective fire, and shoots the Russian AK-74 5.45×39mm cartridge fed from AK-74 magazines. I suspect a civilian semi-auto only sporting version of this rifle, or something like it, built in the USA and 922R compliant would be a commercial success. A 7.62x39mm version that uses AK-47/AKM mags would sell even better, and a rifle stock edition sans pistol grip in tandem with a long barrel might be made 50 state legal, and still be shorter than an AR-15 sbr without the need for a NFA tax stamp. It would also generate more clearance for mag changes, have low blast and muzzle flash, and offer the best velocity from the round.

This is just an idea I am floating out in the ether. If there are any investors who would like to investigate the possibilities, please contact me at:

KGB Agent Vladimir Putin's War on NATO: Part III, Putin's Jewish Revenge on Germany

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Agent Vladimir Putin is a modern Ilya Ehrenberg. Putin's agenda is a jewish agenda. He publicly and repeatedly announces that he is waging war on fascists, while he covertly funds them to provide himself with a controlled opposition. Putin has criminalized holocaust denial, antisemitism and nationalism. Putin has begged Western European jews to come to Russia and is destroying Syria to benefit Israel. Putin awards the jewish oligarchs countless billion dollar contracts at the expense of the Russian People. Putin has made Russians the enemies of Europe, antiwestern and welcoming of a Muslim invasion. Putin has attacked, savaged and torn apart the jews' hated Ukraine.

Putin is also rewarding the jews by exterminating the Germans. Putin promotes hatred of the Germans in Russia and in Greece. He hosts enormous Soviet parades celebrating the ruin of Germany. SYRIZA and Golden Dawn rail against Germany. Putin promotes anti-German bloodlust among Russians, who suffered far worse losses in the World Wars than the jews.

Putin has KGB asset and Stasi agent Angela Merkel flooding Germany with an invasion from Islam, including Putin's Chechen Shock Troops. Putin concurrently provides the controlled opposition to Merkel in the form of PEGIDA in hopes of tearing Germany apart and provoking civil war and communist revolution.

This genocidal campaign of revenge on Germany is a jewish, as well as Russian agenda. Prominent jews, including Albert Einstein, have long sought to take revenge on Germans collectively for the First and Second World Wars. Quoting from my book ALBERT EINSTEIN The Incorrigible RACIST, at pages 370-372, and 388-390,

On 8 July 1901, Einstein wrote to Winteler,

"There is no exaggeration in what you said about the German professors. I have got to know another sad specimen of this kind — one of the foremost physicists of Germany."[1]

Einstein wrote to Besso sometime after 1 January 1914,

"A free, unprejudiced look is not at all characteristic of the (adult) Germans (blinders!)."[2]

After the war Einstein and some of his friends alluded to much earlier conversations with Einstein, where he had correctly predicted the eventual outcome of the war. In his diaries, Romain Rolland recorded his conversations with Einstein in Switzerland at their meeting of 16 September 1915,

"What I hear from [Einstein] is not exactly encouraging, for it shows the impossibility of arriving at a lasting peace with Germany without first totally crushing it. Einstein says the situation looks to him far less favorable than a few months back. The victories over Russia have reawakened German arrogance and appetite. The word 'greedy' seems to Einstein best to characterize Germany. [***] Einstein does not expect any renewal of Germany out of itself; it lacks the energy for it, and the boldness for initiative. He hopes for a victory of the Allies, which would smash the power of Prussia and the dynasty. . . . Einstein and Zangger dream of a divided Germany—on the one side Southern Germany and Austria, on the other side Prussia. [***] We speak of the deliberate blindness and the lack of psychology in the Germans."[3]

Jews often sought to Balkanize nations so as to weaken the power of any faction within a nation and to create perpetual agitation between the nations which could be exploited for profit and other Jewish gains. For example, the Rothschilds created the American Civil War and profited from the debts it generated. They hoped to divide America into two nations and to pit these against one another. They were successful. Jews had long been pitting North German Protestants against South German and Austrian Catholics. Jews were the motive force behind the Kulturkampf. After creating these divides and promoting perpetual agitations amongst neighbors, Jewry could then fund one side against the other to destroy it whenever Jewry decided to wreck a given nation.

Einstein's dreams during the First World War remind one of the "Carthaginian Peace" of the Henry Morgenthau, Jr. plan for the destruction of Germany following the Second World War. Morgenthau worked with Lord Cherwell (Frederick Alexander Lindemann), Churchill's friend and advisor, who planned to bomb German civilian populations into submission. Lindemann studied under Einstein's friend, Walther Nernst, who worked with Fritz Haber, a Jewish developer of poisonous gas. James Bacque argues that the Allies, under the direction of General Eisenhower, starved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of German prisoners of war to death. Dwight David Eisenhower was called "the terrible Swedish-Jew" in his yearbook for West Point, The 1915 Howitzer, West Point, New York, (1915), p. 80. He was also called "Ike", as in. . . Eisenhower? The Soviets also abused and murdered countless German POW's after the Second World War.[4]

Einstein often spoke in genocidal and racist terms against Germany, and for the Jews and England, and he betrayed Germany before, during and after the war. Einstein wrote to Paul Ehrenfest on 22 March 1919,

"[The Allied Powers] whose victory during the war I had felt would be by far the lesser evil are now proving to be only slightly the lesser evil. [***] I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"[5]


Einstein advocated genocidal collective punishment,

"The Germans as an entire people are responsible for these mass murders and must be punished as a people if there is justice in the world and if the consciousness of collective responsibility in the nations is not to perish from the earth entirely."[6]


"It is possible either to destroy the German people or keep them suppressed; it is not possible to educate them to think and act along democratic lines in the foreseeable future."[7]

Albrecht Fölsing has assembled a compilation of post-WW II quotations from Einstein, which evince Einstein's lifelong habit of stereotyping people based on their ethnicity. Einstein expressed his hatred in the horrific post-Holocaust context—a temptation Max Born had resisted,

"With the Germans having murdered my Jewish brethren in Europe, I do not wish to have anything more to do with Germans, not even with a relatively harmless Academy. [***] The crimes of the Germans are really the most hideous that the history of the so-called civilized nations has to show. [***] [It was] evident that a proud Jew no longer wishes to be connected with any kind of German official event or institution. [***] After the mass murder committed by the Germans against my Jewish brethren I do not wish any publications of mine to appear in Germany."[8]

Einstein wrote to Born on 15 September 1950 that his views towards Germans predated the Nazi period,

"I have not changed my attitude to the Germans, which, by the way, dates not just from the Nazi period. All human beings are more or less the same from birth. The Germans, however, have a far more dangerous tradition than any of the other so-called civilized nations. The present behavior of these other nations towards the Germans merely proves to me how little human beings learn even from their most painful experiences."[9]

and on learning that Born would return to Germany, Einstein wrote on 12 October 1953,

"If anyone can be held responsible for the fact that you are migrating back to the land of the mass-murderers of our kinsmen, it is certainly your adopted fatherland — universally notorious for its parsimony."[10]

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Jews unsuccessfully attempted revenge against the Germans for the Holocaust after the Second World War by poisoning the water supply of Germany. They sought to kill at least six million Germans. Tom Segev wrote in his book The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust,

"Kovner therefore set six million German citizens as his goal. He thought in apocalyptic terms: revenge was a holy obligation that would redeem and purify the Jewish people. The group divided into cells, each with a commander. Their primary goal, Plan A, was 'to poison as many Germans as possible.' Plan B was to poison several thousand former SS men in the American army's POW camps. Reichman succeeded in infiltrating some members of the group into the Hamburg and Nuremberg water companies. Kovner went to Palestine to bring the poison—and, he hoped, to receive the blessing of the Haganah."

Putin and the jews are exterminating the Germans. Putin follows the communists in a direct line from Ilya Ehrenberg's Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Putin and his agent Merkel are flooding Germany with a Muslim invasion, again causing the rape of German women and death of German men in a continuation of the Soviet jew Ilya Ehrenberg's call for Soviets to rape German women and murder German men and destroy all the national spirit and race pride of the German People. Putin is the modern Ilya Ehrenberg and he is genociding Germany for the benefit of the communists and the jews.

The jews have always known that Germans were the primary force standing between them and the jewish world order of the jewish messianic age. The jews invented communism to subvert Germany and its nationalistic spirit and racial pride. Putin is the jews' sword and he is happily doing their bidding.

The Soviets mass murdered millions of German POWs, as did the jew Eisenhower. The jews firebombed Dresden, starved 3/4 million Germans in the First World War, and destroyed the flower of the German youth in 2 world wars. The jews' campaign of genociding the Germans continues and Putin sits at its head.

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