Thursday, May 19, 2016

Observations in and of America: Spring, 2016

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I observed things I have never seen before while traversing our wonderful country in search of a new place to live. It all started near Chicago.

The roads are congested as never before in my lifetime. So would someone please explain to me why we have opened the borders to millions of invaders when our cities are already overcrowded? And this is only roads, more one the congestion caused by the foreign invasion later.

Now more on the roads. We passed through hundreds of miles of perfectly good road that was narrowed unnecessarily to one or two lanes edged with orange safety barrels. Who is profiting from setting all those barrels out? Who gets rich picking them up? The potential for corruption is immense and I suspect there are scams involved.

White towns still exist! Out in the farm country, I entered Walmarts, Targets and grocery stores with only White people working in them and shopping in them. It so reminded me of my youth that I felt I had left Middle East and Asia which are taking over my old neighborhood and stepped back in time two decades to what used to be, and I liked it. I could peek into baby strollers and see White children with White mothers, young White couples holding hands and lots of aging White people.

Whites are aging and I began to sense that my generation is the last of a dying breed. I constantly reminded myself that the process is immediately reversible if only the will can be instilled in our People. Then, occassionally, not nearly as often in my old neighborhood, I would see some brown mixed child being pushed around by a beautiful blond White mother, who appeared well educated and healthy, and my heart would sink and my sense of urgency would return.

Our best educated professional class is being exposed to other races in college and at the workplace, and they are gleefully interbreeding believing it makes them better people for betraying the genetic heritage and their ancestors. Likewise, our poor are forced to live among other races and inevitably breed with them. Our children are now dating other races and this spells certain racial death if we do not do something to curtail the loss of our genetic material to miscegenation.

There were two types of rural towns, the really isolated ones, and the ones that consider themselves modern. The really rural ones still had men in them. Men with attitudes, strong men, take no crap men. But they are increasingly being corrupt, whereas they used to be far more honest. Everyone is hustling to make a buck and this need for money is harming our culture and rotting away our homes.

The houses are going to hell in much of the country because people cannot afford to keep them up and see no reason to go into debt as home prices fall. This is going to hurt us for decades to come. We traveled up the coast of Lake Michigan in the State of Michigan, and it was in a horrible state. It looked like the run down formerly communist parts of Europe when I visited them in the early 1990's, with collapsing roofs and siding dropping off the homes.

Meanwhile, the foreign invasion is crowding the cities and taking the best government and professional jobs. They live in new subdivisions and drive the best cars. Our colleges and universities are swarming with non-Whites. You must elbow your way through brown hordes in the hallways. Yet, the jewish controlled government continues to allow more of these invaders into our land and enables them to prosper as our People are driven to ruin and crime.

Back to the White areas which consider themselves modern. The men there are becoming women. They are effeminate, act gay and are submissive. This does not appear to be happening to the blacks or hispanics, but is affecting the Asians as well as the Whites and perhaps to an even worse degree.

The hispanics are becoming emboldened. They used be submissive, but now are pushy and aggressive. You sense that they view our country as now theirs and they mean to outbreed and replace us. This will happen if we are not careful. If and when we force them out, the State will have to do so quickly and with power to minimize the chance of conflict.

People are becoming addicted to cellphones. Mothers are neglecting their children in favor of thumbing through the screens of their glowing radioactive new babies. The kids have to fight for attention against the little glass monster who have stolen their mothers away. This is worse than TV, for the little demons ride with their slaves everywhere they go.

I decided to stop in Vegas for a meal on our way to California. It used to be you could get an inexpensive, very good meal at the smaller casinos in Las Vegas. There were offers everywhere in Vegas for t-bone steaks with baked potatoes and an iceberg lettuce salad for a couple of bucks. And they were good!

Good lord how that city has changed! It is like Disneyland on acid, a scene out of the movie Blade Runner, like the last place I would want to stop for a decent meal at a steal price.

The traffic was horrible! There was no parking. The walkways were packed with people, many if not most non-White. So why are we letting more invade?

The National Parks are still breathtakingly beautiful, but they too are so crowded with Mexicans, Asians and Middle Easterners that it becomes a struggle to enjoy them. And still the jew controlled government encourages more them to invade my country.

San Francisco is another city that does resemble its past, and has gone downhill and the hills in San Francisco are steep. The once beautiful and well maintained charm of San Francisco is disappearing and being replace with the peeling paint and oriental faces of China. Where there are not Asian ghettoes, there are Mexican ghettoes. We are losing one of our great historic cities. It is turning into garbage, like much of LA.

The traffic in San Francisco was beyond horrible. And yet the jew controlled government funnels millions more invaders to replace us with trash, to take our homes and our jobs and ruin our culture and our genes.

There were lots of Elk in Colorado and they have lost their wild shyness. But I have seen more deer in Illinois than out West! That is a change from my youth. I saw very little game west of Colorado. The beaches of California, while still stunningly beautiful and fun, as is the Pacific Coast Highway, the beaches seemed nearly devoid of wildlife. There were fewer shells, no fish, fewer seals and sea lion, fewer dolphins, than I ever remember before and I have been there many time over the course of 40 years.

Bryce Canyon is the most beautiful and surreal landscape I have ever seen and it is ours. Grand Canyon comes next, but it is crawling with non-Whites. Mount Zion National Park is also wonderful. If you have the opportunity see these places in April before the tourist come. You will come to appreciate our magnificent nation and increase your will to preserve it, and us.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Keep America for Americans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When I consider the time I just spent combing the country for a new home site, it seems lengthy, given the many and rich experiences I had. But when I compare it to the decades I have consumed warning the World about the jews, it has been a brief and welcome hiatus.

We traveled from coast to coast and I sank my feet in the sands of many beaches, witnessed clouds painted in all colors, and marveled before canyons and waterfalls. My love of my America is greater now than ever before and I would never surrender a square inch of it without a fight.

Secede, from all of this which is now mine? You must be joking!

Why are my fellow Americans so foolish as to let the jews give our territory away to Mexicans and Asians?